The Witch Sequence in color

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch

4th Original WitchArt Gift
4th Mystica InnerVersity Intensive
4th Circuit on The Witch Sequence Labyrinth

How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust

The Ancestral Mysteries of Myrrhophore Anointing

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Magdala: Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering 
 by Her Sacred Image artist Cathy Pratt
Magdala: Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering by Her Sacred Image artist Cathy Pratt

A Note about The Witch Sequence

There are seven intensives in The Witch Sequence, each awakening one of our seven original WitchArt gifts. The first, The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch on Full Body Intuition, and the second, The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch on Threshold Crossing, were recorded in 2023. The third on Original Prayer was recorded this Spring. All three are available On Demand. In A.R.T. 4 we will awaken our fourth gift, Myrrhophore Anointing. The seven intensives, along with Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak, tell a gradually building story of our original sovereignty and sacred role as whole and holy witches, but you do not have to take the intensives in order. Having said that, please know that A.R.T. 3 on Original Prayer is a powerful foundation for Myrrhophore Anointing

The On Demand versions include all the learning gatherings and journeys, plus the extensive bonus and support materials. The Witch Cafés, private Facebook group, and all the spontaneous unrecorded prayer circles are not included because they are never recorded. 


Getting Started

Welcome to the information and registration page for The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust the Ancestral Mysteries of Myrrhophore Anointing. Because this is the 4th of 7 intensives in The Witch Sequence, a project like no other, you might like to learn how something so massive and radical came to be. 

The story began with a Tarot card, which opened a door for Our Lady Queen of Magicians, who told my partners and me to create Mystica a mystical world within the world. I had no idea what Mystica might look like, but I said yes anyway. I have a 27-year history of saying yes to divine whispers and following where the voice leads. I find this amusing because 27 is the number of the witch.

  • I said yes to deep soul writing in 1997—and a delicious writing life ensued that will carry me out of this lifetime
  • I said yes to prayer artist in 2018—and began writing a whole new genre of prayer, found the audacity to redefine prayer altogether, began to offer radical prayer intensives, and fell head over heels in love with real original prayer 
  • When mystic witch arrived in 2020, I knew my life was about to become wild and magical; I didn’t just say yes, I shouted YES

And now, look where we are: walking the ancient sacred labyrinth path of The Witch Sequence as circuit-by-circuit, step-by-step, we awaken, remember, and trust our 7 original sacramental gifts—our WitchArts.


Story behind Mystica InnerVersity

At a mystery school gathering in February 2023, the incomparable oracle, Sabin Bailey, asked Our Lady—God the Mother by any name—if she’d like to choose a Tarot card. Our Lady chose #1 The Magician. Sabin smiled, “The Magician is the witch card,” she said, and after a pause, “Every prayer is a spell.” As a prayer artist, I knew something big was arriving.  

The next morning at 4 am, I clearly heard, “Our Lady Queen of Magicians.” Of course, what a perfect name! It’s now my favorite salutation. That night, the Queen of Magicians returned to tell me to create a radical setting for my upcoming prayer intensive on our intuitive senses. “Look at Hogwarts,” She commanded, “Hogwarts was a complete world.” Before I could take that in, She continued, “___________ is a complete mystical world within the world.” She didn’t say the name. Instead, She dictated two pages of detailed components. Finally, She whispered the name of this world: Mystica.  

The next morning, I called everyone working with me on The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses. For the next two months, we gave everything we had to create Mystica InnerVersity. Mystos the Raven arrived to add his magic. I think it was he who guided us to our mysterious Latin motto: song of the dreaming dragon.


When we were halfway through that intensive on full body intuition, I began to see that activating full body intuition was a critical WitchArt, but not the only one. Following the nudges of my newly amplified intuition, I found myself staring and staring and staring at raw 7-circuit labyrinths carved in stone thousands of years ago. I love labyrinths, but I did not know why this one was demanding my attention.

