7 Steps to Get into Theta

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I recorded this 45-minute video because this is the process that makes all the difference in your writing practice. These seven simple steps are the keys to transcending traditional journaling and activating your own extraordinary voice of guidance, wisdom, and grace on the page. All that happens when you exit conscious mind and enter the theta brain wave state. Journaling can only take you as far as the alpha brain wave. That’s not a bad thing. You can do some lovely self-reflection in alpha, but to access divine mind, breakthrough thinking, and true creativity, you want to be in theta.

You can view the video or download it. There’s also a Seven Steps to Get Into Theta .pdf. Print it out, stick it in your journal, and glance at it the first few times you soul write to help you remember the seven steps. You will also find a review of these seven steps in the opening pages of My Soul Pages, the companion journal to Writing Down Your Soul and in My Life Pages, the companion journal for The Lotus and The Lily.


And here’s a gift—a short video that explains the three things that happen when we write at the soul level.

Three Things Happen

Would you like to put your soul writing into practice? Deep soul writing is the foundational practice for all my intensives. Take one or join me for a live prayer event.

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