A Winter Solstice Prayer

Last Sunday I spoke about how sacred December is for me. Every year, December ushers something in, something I’m not expecting or requesting. It has happened so often that I am certain that Something else guides each of my new beginnings. Something Sacred. Something Wise. Something most Holy.

My job is simply to prepare.
Prepare and then stay open to receive.

One step in my preparation for the gift of December is to pick up The Path of the Spiritual Sun: Celebrating the Solstices & Equinoxes by Belsebuub (Mark Pritchard) and reread Chapter Five “The Spiritual Meaning of the Winter Solstice.”

I love to read this book during the first week of December, wrapped in a warm blanket, a journal on my lap, and thermos of hot coffee beside me.

As with all true mystical companions, something happens every time.

An idea, an awareness, an image flies off the page and lands in my heart, opening me a bit deeper to embrace and integrate a divine truth.

One of the big AHA truths for me is that the story of divine incarnation is universal. It’s in all traditions. It’s in our DNA.

Read this slowly and notice what happens to your heart.

“The birth of a divine child at the winter solstice has formed a central part of spiritual beliefs throughout the world since the beginning of history—in ancient Egypt as the birth of Horus, the birth of Mithras in Persia, the birth of Jesus at Christmas, the birth of the divine Son at Alban Arthan of the Druids, etc. These celebrations have tapped into a universal spiritual principle that is just as relevant now as it was then.

They speak to us of a mysterious and universal understanding of spiritual transformation. All things which come into being must first be born. Even as creation was borne by the great Mother of the universe, so too must we be born of the spirit to become spirit. The winter solstice is a celebration of being ‘born again’—not of flesh, but of the spirit. It’s a celebration of the birth of the spiritual Son, the Christ, within a person’s consciousness in the process of awakening.”

These two paragraphs always send me into deep soul writing with huge, expansive questions.

Take any of these that call to you into your own deep soul writing and reflection.

  • What am I celebrating this winter solstice?
  • What is being born again, once more, in and through and as me in 2019?
  • What is awakening in me?
  • What divine child or gift am I bringing into our world?
  • What is my sacred story in 2019?

You do not have to know the answers to these questions. You can’t really. Because the story has to unfold throughout 2019.

But you can prepare yourself. You can open your heart. You can call for divine guidance.

When I wrote this prayer in December 2014, I thought I was writing a lovely prayer to help me create my mandala for 2015. I had no conscious awareness of just how powerful this prayer is.

I did not know I was inviting the divine feminine to enter my heart and transform my life.

But that’s exactly what happened.

I’ve said this prayer every single day since. I say it right before I eat dinner. I say it with oomph and without fail it renews my spirit and transforms whatever happened that day into joy.

I offer it to you, not as a prayer to memorize, but as a template to write your own prayer asking to be a strong container for the divine child being born in and through and as you this winter solstice.

Prayer of a Strong Container

Bless One. We are One.

I ask to be a Strong Container for the life that wants to be lived in and through and as me in 2015-16-17-18-19-20—and beyond.

That life is Your life—Our life.
And so, I ask to be a Strong Container.

And I can. And I will. And I AM
because We are the Strong Container
for the whole and holy, thrilling life
flowing in and through and as Us.

Bless our Holy Container!

This is not a prayer to take lightly. It opens the doors in your heart to the sacred life that wants to be lived in and through and as you.

Those doors have flown open in my heart and ushered in Prayer Artist. And Prayer Artist is changing everything.

Right now, Amy Isaman, my web designer, is building a whole new website for me as a prayer artist. I will be inviting you to see it the week of Christmas. Here are just a few of the new divine babies I’m putting into the world in 2019. You might want to save the dates. I’ll let you know when you can register.

  • 5th annual Astrology Forecast with Dr Michael Lennox–January 5
  • Your 3 Fields in 2019—prayer intensive to create the landscape, prayerscape and bodyscape that will sustain you throughout 2019, with Emma Kupu Mitchell, January 12, 19, 26
  • The Creation Choir—global prayer community praying together to seed more Love in the world opening Feb 3
  • The Goddess Forgives. My Body Heals—Ho‘oponopono prayer intensive with Kahu Lahela Johnson, Feb 11, 18, 25

to becoming a strong container for a divine incarnation,  


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