Episode 2: Emma Kupu Mitchell

From praying in a cathedral in England to communing with sacred land in Hawaii

The Conversation

How does a girl go from praying The Book of Common Prayer in an Anglican cathedral in York England to a woman who hears the call of the sacred land of Hawaii? In this conversation, we get to witness a soul falling in love with sound and its healing powers. And then we get to experience those powers through the practice of humming.

The Person

Emma Kupu Mitchell has so many mystical talents, Janet christened her a “Soul Essence Alignment Artist.” Her arts include Plant Medicine, Depth Numerology, Elemental Astrology, Sound Healing, and more. In addition to creating all the sacred anointing oils for Janet’s prayer intensives, she is co-teaching The Moon and Me in 2019. Emma also co-created the “Awakened Woman Self Care” podcast.  Meet Emma at https://www.emmakupumitchell.com/

The Prayer Action: Practice the Vibration of Humming

Did you ever think of humming as a mystical practice? I never did. But I do now. Experiment with Emma’s process and then come share your experience with our Praying at the Speed of Love facebook community. Emma will be there, happy to hear your stories and answer your questions.

Humming practice

  1. Make sure your nose is open and mouth closed
  2. Get comfortable in your chair with feet flat on the floor
  3. Close your eyes and center yourself with 3 gentle breaths
  4. Create a simple hum. Repeat this hum for 3-5 minutes
  5. Remain in the silence, noticing where you feel vibration in your body
  6. Slowly open your eyes with a soft gaze
  7. Breathe and wiggle your toes and fingers
  8. Drink water because water holds the frequency of the sound

Don’t forget to click on Prayer Bag #2 and get your gift of sacred sound of the crystal bowls from Emma.

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