Episode 5: Kahu Lāhela Johnson and Ho‛oponopono, the Hawaiian Shamanic prayer of forgiveness

Real Conversation

How does one become a kahu—keeper of the ancient Hawaiian Shamanic ways? Lahela Johnson shares her amazing childhood talking to plants, ocean, mountains, and animal spirits. Even as a young child she sensed she had a kuleana—responsibility. One day, her kumu—teacher—asked her to be initiated as a kahu. Lahela protested, “but I’m not qualified!” Kumu Karen responded with the single most important truth we all need to hear.

Real Person

Kahu Lāhela Johnson is a mystical treasure. She co-created five “The Goddess Forgives” Ho‛oponopono prayer intensives with Janet Conner, bringing the alchemical power of forgiveness to heal hearts across time to hundreds of people around the world. At home on O’ahu, Lāhela conducts traditional blessings and ceremonies to bring more light and love into people’s homes, businesses and lives. Meet Kahu Lāhela Johnson at https://theponopractitioner.com/

Real Prayer Action

This conversation is packed full of exquisite, sensuous prayer actions. Experiment with one, and you may find you want to play with them all—and, yes, this is mystical magical play!

  • Step out in nature.
  • Look at a plant or tree with reverence. Then, gently begin a conversation with the living presence of that plant and listen for its wisdom and grace. This will take practice but the plants are waiting to communicate with you.
  • Notice the animals that come to you. Could one be your ʻAumakua or spirit guide? The only way to know is to pay attention, notice what it’s showing you, and open a conversation. A lovely way to capture your animal’s wisdom is to ask in deep soul writing, ”Tell me why you’re here.”
  • Step across the paddle—and take 100% responsibility for your life. (Whew! Big stuff!)
  • In daily deep soul writing ask yourself, “How am I showing up?”

And of course, pray the mysterious, miraculous prayer of forgiveness, Ho‛oponopono. Click on your prayer bags #5 to receive a version of the prayer in print and watch a video Lāhela made explaining the prayer. (Note: this is far deeper than the popular 4-sentence version.) If you wish to go further into this prayer, watch any of the 5 Ho‛oponopono intensives, all recorded and available on demand.

And then please, pop into our special Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share your experiences! Lāhela will be there to answer your questions and, well, bring us more Light!

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