As I was staring at ancient labyrinths, I also felt called to reread Witches and Pagans, Max Dashu’s deep exploration into the etymology of the word witch. Across all European languages, the root for witch means a revered woman serving her community with her sacramental WitchArts. Max describes a panoply of gifts, but there were 7 that grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. Which came first: the labyrinth or our original sacramental gifts? Who can say. 

Once I said yes to creating whatever wanted to be created, in whatever form it wanted to be created, the floodgates opened. Each day it seemed there was another revelation:

  • There are 7 original sacramental witch gifts—our WitchArts 
  • The 7 gifts match the energy of the chakras (this was quite the shock)
  • The gifts are received in a series of 7 prayer intensives
  • Each intensive is to be called The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch…followed by the name of the gift 
  • We awaken, remember, and learn to trust each gift as we walk one circuit of the 7-circuit feminine womb labyrinth 
  • This most ancient labyrinth holds a long-forgotten memory of our original sacred witch work serving the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth 
  • Each intensive is 77 days long
  • At the center of the 77 days is either the Aries or Libra Equinox
  • The whole 7-circuit labyrinth walk is called The Witch Sequence
  • The numeric vibration of The Witch Sequence is 77

And the dragon? Draconis showed up in a surprising way and revealed not only who he is but who and what the labyrinth really is. And how walking it embodying our 7 WitchArts heals the wasteland. Draconis even revealed why we have to gather around the Equinoxes. The Equinoxes, as witches of old knew, are the time of two dragons. This is way bigger than anything my partners and I could have imagined. And more powerful. More lovely. And more fun. Oh my Goddess, is awakening our spiritual WitchArts ever fun! But it’s also the holiest thing we can do. 

We are called now to become Whole, Intuitive, Threshold-crossing, Creative, Holy witches. We are the ones who can, and must, heal the wasteland.


What Are Our 7 Original WitchArt Gifts?

“[T]he oldest names for witch in European languages emphasize their spiritual gifts: powers of prophecy, divination, and incantation; of healing, herbal knowledge, shapeshifting and shamanic flight…the old witch-titles honored women as cultural authorities.”
Max Dashu, Witches and Pagans

Women and witches have been silenced and controlled under patriarchy for so long that it’s hard to remember that women were once the beating heart of matrilineal, matrifocal societies, revered for serving, healing, and blessing their communities with a profusion of sacred talents and gifts. There are many witch gifts, but these seven are our most sacred WitchArts.

1. Intuitive Senses—Trustworthy intuition flows effortlessly when you awaken your natural ability to see what wants to be seen, hear what wants to be heard, feel what wants to be felt, know what wants to be known, and go where you are called.

Witches rely on and trust our innate full body intuition. Intuition is our foundation.


2. Threshold Crossing—The mystical theta brainwave state is the gateway, the only gateway, into The Mystic, the liminal, the threshold Rumi describes so eloquently: “People are going back and forth across the threshold where the two worlds meet. Don’t go back to sleep.” When we wake and cross that threshold, we access our personal divine Voice, radical creativity, the presence of the past, the Imaginal Realm, Morphic, and Akashic Fields.

Witches know how to drop into theta around the clock. Mystical theta is our portal between worlds. 


3. Original Prayer—Original prayer is powerful witch medicine that infuses both the one who prays and all who are prayed for—present, past, and future—with healing, love, forgiveness, strength, and joy. Our prayers are spells. Prayer as defined by patriarchy is lifeless in comparison to the power, beauty, and joy of this sacramental WitchArt. Real prayer is a powerhouse and it is alive in every cell of our bodies.

Witches are the original magicians of prayer. Prayer is our core strength.


4. Myrrophore Anointing—Anointing is the ancestral sacrament of remembering which has been passed down through the lineage of Myrrhophore witches. Myrrhophores serve the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth with original vision, sacred touch, consecrated oils, loving words, and holy breath, all radiating from an open and expanded 360° Cariad Heart. This memory is returning to us through the long-forgotten original purpose of the 7-circuit labyrinth.

Witches serve the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. Anointing is the heart and heartbeat of the whole and holy witch.


