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My Soul Pages is so very different from a standard blank journal. At the beginning, you’ll read a welcome from the voice and a few pages of instruction from Janet including the all-important seven steps to get into theta.

On the pages that would be blank in an ordinary journal, you will find a wealth of heart-opening quotes from mystical poetry and great teachers scattered in the left-hand pages and quotes from Writing Down Your Soul on the upper right hand of the right hand pages. Deep soul writers around the world have said that they’ll be writing away on a particular issue or concern, turn the page, and burst out laughing. Because there’s their answer!

Janet Conner has been writing down her soul since 1997. She has written in journals of every possible size and discovered that 7” x 9” is ideal. Something smaller doesn’t give your hand and arm room to let loose, and anything larger is cumbersome on the lap. She has written in expensive leather journals, pretty mid-priced journals, inexpensive sketch pads, cheap high school composition books, and sometimes some rather odd offerings in the reject bin. She’s written on legal pads in the doctor’s office and fast food napkins in the carline. After years of writing in journals, she’s figured out what works best for soul writers. And Conari Press has given her the opportunity to design journals to enhance deep soul writing.

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Deep Soul Writing in the Mystic is Available On-Demand.

Deep Soul Writing in the Mystic

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