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The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch

2nd Mystica Inner-Versity intensive
2nd Original Spiritual Gift
2nd walk on The Witch Sequence labyrinth

How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
Your Innate Ability to Cross the Threshold Between Worlds


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep
People are going back and forth across the threshold where the two worlds meet
The door is round and open

Don’t go back to sleep

Mystica, Oracle of the Thresholds by Her Sacred Image artist Cathy Pratt

Welcome to Mystica Inner-Versity

At a mystic witch gathering in February, the incomparable seer Sabin Bailey, asked Our Lady if she’d like to choose a Tarot card. Our Lady chose #1 The Magician. Sabin smiled, “The Magician is the witch card.” She paused, then said, “Every prayer is a spell.” As a prayer artist, I knew something big was coming.  

The next morning at 4am, I clearly heard, “Our Lady Queen of Magicians.” Of course! What a perfect name! It’s now my favorite prayer salutation. That night, the Queen returned to tell me to create a radical setting for my upcoming prayer intensive. “Look at Hogwarts,” She commanded, “Hogwarts was a complete world.” Before I could take that in, She continued, “___________ is a complete mystical world within the world.” But she didn’t give me a name. Instead, She rapidly dictated two pages of components. Finally, She whispered the name of this world: Mystica

The moment I woke, I called everyone working with me on The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses and we gave everything we had to create Mystica Inner-Versity. Mystos the Raven arrived to help. Maybe it was he who led us to our mysterious Latin motto: song of the sleeping dragon.


What is The Witch Sequence?

When we were halfway through that intuition intensive, I began to see that activating our intuition was a critical witch skill, but it was just the first of many. Following my freshly intensified intuition, I found myself staring at 7-circuit labyrinths, especially raw ones made of stone in prehistory. Why this particular labyrinth? I reread Max Dashu’s research into the etymology of the word witch in Witches and Pagans. It means a woman expressing her sacramental gifts. She writes about dozens of gifts, but 7 grabbed my attention. Which came first, the labyrinth or the gifts? Who can say. 

Once I said yes to creating whatever wanted to be created in whatever form it wanted to be created, the floodgates opened. There are 7 spiritual witch gifts, therefore there are 7 intensives. Each one is to be called The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch…followed by the name of the gift. We activate each gift by walking one of the 7 paths of the ancient labyrinth. And we walk for 77 days. The whole long holy labyrinth walk is called The Witch Sequence, which is, of course, a 77.


What Are Our 7 Original Sacramental Gifts?

“[T]he oldest names for witch in European languages emphasize their spiritual gifts: powers of prophecy, divination, and incantation; of healing, herbal knowledge, shapeshifting and shamanic flight…the old witch-titles honored women as cultural authorities.”
Max Dashu, Witches and Pagans



Women and witches have been silenced and controlled under patriarchy for so long, that it’s hard to remember that women were once the beating heart of matrifocal societies, revered for serving, healing, and blessing their communities with a profusion of sacred talents and gifts. There are many witch gifts, but these seven are the heart of Becoming a Witch. 

We will walk one circuit of The Path of Seven labyrinth in each prayer intensive to awaken, remember, and embody each one.