5. Divination—The original oracles were women. They knew that everything is alive, conscious, intelligent, and communicating. We connected, then and once more, with cosmic, mystic, ancestral, and mythic wisdom to be shared for the healing of individual hearts and the collective wasteland.

Witches are oracles and seers. What wants to be known is made known through our sacred voices.


6. Devotion—For millennia before patriarchal religions arrived with their disembodied male gods spewing laws and judgments, we were devoted to the Mother, the Goddess, in the heavens, in the land, and in our life-giving, life-sustaining female bodies. We who walk the witches’ labyrinth path hear Her call to live once more in a reverence structure, the antithesis of power, hierarchy, and domination. Reverence is how we heal the wasteland.

Witches are the embodiment of the Goddess. We are Her Sacred Treasure of Life.


7. Dragon—Patriarchal religions denigrated this magnificent powerful serpent from the ultimate symbol of the Goddess to the embodiment of evil. Every statue of St. George or Archangel Michael killing the dragon, and every tale about knights killing dragons, are reenactments of the patriarchal command to destroy the Goddess.

Witches know that when the Dragon in all her power and beauty comes to life in each of us, the Gate to Her Garden of Reverence will open.


The Theatre of the Miraculous

Every intensive in Mystica InnerVersity gathers in the Theatre of the Miraculous—a place that is everywhere and everywhen for everyone. Miracles occur naturally and effortlessly in this magical state of interbeing and inter-becoming.

As our Community gathers, we realize we are
both individual and collective Containers
for the Contained—the mystery, the life force—

to be present, heard, seen, felt

Unexpected Conceptions happen and with each seed
we receive the guidance, grace, courage, strength, Companions

Everything we need individually and collectively
to become our Whole and Holy Witch selves

and heal the wasteland

We are the Theatre of the Miraculous!

WitchArt Gift #4: Myrrhophore Anointing

Emma Kupu Mitchell and I have a long delicious history of creating powerful anointing practices that amplify the purpose and energy of my intensives. Emma receives messages from the plants and from Mary Magdalene herself on the formula for each anointing oil and I receive the words and movements. For years we have said we would create an intensive on anointing, but somehow it was never the right time. Good thing we waited, because this anointing intensive is radically different from anything we might have created prior to The Witch Sequence. Now, under the guidance of the Magdalen Triad, we invite you to step onto the fourth circuit and awaken ancestral memories of your own place in the ancient lineage of Myrrhophores. The content of this intensive might seem a bit wild, even strange, at first glance. As well it should; there is nothing like it. 

In Myrrhophore Anointing you will: 

  1. Open the doorway of memory, cross the threshold, and awaken blood-deep rememberings of the ancient Myrrhophore Mysteries
  2. Meet and work with all three persons, hearts, and wombs of the Magdalen Triad
  3. Develop an intimate relationship with your personal Myrrhophore Council 
  4. Receive an expanded 360° Cariad Heart capable of healing self and others
  5. Learn ancient methods of sacred anointing: in-person and at-a-distance, with and without oils
  6. Dive into the great mystery: you are not anointing; you are being anointed
  7. Rediscover the pre-patriarchal truth: anointing does not bestow anything from without; it awakens something within 
  8. Create your Shamanic Womb Initiation Mandala
  9. Fall madly in love with your personal, intimate, full body anointing practice
  10. Re-member who you are: a sovereign witch/wizard, priestess/priest in a most ancient and holy lineage

Magdala: Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering

At the entrance to each circuit of The Witch Sequence labyrinth, we are greeted by an Oracle who accompanies us throughout the intensive. Aurora—Oracle of Intuition helped us activate our natural intuitive senses. Mystica—Oracle of the Thresholds helped us awaken our innate ability to crisscross the thresholds between worlds. Origina—the Memory of Prayer led us deep into the embodied memory that prayer, like mitochondria, is our vital life force, alive in every cell of our bodies. Origina upended everything religion has told us about prayer.

