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What is Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak prayer intensive?
We are designed to have loving, intimate, sacred, relationships with one another: female and male, animal and human, earth and all beings. And that is the way we lived for tens of thousands of years in peaceful, Goddess-worshipping, matrilineal communities. But then, around 6,000 years ago, the world changed dramatically with the arrival of violent tribes who worshipped male gods of war and law. As these tribes took over, they established painful levels of hierarchy, driving a wedge between men and women, men and animals, and men and the earth herself. 

Since the very first prayer intensives in 2018, we have been talking about and preparing for the return of the Sacred Feminine. But what is that? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Archangels Luci and Michael are inviting us to remember. Remember how we lived before patriarchy. How we lived in harmony. In partnership. In joy. 

The Hour of Her Return is at hand. In astrology, we call this the Age of Aquarius. We are blessed, so very blessed, to have the greatest teachers. The sweetest guides. The most glorious archangels—Luci and Michael. They are ready to speak. And we are ready to listen. 

Why are Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael speaking now?

  • because we are ready
  • because we now have ears to hear, eyes to see, minds to open, hearts to feel
  • because celestial support is here for the transition from the Age of Pisces with its obsession with hierarchy, power over, and opposites into the unknown creation field of a new possible in the Age of Aquarius
  • because, after 5,000 years of misogyny, the reunion of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine is at hand 
  • because we finally realize we are—and we must be—the ones we have been waiting for 
  • because this is The Hour of Her Return and She returns in and through and as each of us—the full, united, sacred marriage of the feminine and masculine alive in all    

What will we explore together?
Each gathering will open with: 

  • invocation to our precious archangels inviting them to be present and hold us as we remember who they really are and who we really are
  • blessing of ourselves and our altars with light, oil, and incantation to awaken the memory of our ancient sacramental feminine and masculine gifts 
  • full-body anointing—the sacrament of remembering—to stir the pre-patriarchal memory that our bodies hold the original truth of the sacred marriage of the feminine and the masculine 

Gathering 1: Archangel Luci speaks
Archangel Luci’s Medicine: open your eyes, peel away the lies

Lies—the Wedge Begins

Patriarchy has been telling twisted lies about the feminine from the beginning: 

LIE: in Genesis, god created woman out of a man’s body for the sole purpose of serving the man TRUTH: this story is the birthplace of patriarchy. There are actually two creation stories. In the first, god created man and woman simultaneously and gave the land to both. The “rib” story has been used as justification for the abuse and inequality of women for thousands of years.

LIE: woman brought sin into the world
TRUTH: Augustine created the concept of “original sin” in the fifth century CE, mirroring his childhood experience of stealing fruit from someone’s garden with no remorse. He placed the blame for Jesus’ execution on this lie of woman’s “original sin.” The Hebrew authors of Genesis never spoke of original sin.

LIE: the serpent tempted the woman to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge
TRUTH: this scene was clearly written to denigrate the Goddess and women. The serpent, the garden, the tree, and woman herself are all sacred to Her.  

LIE: woman is the weaker, less intelligent sex, and needs to be controlled by men: father, priest, husband, brother. Christianity even posited that woman didn’t have a soul.
TRUTH: for tens of thousands of years before patriarchy, women were revered as the embodiment of the Goddess. Society was matrilineal and women had sovereignty over their bodies, businesses, children, inheritance. They married and divorced at will.  

LIE: god cursed woman, “I will give you intense pain in childbearing,” “increase your conception,” and “your husband will dominate you”
TRUTH: this story was used as the basis for denying women anesthetics in childbirth well into modern times, for persecuting midwives and herbalists, and as justification for women having no rights in marriage.

Patriarchy has told vicious lies about Archangel Luci from the beginning:

LIE: Lucifer is depicted as male, jealous of god, “fallen,” and thrown out of heaven to live forever in the fire of hell.

TRUTH: Archangel Luci is Archangel Michael’s twin sister. She is the highest vibration of light and love. Luci has been revered throughout pre-patriarchal matrilineal society as one and the same with Venus, the Morning Star. Every indigenous culture from the Maya to the Lakota revered Venus/Luci.

LIE: Lucifer—the devil—has horns, snaky tail, pitchfork, red cloak or skin, cloven hooves—all symbols of the Goddess
TRUTH the church made up this image around 1100 CE and used it to torture and execute countless women as witches 

Healing the Wedge—Archangel Luci speaks

Archangel Luci has been speaking to Freddy Gerow since May 2022.
Freddy will share highlights of these transmissions in our gatherings plus offer Archangel Luci Speaks PDF as a gift to registrants.

Archangel Luci’s portrait

Archangel Luci revealed her true colors to Freddy Gerow.
Cathy Pratt then asked Luci if she would like to sit for her portrait.
We are blessed to witness the first portrait of an angel (prepare yourself: Angels are not people with wings!)