  1. Intuitive Senses—Trustworthy intuition flows effortlessly when you awaken your natural ability to see what wants to be seen, hear what wants to be heard, feel what wants to be felt, know what wants to be known, and go where you are called. Witches rely on intuition.
  2. Threshold Crossing—The mystical theta brainwave state is the only gateway to The Mystic, radical creativity, the presence of the past, the Imaginal Realm, morphic and Akashic Fields. Witches drop into theta around the clock.
  3. Prayer—Original prayer is powerful witch medicine that infuses both the one who prays and all who are prayed for, present, past, and future, with healing, love, forgiveness, and joy. Prayer, as defined and practiced by patriarchy, is lifeless in comparison to the beauty and magic of this, our original, spell. Witches are magicians of prayer.
  4. Anointing—Sacred anointing is the multi-sensory, full-body sacrament of remembering passed to us through a long lineage of witches and priestesses who served the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. Anointing is the gift of The Magdalene. Everything and everyone is blessed when a witch anoints.
  5. Divination—The original prophets and oracles were women. We connected, then and now, with cosmic, mystic, and mythic wisdom to be shared for the healing of individual hearts and the collective wasteland. Witches are all called to be oracles and seers.
  6. Devotion—Long before patriarchal religions with their disembodied male gods, there was the Goddess—the Goddess in the heavens, the Goddess in the land, and the Goddess in and through the female body. We who walk the witches path honor Her and dedicate ourselves to cultivating Her Garden of Reverence.
  7. Dragon—Patriarchal religions denigrated this magnificent serpent from the ultimate symbol of the Goddess to the ultimate of evil, and called her “the devil.” Every statue of St George or Archangel Michael killing the dragon and every tale about knights killing dragons are reenactments of the patriarchal command to destroy the Goddess. Witches love the Dragon and recognize that the restoration of the Dragon is essential to the healing of the wasteland and the return of the Goddess.


Original Sacramental Gift #2: Crossing the Threshold Between Worlds

“[W]hen the censorship of the waking consciousness is not operative, information can read the mind from almost any part or aspect of the universe.”
Ervin Laszlo Science and the Akashic Field

When we drop into theta, information, guidance, creativity, and ideas you know did not come from you flow effortlessly from unknown but clearly fertile places. This is the playground all creatives know and love.

Where does this information come from? Here are a few sources, each a vibrant field, a cosmic sea of possibility:

  • Akashic Record—library of all lives and all beings throughout time
  • Morphic Field—presence of the past
  • Imaginal Realm—where mystics have always gathered
  • Deep Memory—of the cosmos, land, nature, the body
  • Mystic Family/Group Soul—those anchoring us lifetime after lifetime across the veil 
  • Dream Fields—soul symbol playground
  • Mythic Memory—Goddess-centric stories, songs, prayers, memories of living in reverence
  • Land of the Dead—ancestors, not just biological 

How do you know you are in theta? Here are a few attributes:

  • Paradox: complete emptiness overflows with possibility 
  • Paradox: rare and beautiful voices that can only be heard in silence 
  • Paradox: chronos time dissolves into Kairos and time ceases to keep time 
  • Paradox: theta is not under your control, but you can train yourself to drop into it
  • Unexpected: comes in bursts, always a surprise, leaves indelible impression 
  • Presence: what wants to be heard, seen, felt, known, remembered, forgiven, healed, experienced, created…is now here 
  • Personal: speaks with a unique signature in tone and physicality 
  • Wild: brings radical, surprising, breathtakingly beautiful impulses, insights, connections
  • Persistent: insists you explore questions you have never considered, create what wants to be created, go where you are lead, become who you came here to be
  • Ecstatic: leaves you full of wonder and joy and wanting more




What We Explore in

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch:
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
Your Innate Ability to Cross the Threshold Between Worlds

labyrinth with orange

This second The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch prayer intensive is overflowing with magic and possibility as we explore multiple ways to train ourselves to enter mystical theta.


  • Why this is the moment we are called to Become Whole and Holy Witches
  • Why we gather at the Equinox—the time of the dragon
  • Introduction to the ancient 7-circuit labyrinth, finger walk and draw one together
  • Meet our mystical guides: Draconis, Mystica Oracle of the Threshold, Our Lady Queen of Magicians, and Mystos the Raven
  • Sanctify our bodies with A Magician’s Anointing Spell


We gather in the Theatre of the Miraculous. To prepare for mystical experiences, we create Sacred Space, invoke Mystica Oracle of the Threshold, Our Lady Queen of Magicians, Archangels Luci and Michael, Joan of Arc, and anoint with A Magician’s Anointing Spell. In each gathering we will name and transmute a big lie with which we have been indoctrinated.