Now, as we approach the entrance to the 4th circuit, the path of the heart, Magdala comes forward with her unusual name: Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering. She took several weeks to reveal her full majestic image. To welcome her, open your knowing eyes, your remembering ears, and your ancient Myrrhophore heart, for Magdala is an entire mystic library. 

On May 23, under the Sagitarius Full Moon, Magdala delivered a message for us through Cathy:

Come. Stand near me my sisters and brothers. You have traveled far and I am celebrating you. But stay humble, we have much work to do. Welcome to this forever line of healers. Your open eyes, ears, and hearts show me you are ready. I too am ready to add my breath to your precious inner ember, so you may lead all back to our Garden. It is time.”

What we will explore together in
The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch:
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
The Ancestral Mysteries of Myrrhophore Anointing

green circuit with no label


  • Welcome: The Witch Sequence prayer, invocations, Theatre of the Miraculous
  • The Hidden Eleven: the mysteries hiding in our Oracles’ names
  • Myrrhophore Anointing: the ancient mystery and heartbeat of the whole and holy Witch
  • Meet Magdala: Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering 
  • Make and walk a finger labyrinth, absorb the “Song of the Labyrinth” played on Crystal Alchemy Bowls, receive the “ensouled” questions you’ve carried for lifetimes 
  • Start your Shamanic Womb Initiation Mandala  


To prepare for deep alchemy, each Learning Gathering includes: 

  • Multi-sensory Sacred Space
  • Invocations to Archangels Luci and Michael, Joan of Arc, and our 7 Oracles
  • Full body anointing: Oil activation, Mystic Family Call, Witches CircleA Magician’s Anointing Spell, and the seed of Her Garden of Reverence 
  • Celestial support with Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Oracle message through Cathy Stevens Pratt
  • Visio Divina with Magdala
  • Make and walk a 7-circuit labyrinth
  • Deep soul writing
  • Concluding prayer: The Blessing of Isis. 

To bring what we learn to life, we gather a few days later for an Experiential Journey deep into the ancestral mysteries of Myrrhophore Anointing 

Learning Gathering 1: The Myrrhophore Lineage and the Magdalen Triad

“The Myrrhophore tradition grew from ‘celestial medicine’ that was practiced in the temples of ancient Egypt…. Myrrhophores, also known as myrrh bearers or mistresses of the oils, were priestesses skilled in helping people…realign with their true soul essence and heal the wounds in the soul caused by events not only in this life, but also in previous lives…. The most famous myrrhophore was Mary Magdalene.” Felicity Warner, Sacred Oils

  • The Myrrhophore Lineage—the Red Thread
  • The Magdalen Triad—3 names, 3 wombs, 3 hearts 
  • Your Priestess Grimoire

Experiential Journey 1: Meet Your Myrrhophore Council

Learning Gathering 2: Your 360° Cariad Heart

“In order to understand the Red Priestesses of the ancient Near East, the lineage of the Magdalene, we must see and feel the world as they did, to know the desire of their sha—their heart-womb—and to make a bridge to the spirit power they served.”  Seren Bertrand & Azra Bertrand M.D., Magdalene Mysteries

  • The 4th Chakra—the heart of the whole and holy witch
  • From Empty to Transparent to “I am ready”
  • Your 360° Cariad expanded heart  

Experiential Journey 2: Your Cariad Heart

Learning Gathering 3: Myrrhophore Anointing Oils

“The practice of sacred oils is very different (from modern or clinical aromatherapy). Its roots are based in ancient shamanic magic and ritual practice, enabling us to contact our guides or power animals. The smell of the oil being used isn’t important…it’s the oil’s spiritual and esoteric qualities that are important.” Felicity Warner, Sacred Oils

  • Full Body Anointing
  • How to Honor, Activate, and Work with Sacred Oils
  • Our Cariad Oil 
  • How to Make Holy Water and Sanctify Oils

Experiential Journey 3: Ancestral Memory of Creating a Sacred Oil

Learning Gathering 4: The Miracle of Anointing Yourself    

The Great Mystery: “You are not praying, you are being prayed
You are not anointing, you are being anointed.” Janet Conner

