The Story Behind Praying at the Speed of Love

Janet went to bed a writer and woke a prayer artist. And everything changed.

The Conversation

In this inaugural episode, Janet tells the story of going to bed a writer and waking up a prayer artist. The story, it turns out, actually started long before that fateful day. Listen as Janet goes from saying the rosary at 7, dropping religion at 19, to desperately seeking a spiritual life for her three-year-old, who asked a startling, life-changing question.

The Person

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, and author of 7 books including the bestseller, Writing Down Your Soul. In her surprising new role as a prayer artist, Janet is redefining prayer, writing a new genre of prayer, creating prayer videos, and offering focused prayer intensives. Meet Janet at

The Prayer Action: Help Create This Podcast

You are the heart, the soul, the life blood of this new kind of podcast covering a pretty radical new topic: prayer beyond patriarchy. Your questions and experiences will shift Praying at the Speed of Love from a series of conversations with famous authors into a vibrant soul community sharing their own personal experiences with prayer.

So, after you listen to episode 1, please join our special Facebook group, “Praying at the Speed of Love community.” What topics, questions, or issues with prayer would you love to hear Janet and her guests explore? Got a great guest idea? Share it.

Be sure to click on Prayer Bag #1 and get your first gift. Share your experiences with this prayer in the community, too. See you there

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