Episode 32: Perdita Finn

It’s been 9 months since the last show. And it’s not Covid’s fault. Or is it?

In this episode, you’ll discover what happened last August that brought the show to a screeching halt, why Janet is proud to embrace the once-terrifying label “witch,” and who Joan of Arc—the greatest witch of all time—might have been.

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Episode 31: Clark Strand

Image of Clark Strand and Perdita Finn

This is a conversation like any other on Praying at the Speed of Love. Because the conversation isn’t really with Clark Strand. It’s with Ma Kali herself. And she’s quite the conversationalist!

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Episode 26: Robert Corman

Robert Corman

Meander through a mystical forest hand-in-hand with a wise and warm guide. Guest Robert Corman introduces us to a few of those guides and leaves us hungry for more, much more.

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Episode 23: Mark Nepo

Image of Mark Nepo

In this intimate conversation, Mark invites us to feel what he felt singing the Torah and experience his grandmother’s living presence in a dream. There is wonder in every moment of this sacred conversation.

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