  • Caress your Holy Body with Language, Sight, Touch
  • You are Her Sacred Treasure of Life
  • Create your personal mirror Love Loving Love Anointing Practice

Experience 4: Experience Being Anointed

Learning Gathering 5: The Ancestral Memory of Anointing Others

“Anointing happens many ways. It is all about witnessing and making yourself whole.
You may anoint with your eyes…
You may anoint with a touch…
You may anoint with words…
You may anoint with thoughts…”
Miryam the Migdalah Speaks

  • The ancient history of Myrrhophore Anointing
  • Myriad Anointing Practices: at a distance and close, with and without oils
  • Why Anointing is the Sacrament of Remembering
  • ART-i-fact for Myrrhophore Anointing

Experiential Journey 5: A Witches Homecoming in Sardinia


Prayer intensives in the Theatre of the Miraculous always conclude with a mystical party and delightful celebration. In our celebration for Myrrhophore Anointing, we will:

  • Share our Shamanic Womb Initiation Mandalas and ART-i-facts
  • Make a final finger labyrinth and absorb the “Song of the Labyrinth” played by Jennifer DeVille Catalano on Crystal Alchemy Bowls
  • Initiation Ceremony into the Myrrhophore Mysteries


What will you receive?

Invitations to 12 live gatherings: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, 5 Learning Gatherings, 5 Experiential Journeys, Equinox Ceremony—recorded

Plus everyone is invited to the 12 Watch Parties to accommodate friends in the Pacific Rim

Invitations to 5 or more Witch Café Story Salons, prayer circles such as The Labyrinth Carries Us Home (a ceremony for beloved dead), and other spontaneous gatherings—not recorded

Invitation to 3 bonus events—recorded: 

  • 2 with Cathy Pratt on how to create your personal Grimoire
  • 1 with Emma Kupu Mitchell on how to work with asteroid Magdala in your natal chart

Access to a password-protected Resource Page filled with recordings of all gatherings in both video and audio formats, plus a feast of support materials

Getting Started PDFs

  • Welcome Handbook—introduction, bios, Mystica InnerVersity, Theatre of the Miraculous, The Witch Sequence
  • Magdala Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering, messages from the Magdalen Triad, bibliography, and additional resources
  • Prayer Handbook—anointing and many other prayers
  • Labyrinth Handbook—Our Witch Sequence labyrinth with 7 hidden dragons, The Labyrinth Speaks, 7 Mysteries of the Labyrinth
  • How to make a 7-Circuit Labyrinth and Seed Pattern
  • 2-Dragon Equinox Swirl 

Bonus Videos 

  • Janet and Cathy Stevens Pratt on How to Draw a 7-Circuit Labyrinth
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet on our Cariad Anointing Oil
  • Understanding the Mudras and the Associated Elements by Emma Kupu Mitchell including accompanying PDF
  • Introduction to the Vibration of the Oils by Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Janet on The Sacrament of Anointing yourself
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell on How to Create a Natal Chart with Magdala 
  • Marcia Wade, Cathy, and Janet on the Draconis Constellation
  • Jennifer DeVille Catalano and Cathy on the 7 notes of the Song of the Labyrinth on Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls
  • Cathy Stevens Pratt on How to Create Your Personal Grimoire 
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet on Pythagoras’ Karmic Numbers
  • Janet on 7 Steps to Get into Theta plus 25-minute theta music audio
  • and more as the intensive unfolds

Optional Support Materials

Members can purchase a wide range of materials artists have created for The Witch Sequence:

  • A.R.T. 4 journal created by Cathy Stevens Pratt
  • Posters of Magdala, Archangel Luci and Michael, Draconis and more
  • 50” fabric The Witch Sequence labyrinth 
  • Wide array of items in Cathy’s Zazzle store
  • Cariad oil and spritzer by Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Personalized My Moon Witch Pendulum by Geralyn Camarillo 
  • Personalized Witch Altar Cloth by sacred weaver Samantha Wilde 


in a private Facebook discussion group—optional

Our Schedule

A.R.T. 4 gathers in the Theatre of the Miraculous for 77 days with 21 scheduled gatherings, plus spontaneous prayer circles. The scheduled gatherings are: 

