Episode 4: Mirabai Starr and the Wild Mercy of the Divine Feminine

Real Conversation

After thousands of years of prayer formulated by the patriarchal religions, the divine feminine is asking us to change the way we pray and repair our broken world. Not by transcending the body—that’s the old patriarchal way. She’s inviting us to embrace and embody Her. She is here. She is alive. And Mirabai Starr brings Her shining and singing in and through each one of us!

Real Person

Mirabai Starr was born into a non-religious Jewish family. So how did she become a translator of Christian Mystics, inter-spiritual leader, and voice of the Divine Feminine? Her story opens with the shock of death and the discovery that pain cracks us open to love. Mirabai has written many superb books. Now, they all come together in her ecstatic love song to the Divine Feminine: Wild Mercy. What a woman! What a story! Learn more about Mirabai Starr at  https://www.mirabaistarr.com/

Real Prayer Action

Mirabai talked about the importance of community, the richness of the young women rising to lead the way, and the importance of blessing one another. Every one of these is a prayer action:

  • Gather in community and listen to one another’s stories.
  • Extend a hand to young women, not just to open doors for them, but to listen and learn from them. They are the ones opening the “crusty old white dude’s” doors!
  • Bless somebody. Bless your lover, your dog, your child, your house, your car…. Create your own blessings and toss them into the world all day every day. (And don’t forget to look in the mirror and bless yourself!)

She also spoke with such love about writing your own prayer. Then, kindly read us one she has written, “Prayer to the Shekinah.” Which is waiting for you in Prayer Bag #4.

Now it’s your turn. Sit down, pick up a pen, and ask the Divine Feminine to write a prayer to help heal the world. As Mirabai said throughout the conversation, we’re not the ones doing it. The Divine Feminine is. So put your hand in Her hand.

And please, pop into our special Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share your prayer!

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