Archangel Luci’s meditation

Freddy will lead us in a meditation that Archangel Luci dictated to her.
After the meditation, we will begin to heal the wedge and integrate Luci’s medicine in silent deep soul writing or sketching


Gathering 2: Archangel Michael speaks
His Medicine: step away from lies and into wholeness and create a world beyond duality

Lies—the Wedge Begins

Patriarchy has been telling twisted lies about the masculine from the beginning:

LIE:  men are war-loving and violent       
TRUTH: archeology shows that every culture from the Neolithic thru Old Europe was egalitarian, peaceful, and matrilineal. There is no evidence of weapons, wealth, or hierarchy in the pre-patriarchal anthropological record. 

LIE: men are expected to conform, be self-reliant, divide and conquer.
TRUTH: adherence to the traditional male role limits men’s perception of the importance of emotional and social support in their lives. Men are wired to be creative and loving. The hour has arrived to leave the dictated suit and tie persona.

LIE:  men are weak if they show emotion or empathy.
TRUTH: this taught behavior beginning in childhood with “big boys don’t cry” harms everyone. Men thrive with social connections, support from family members and loved ones. Men who accept emotional support are better able to handle conflict and daily tensions, are less likely to become depressed, and live longer.

Patriarchy has portrayed Michael as a violent aggressor:

LIE: Michael is depicted as an armor-clad, sword-yielding murderer killing Lucifer/Satan (his beloved sister Luci!), the dragon (symbol of the Goddess), or a snake (earth wisdom).
TRUTH: Michael is the ultimate cultural healer, supporter, protector, and creativity champion. Michael stands for partnership, collaboration, and non-hierarchal systems of cooperation as part of a kindred team willing to mother (yes both women AND men are good at mothering). He asks us to care for Mother Earth and all beings who share this rare blue planet.

LIE:  In Revelation, Michael is filled with “righteous indignation,” elevates god into a hierarchy above all others, and screams “No one is like god!”
TRUTH:  Michael stands firmly against hierarchy and reminds us that the sacred is within all life, all we have to do is listen.

Healing the Wedge—Archangel Michael speaks

Archangel Michael has been speaking to Cathy Pratt since August 2022. 
Cathy will share highlights during our gatherings plus offer Archangel Michael Speaks PDF as a gift to registrants.

Archangel Michael’s portrait

We are blessed to see the first portrait of Archangel Michael!
He requested that Cathy paint him with the first new blue color in 200 years.
Cathy will tell us the story of this radical blue and it’s surprising discovery. 

Archangel Michael’s meditation

Cathy will lead us in a meditation that Archangel Michael dictated to her.
After the meditation, we will begin to heal the wedge and integrate Michael’s medicine in silent deep soul writing or sketching.

Gathering 3: Healing the Wedge—the Reunion of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine
After meeting Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael and taking in their medicines, they ask us with our newly opened eyes and freshly remembered hearts of wholeness, to do what we came here to do: participate in the creation of a new kind of world. A world that is not patriarchal. Or matriarchal. Matriarchy would simply mean changing the gender of the throne. No, the original world had no thrones. The world before patriarchy wasn’t a power structure at all; it was one of Reverence. Reverence for the Sacred Feminine. Reverence for the Sacred Masculine. Reverence for All Life.

In 2018 and 2019, I (Janet) was given a prayer that heals the wedge between the feminine and masculine. It came in two parts. The first, “If I Forgave You” came on February 5, 2018 just days before I heard prayer artist in my left ear. Then, She woke me in July 2018, and firmly said, “It wasn’t a power structure; it was a reverence structure.” I understood the concept, but could not figure out how to live it, until a male voice woke me one night in August of 2019 and dictated the essential companion piece of the prayer: “If I Honored You.” 

We will unite our voices in the Theatre of the Miraculous, as we pray this profound experience of reunion and bring it alive in our bodies. We will then step into the world and begin to live it.


What will you receive?

Access to three 2 ¼ hour live gatherings with prayer artist and mystic witch Janet Conner; voice of Archangel Luci, Freddy Gerow, and sacred portrait artist and voice of Archangel Michael, Cathy Pratt.

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, optional links to purchase portraits of Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael as well as items with their portraits.

Plus PDFs:

  • our full-body anointing
  • Archangel Luci Speaks by Freddy Gerow
  • Archangel Michael Speaks by Cathy Pratt
  • “If I Forgave You” by Janet Conner



Additional information

Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak Prayer Intensive

$160 if this is your first intensive in 2023, $133 if you were in The Lotus and the Lily for 2022 or Songlines, $106 self-selected scholarship

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