2 Opening and Closing Ceremonies
5 Learning Gatherings
5 Experiential Journeys
5 Witch Café Story Salons (often more)
2 Grimoire gatherings
1 Magdala on your Natal Chart event
1 Libra Equinox ceremony

Learning Gatherings and Open and Closing ceremonies meet on Sundays from 2-4:15 pm Eastern
Experiential Journeys meet on Thursdays from 2-3:30 pm Eastern
Watch Parties for both the Learning Gatherings and Experiential Journeys are held every Tuesday at 6pm Eastern to accommodate people in the Pacific Rim, where it will be Wednesday morning. Anyone in any time zone is welcome to join. Daylight savings time in the Pacific Rim starts September 29.
Equinox Celebration is Saturday September 21 at 2-3pm Eastern

You will receive agenda emails with the zoom link two days before and a reminder email two hours before a gathering begins

2pm Eastern = 1p Central, 12 Mountain, 11a Pacific, 8a HI, 3p Atlantic, 7p UK, 8p EU, 9p Eastern Europe, 9p Middle East. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, check the Watch Party schedule. 

Verify the time in your home on the world clock.

Learning Gatherings and Open and Closing ceremonies meet on Sundays for 135 minutes.

Sun August 4             Opening Ceremony
Sun August 11           Learning Gathering 1
Sun August 25           Learning Gathering 2
Sun September 8      Learning Gathering 3
Sat September 21     Equinox Celebration
Sun September 22    Learning Gathering 4
Sun October 6            Learning Gathering 5
Sun October 20         Closing Celebration

Experiential Journeys meet on the Thursday after the learning gathering for 90 minutes. 

Thurs August 15           Journey 1: Your Myrrhophore Council
Thurs August 29           Journey 2: Your Cariad Heart
Thurs September 12    Journey 3: The Ancestral Memory of Creating a Sacred Oil
Thurs September 26    Journey 4: Experience Being Anointed
Thurs October 10         Journey 5: A Witches Homecoming in Sardinia 

Witches Café Story Salons are hosted on various days, usually Wed, Thurs, or Friday with rotating times in an effort to accommodate everyone—not recorded. 

How to Create your Grimoire events, dates to be determined—recorded

Magdala the Asteroid special event with Emma Kupu Mitchell, date to be determined—recorded 

Prayer Circles Everyone is invited to Migdalah Speaks, We Pray hosted at Wendy Flaherty’s Wild Spirit Circle Facebook group from 2-2:30pm on Wednesdays. In addition, we’ll hold The Labyrinth Carries Us Home ceremony for our beloved dead, plus other prayer gatherings as requested. Prayer circles are not recorded


Your investment in this 77-day radical prayer intensive is based on the sacred number of the Witch—27—multiplied by one of Pythagoras’ four karmic numbers: 13, 14, 16, 19. 

Want to know more? Emma Kupu Mitchell recorded a bonus video about these numbers which you can view on the resource page when you register. 

Choose 19 witches if this is your FIRST A.R.T. intensive
19 reduces to 1—the Magician in Tarot. Of course!
19 x 27 = $513 or $6.66/day—a little anti-patriarchy joke from witches of old

Choose 16 witches if you have been in ONE A.R.T. intensive
16 is the Tower crumbling but also Magdalen the Tower beckoning to us from the labyrinth.
16 reduces to 7, the number in The Witch Sequence!
16 x 27 = $432 or $5.61/day—12 the Hanged WoMan, a sacred totem in Original Prayer 

Choose 14 witches if you have been in 2 OR MORE A.R.T. intensives
14 is Art in the Thoth Tarot, how perfect is that. Sabin Bailey says 14 is “Joan’s card”
14 x 27 = $378 or $4.91/day—14 again, looks like Joan doubly approves! 

