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What is The Return of the Witches?

The Return of the Witches is an unprecedented mystical exchange with witches of the past to help us heal our witch wounds in the present. Unconscious memories of their terrors are stored in our bodies, our cells, our very DNA. Those tendrils surface as anxiety, body shame, perfectionism, self-doubt, relationships fraught with misunderstanding and distrust, and the gnawing sense that no matter what we do, we’re not enough. These witch wound undercurrents prevent us from loving the body we’re in, saying what needs to be said, being fully present in our relationships, expressing our true wild creativity, and asking for and receiving our most sacred desires.

How can we heal these old buried wounds? We begin by gathering in sacred ceremony and inviting 13 abused and condemned women across three thousand years and half the globe to return and tell us their stories. As we give them the gift of being heard and seen, they give us the gift of finding the strength to heal ourselves, and the courage to transform our anti-feminine, anti-body, anti-Goddess world into one filled with reverence for all.


What will you receive?

Invitations to all 18 recorded gatherings.

Access to a password-protected resource page filled with recordings of all gatherings in both video and audio formats; bonus videos with all our prayer guides, artists, and musicians. To help you get closer to each witch and explore her story, material about and for each witch will be introduced each week, including a video with her champion, a Praying at the Speed of Love podcast episode, a PDF info sheet, bibliography and resources, and a finger labyrinth designed by Kimberly Saward of Labyrinthos just for that witch.

Prayer videos include:

  • Pre-patriarchal Goddess rosary with Perdita Finn
  • What is Ho‘oponopono? and How do we pray Ho’oponopono to free the witch, ourselves and the perpetrators? with Kahu Lahela Johnson
  • How Somatic Writing helps us heal our witch wounds with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein
  • Mystic Family Call, Witch Circle, and Anointing practice with Janet Conner
  • “Seven Steps to Get into Theta” on how to drop into the theta brainwave state with Janet Conner based on her book, Writing Down Your Soul, plus Theta Music
  • How to listen on a finger labyrinth with Kimberly Saward

Artist videos include:

  • “The Oil of Her Return” Sacred Anointing Oil with Emma Kupu Mitchell, who received clear direction on this oil from Mary Magdalene with an optional link to order
  • “The Return of the Witches” painting reveal and slide show with Lori Sweet with a link to order a print
  • “A Witches Rosary” bone-bead chaplet with Geralyn Camarillo with an optional link to order
  • “Hyldemoer of Wyrd” needle felt witch doll with Polly Paton-Brown

Plus videos with our musicians and more!

Because sharing is such an important element in this healing pilgrimage, membership in a private Facebook discussion group is offered (optional).


$222 for On Demand

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The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage

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