Gathering 1: Introduction to Theta and Deep Soul Writing 

    • Introduction to brain waves and our natural state of theta in childhood
    • Why patriarchy suppresses theta to keep us addicted to fast, worry-filled beta
    • Radical difference between journaling in alpha and deep soul writing in theta
    • How to sanctify your journal and set yourself up to drop into theta on each page

Big Lie: access to the divine is only through approved sources and leaders (all male)
Big Truth: everyone has direct and immediate access to the sacred 

Gathering 2: Theta night and day

    • How to exit conscious mind, cross the threshold, and enter the state of nothing 
    • How to set up a theta-supportive sleep environment
    • Night Fall, Schumann waves, Morning theta—how to hover in liminal state 
    • Middle space, day dreaming, shower, bath, sitting outside…endless possibilities 

Big Lie: be productive, protestant work ethic, “devil makes work for idle hands”
Big Truth: patriarchy profits from our productivity, stillness is radical, subversive, empowering 

Gathering 3: Prayer—the magic spell that drops you into theta 

    • Relationship of breath and prayer across all traditions 
    • Why we pray on beads with sacred sound language mantras and chants 
    • How and why patriarchy took the transcendental juice out of prayer 
    • All prayers are spells, create a personal prayer-spell practice you love   

Big Lie: religious organizations “know” how to pray
Big Truth: church consciously took the magic out of prayer to block women from transcendental experiences 

Gathering 4: Creativity comes rushing through in theta  

    • Breakthrough thinking and wild radical creativity is only available in theta
    • Learn from musicians and other theta-ticians how they access theta and keep it flowing
    • Paradox of not having a goal, not knowing, not planning, yet receiving more than you could have asked for
    • Crosspollination happens when you play in multiple creative fields

Big Lie: be practical, you can’t make a living doing what you love
Big Truth: giving full reign to creativity generates synchronicity in ideas, relationships, collaborations, even income 

Gathering 5: The Imaginal Realm 

    • The Imaginal Realm is not imaginary, but what is it and where is it and how do we get there? What did Henri Corbin mean when he coined the term?
    • What does the transmutation of caterpillar to butterfly through imaginal cells tell us about our own mystical transmutation?
    • How mystics of all traditions describe the Imaginal Realm: Cynthia Bourgeault, Black Elk, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, and more
    • Mystical poetry love fest with Rumi, Hafiz, The Radiance Sutras, Thomas Merton, and more

Big Lie: only the few, the rare, and the isolated can experience divine communion
Big Truth: Imaginal Realm is real and present, under our feet and over our heads; as we walk the labyrinth we not only enter the Imaginal, we become the Imaginal


Journey 1 Explore: Enter the labyrinth

Following Mystica, Oracle of the Threshold, Cathy will invite us to journey over the labyrinth, dropping onto the second circuit to see and feel and hear and remember what wants to be perceived.

Journey 2 Immerse: Multi-sensory immersion

Jennifer DeVille Catalano will invite us into a multi-sensory immersion in the sacral chakra with crystal bowls singing in D, color and scent of orange, mudras and chants and movements and more   

Journey 3 Remember: Deep morphic memory

In this life, past lives, and the lives of witches through time, things happened that conditioned us to fear the invisible, repress our creative talents, and believe we aren’t worthy to have direct cosmic experience. These blockages are still present in the morphic field. Jennifer will guide us across the threshold to remember something that wants to be released.

Journey 4 Release: Healing and forgiving 

Kahu Lāhela will guide us in the Hawaiian shamanic prayer of Hana I Ka Pono to release what is blocking us from confidently crossing the threshold between worlds, then fill the vacuum with Her Grace, restoring us to our natural state of harmony and wholeness in pono

Journey 5 Receive: Receive and celebrate your witch gift! 

We will journey once more on the labyrinth to complete this circuit and receive a personal gift that carries the wisdom of crisscrossing the threshold between worlds.


Prayer intensives in the Theatre of the Miraculous always conclude with a mystical party, a celebration created by the members as we share their discoveries, creative expressions, and gifts. These celebrations cannot be described in advance. They emerge as we embrace our whole and holy witch selves.

What will you receive?

