They Are All Our Children

Real Conversation

This week's conversation is a bit different, a bit radical.

Visit They Are All Our Children for more.


Real Person

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, and author of 7 books including the bestseller, Writing Down Your Soul. In her surprising new role as a prayer artist, Janet is redefining prayer, writing a new genre of prayer, creating prayer videos, and offering focused prayer intensives. Meet Janet at

Real Prayer Action

There is power in praying together.  Visit They Are All Our Children and pray with us. They Are All Our Children is an 11-minute radical love prayer practice created with the sacred intention to close the migrant detention camps and free the children.

Today, we are all the mothers and fathers of thousands of children held in internment camps.

Please join me in this alchemical prayer of radical love and forgiveness to transmute the consciousness that creates, perpetuates, and profits from this political system of separation and fear.

Be sure to click on Prayer Bag #12 and get your free gift.

Share your experiences with this prayer in the community, too. See you there.

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