Choose 13 witches if you require a self-selected scholarship
13 is Her sacred number, so terrifying patriarchy made it the Death card in Tarot. 
13 x 27 = $351 or $4.56/day—15 a card patriarchy changed from joyful Pan to evil Devil.
But it reduces to 6, the Lovers. The first new definition of prayer is “love songs” so this is perfect!

If you wish to support Janet in offering scholarships, please consider adding a $54 donation—2 witches—to your registration. 

$ 513 if this is your FIRST A.R.T. intensive
$ 432 if you have been in ONE A.R.T. intensive
$ 378 if you were in 2 OR MORE A.R.T. intensives
$ 351 self-selected scholarship
$54 additional donation for scholarships

You’ll be remembering the ancestral mysteries of Myrrhophore Anointing with:

Janet Conner

I am a Prayer Artist, Mystic Witch, and Fire Keeper, creator in the Theatre of the Miraculous, and mistress of the threshold—the mystical theta brain wave state. But first and always, a devoted daughter of the Sacred Feminine. My first book, Writing Down Your Soul, was a surprising success and led to The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, and more. But all that was the warmup. In the dark on February 24, 2018, I clearly heard prayer artist in my left ear. I knew prayer artist would change everything, but I said yes anyway. That yes led me to write a whole new genre of prayer as love songs, redefine prayer altogether, and begin to offer radical prayer intensives with sister mystics. Two years later, witch arrived via a stunning endorsement from Rabbi Tirzah Firestone. I was ecstatic; my agent was not. I ended that relationship to follow witch where she wanted to go. She knew exactly what she wanted: transmute witch from a word that strikes terror back into an honorific that awakens a bone-deep memory of being revered for our WitchArt gifts. 

I trust witch. I trusted her when she told me to create The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage. I trusted her when she asked for a year-long mystery school, Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches. I trusted her when she gave me my witch name: Whalebone and my medicine: sing the song of the whole and holy witch. I trusted her when she commanded my partners and me to create Mystica InnerVersity and The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses. In the midst of that intensive, witch showed us that A.R.T. wasn’t just 1 intensive; it was the first of 7 in The Witch Sequence—a 7-circuit labyrinth walk to awaken all our original sacramental WitchArt gifts. As we listened intently to what wanted to be created, we began to see a sacred purpose far beyond anything we could imagine. We are here to walk this path, embody these 7 sacred gifts, become whole and holy witches, and heal the wasteland.  

To do this profound witch work, I need silence and round-the-clock drops into mystical theta. I think that’s why witch is holding me in Ozona, a tiny village on the Gulf of Mexico, where I am surrounded by screeching ospreys, swooping woodstorks, and one very protective red-tailed hawk. 

If you’re curious, I’m an 8th house Gemini Sun, 12th house final degree Libra Moon, Scorpio ascendant cradling Chiron, Chariklo, and my south node. And my boyfriend Jupiter showers me with gifts from his 2nd house Sagitarius position directly facing my sun. My lifepath is 35/8, attainment 5. My Essence for the remainder of The Witch Sequence is 19, the last of Pythagoras’ karmic numbers, embodying 1-9 and the mystery of total surrender.

Cathy Stevens Pratt

Once upon a time a little girl knew she was a witch. I played in the magical woods, prayed the rosary walking around the pond with my grandmother, and made magical potions with my cat. Then for decades I worked as a freelance illustrator and lived all over this country. Moving around taught me people are good, generous and kind and reminded me that the world is alive. Everything is alive. The trees, rocks, plants, creatures, clouds and stars all speak to me when I listen.

Now I am an oracle who takes human shape as an artist, mom, and partner. I live on the dark side of a mountain in the middle of Vermont. Here trees fall, winds howl, winter is brutal, summer is vibrant, water trickles and rages, and I am visited by many woodland creatures. The combination of being surrounded by wild beauty and a daily practice of Deep Soul Writing opens me to listen to my voices and to see into the unseen. This Imaginal Realm speaks through me so I may create sacred art in the form of paintings, words, fiber Mighty Dolls, rosaries and beads, and Visual Medicine™.