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all gatherings and journeys in both video and audio formats, plus a feast of support materials:

Getting Started PDFs

  • Welcome Handbook—Introduction, bios, theatre of the miraculous
  • Labyrinth Handbook—articles, examples, history, seed pattern, unique features of the 2nd circuit, bibliography
  • Mystica Inner-Versity—how it happened, introduction to Our Lady Queen of Magicians, Mystos, Familiars, Mystica, and information about and links to order any of our support materials that you would like to have including: Becoming anointing oil, witch pendulum, ART Gift 2 journal, Cathy’s ART items on zazzle, and larger cloth labyrinths
  • Prayer Handbook—our anointing and other core prayers

Bonus Videos 

  • Janet on The Witch Sequence: 7 sacramental gifts, 7 chakras, 7 oracles
  • Cathy Pratt and Janet on The Path of 7 labyrinth and how to draw one from the seed pattern
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell on the Becoming Anointing Oil 
  • Emma and Geralyn Camarillo on how to use our Witch Pendulum
  • Janet, Cathy, and Suzi von Mensenkampff on Choosing your Familiar
  • Marcia Wade, Cathy, and Janet on the Draconis Constellation
  • Janet on the 7 Steps to Get into Theta while writing, plus 25 minute theta music audio
  • Janet on how to sanctify your journal so you drop easily into theta
  • Jennifer Catalano on how she works with her Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls
  • Kahu Lāhela on Hana I Ka Pono to cleanse your energy field 
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell is gifting an audio of Yoga Nidra
  • Emma is giving us a video called: The Destiny Gateway of the July 17 Nodal Shift into Aries/Libra

No Pre-Requisites

There are no pre-requisites, but to experience the full alchemical transformation that this intensive holds, you might consider:

  • If you don’t already have a deep soul writing practice, start reading Writing Down Your Soul. To help everyone drop quickly into theta, I always post a bonus video on 7 Steps to Get into Theta on each intensive’s Resource Page. We soul write in all the gatherings, so you’ll want a journal. Cathy Pratt has designed a special journal for this ART gift and the link to order is on our Resource Page.
  • If you were not in The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch first intensive on intuitive senses, it is now available on demand. You do not have to follow the ART intensives in order, but it is fun and powerful to know and trust your intuition.
  • Witches have our own Archangel! Did you know that? We met Archangel Luci a year ago through Freddy Gerow who is Luci’s voice and advocate. That led to a short 3 session intensive: Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak. We’ll be invoking this astonishing pair in every gathering. 

If you have questions, email Janet at janetconner@tampabay.rr.com




You’ll be Crossing the Threshold With:

Janet Conner

I am a prayer artist, mystic witch, creator in the Theatre of the Miraculous, and mistress of the Threshold—the mystical theta brain wave state. But first and always, a devoted daughter of the Sacred Feminine. My first book, Writing Down Your Soul, was a surprising success and led to The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, and more. All that was only the warmup. In the dark one morning in 2018, my beloved voice whispered prayer artist in my left ear. I knew prayer artist would change everything, but I said yes anyway. I began writing a new genre of prayer, redefining prayer, and offering radical prayer intensives. Two years later, witch arrived in a stunning endorsement from Rabbi Tirzah Firestone. I was ecstatic; my agent was not. I ended that relationship to follow witch where she wanted me to go. She knew exactly what she wanted: transmute witch from a word that strikes terror back into an honorific that awakens a bone-deep memory of being revered for our spiritual gifts. 

I trust witch. I trusted her when she asked me to create The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage. I trusted her when she asked for a year-long mystery school Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches. I trusted her when she insisted I gather a team to create The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses. As that intensive was ending, witch guided me to see that ART wasn’t one intensive; it was the first of 7 in The Witch Sequence—an 7-circuit labyrinth walk to awaken all 7 of our original sacramental gifts. As my collaborators and I listened intently to what wanted to be created, we began to see a sacred purpose far beyond anything we could imagine. We are here to walk this path, embody these 7 sacred gifts, and become a truly whole and holy witch because this is the way we heal the wasteland. It may be the only way we can heal the wasteland. 

