Elizabeth Cunningham—The Celtic Magdalen Speaks—and Sings!

Real Conversation

There were more than two women in this conversation. Maeve, aka Mary Magdalen, was not only in the room, she took over. Elizabeth Cunningham spent twenty years following the directives of that voice to write The Maeve Chronicles. Join us for wild stories, hair-raising biblical quotations, and spontaneous goddess songs. But in the end, the conversation landed where Magdalen and Jesus wanted it to: asking us to close the concentration camps by praying for those who persecute us. Talk about real prayer!

Real Person

Elizabeth Cunningham’s childhood prepared her perfectly to tell Magdalen’s sensuous, raucous Celtic story. She grew up in an Episcopal rectory with a father who would do things like dress as Moses and burn a golden calf. But when she stepped out of the rectory, she roamed an enchanted wood next door. In addition to The Maeve Chronicles, Elizabeth is the author of Murder at the Rummage Sale, The Return of the Goddess and many more. Oh, and she sings!

Real Prayer Action

Elizabeth and Maeve gave us several things to ponder and explore. Here are a few:

  • Reflect on the religious stories you were told as a child. How did you feel at the time? Were they frightening? Have they continued to affect you? Have you found new stories to replace them?
  • Invite Mary Magdalene to guide you. Mary Magdalene is speaking to many right now. Is she trying to reach you? Call her by name. Invite her onto the page in deep soul writing. Then listen. She has a lot to say.
  • Sing Maeve’s sacred songs. Elizabeth gave us a few of Maeve’s magnificent hymns. Open Prayer Bag 11 and listen to Elizabeth sing this one a few times, then sing it for yourself, especially under the dark of a new moon:

Hail to thee, thou new moon
Jewel of Guidance in the night
Hail to thee, thou new moon
Jewel of Guidance on the billows
Hail to thee, thou new moon
Jewel of Guidance on the Ocean
Hail thee, thou new moon.
Jewel of Guidance of my love.

Your other Prayer Bag 11 gift is the prologue of The Passion of Mary Magdalen. Elizabeth and I hope you’ll visit us at the Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community. Elizabeth, or rather Maeve Rhuad, is joining us and would love to talk with you about Magdalen’s stories and songs and anything else you’d like to explore. Join us in this special place to meet kindred souls who love talking about real prayer.

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