My offerings include:

  • Oracle/Tarot readings using multiple decks, my own art and intuitive custom journeys
  • One-of-a-kind fiber Mighty Dolls as talismans of power and healing
  • Personal rosaries and mala beads dreamt into being for focus and joy
  • Creative Journeys to inner realms to solve problems, open creativity, meet ancestors and guides, awaken inspiration
  • Teaching Visual Medicine™ easily bridges the real world with the mystic and invisible
  • Partner with mediums, Ramzi Cheety and Suzi von Mensenkampff to create Spirit Cafes in the UK and Americas

I love to share what I know in my bones with my sister-witch collaborator Janet Conner. I create community, safe spaces, and conversations about creativity, the ancestors, deep deep time, and forgiveness work. Supporting others in their personal and creative journeys gives me great joy.

I have a 7th house Cancer sun, Taurus moon, Capricorn ascendant. I’m having a Jupiter return this year, something big is coming! My lifepath is a 34/7—a seven of course! I’m in my fifth and final year of Essence 9—fullness in the sacred feminine.


Emma Kupu Mitchell

Aloha! I am Emma Kūpua’ eikāwililā’au—which means in Hawaiian an increase in the blending of medicine: Kūpu to increase, A’e direction upwards, Kāwili Lā’au interweaving medicine. I am a Spiritual Guide and Creative Alchemist; a beacon of light for women navigating the rich tapestry of midlife and beyond. With over 35 years of experience as a highly skilled holistic practitioner and a profound connection to the mysteries of the universe, I seamlessly integrate a vast knowledge of shamanic traditions, astrological insights with an emphasis on the moon, and the holistic healing vibrational properties of plant medicine and sacred oils, to guide women in reclaiming their power and living their soul's path.

I grew up on a farm in Yorkshire England, where my love and reverence for the natural world began and deepened even more when I moved to Oahu (2001) to live fulltime and marry my native Hawaiian husband. Together we have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and, with family all over the world, we love to travel, spending quality time creating memories together. With roots in the lush landscapes and ley lines of Northern England and a heart intertwined with the spirit of Aloha, I now serve as a bridge between distant lands and timeless traditions in all that I offer. I value and celebrate creativity in all forms and the beauty of nature, living in alignment with the rhythms and cycles of Father sky and Mother earth. 

My offerings include:

  • Shamanic Astrology Consultations: A deep dive into the cosmic dance of the planets and stars, and the holistic nature of your birth chart to uncover the hidden patterns and potentials of your soul's journey.
  • Numerology Consultations: I decode the mysteries of your life's purpose, strengths, and challenges through the ancient art of Pythagorean numerology, gaining profound insights into your soul's essence, destiny, and much more.
  • Creative Visual Journaling™ workshops: Ignite your imagination and inner awareness, unleash your creativity, and embrace the joy of self-expression through transformative visual journaling practices.
  • Plant Medicine & Sacred Anointing sessions: Experience the transformative power of sacred oils and plant allies, as I create custom blends to facilitate healing, purification, and soul alignment.
  • Moon Medicine community: private monthly online community where I teach you to decode and live your birth chart. With a focus on the moon's cycles and their profound influence on your emotional and spiritual well-being, you will understand how to navigate life's transitions with grace, intuition, and inner wisdom.
  • Midlife and Beyond community: private monthly online community. Step into the sacred space of transformation and self-discovery. I am dedicated to guiding women on the journey of healing, creativity, and empowerment during midlife and beyond. You will find a deeper connection to your creative spirit and soul purpose.

I am a Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Sagittarius rising, with a life path of 33/6 and attainment of 7—Pythagoras’s favorite number. Saturn (the teacher) is conjunct my North Node in Aries, demanding that I stand up for myself and lead the way. Neptune (the ethereal) is conjunct my moon, making me hyper sensitive to energies. After eight years of an Essence 18 (the Moon), I have just entered a 1-year walk of 15, an invitation into radical change.