To do this profound witch work, I need massive amounts of time in silence and mystical theta. I think that’s why witch is holding me in Ozona, a tiny village on the Gulf of Mexico, where I am surrounded by screeching ospreys, swooping woodstorks, and one very precious redtail hawk.

Cathy Stevens Pratt

Once upon a time a little girl knew she was a witch. She lived with impenetrable corn fields on all sides. Sneezing and eating corn, I played in the magical woods, prayed the rosary walking around the pond with my grandmother, and made magical potions with my cat. Catholic school happened. I got a degree in art and morphed into a professional graphic designer and illustrator. I lived my life as a respectable adult pumping out work in the advertising and design industry for years. That was not my ideal life so I turned into a freelance artist and hit the road with my partner. We lived and worked all over this country for 10 years saving our money and seeing what we could see. 

Moving around taught me people are good and reminded me what I know in my bones: that the world is alive. Everything is alive. The trees, rocks, plants, creatures, clouds and stars all speak to me when I listen.

Now I am an artist, mom, partner, and creator, living on the dark side of a gentle mountain in the middle of sweet Vermont. Here trees fall, winds howl, winter is brutal, summer is vibrant, water trickles and rages, and I am visited by many woodland creatures. The combination of being surrounded by wild beauty and a daily practice of Deep Soul Writing opened me to listen to my voices and to see images in the unseen realms. Images come from time spent in my forest cathedral outdoors and mix into my interior imaginal realm. My art studio is my inner void; that’s where the paintings emerge. This sacred art is not mine; it comes through me. I simply receive, then pick up pens, brushes, paint, ground lichen or walnut husks, and make those images real. 

Besides my art method changing completely over the last few years, deep inner work opened the door to sharing what I know in my bones of the stories of the Tarot. I’ve lived lives where I was tortured and killed because I shared my inner knowing. Moving through that fear and anger, all the way to forgiveness with Janet Conner and her teachings and community, has changed my life. The fear is gone! My once hidden cards are out in the light of day, whispering their messages in readings for individuals and groups. This makes me very happy.

My creations include custom rosaries and malas. I use my intuition to choose beads, talismans, outdoor objects etc., so I can support you in expressing your deepest devotions and desires. I also needlefelt mystical dolls who bring magic, strength, humor, and inspiration to those the dolls are made for. The dolls are created around a curated medicine bundle with wool and treasures from the woods. Dolls and rosaries are prayers in fiber and beads and they are powerful. Supporting others in their personal and creative journeys gives me great joy.

Jennifer DeVille Catalano 

I am a pray-er. A few years after my mom’s sudden death in 1999, I escaped the ivory tower of academia and relocated to a Greek island. Thus began a long and labyrinthine trust walk with The Infinite which ultimately led me home to the US for a deep dive into motherhood, marriage, and the experiential reality that everything is vibration. My spiritual path has gradually evolved into a beautiful mystery of embodied awakening. Using my sacred senses, I pray in morphic fields and play in fields of wildflowers.  I am honored to dovetail my advanced training in Ancestral Clearing and Forgiveness with the magic of Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls while holding a space of deep love and devotion in which people can release energetic burdens and re-member their innate wholeness and holiness as we walk this Witch Sequence labyrinth together in the Theatre of the Miraculous.

Kahu Lāhela Johnson

I am a native Hawaiian spiritual healing guide from Hawaiʻi, on the island of Oʻahu. I lead a practice of healing through forgiveness that I co-created with my guides called Hana I Ka Pono. This practice helps you cleanse, clear, and release connections to past hurt, pain, trauma, old beliefs, and patterns that block you from stepping into your power, speaking your truth, and owning your sovereignty and your gifts. This practice also releases you from multi-generational pain and suffering. Profound change, healing, clarity, balance, harmony, inner peace, and a sense of lightness and connectedness result from daily practice, reminding you that you are not separate from Source, but that you are an integral cell within the body of the whole.