How are you going to come alive in 2018?

I drive two hours every Thursday to attend a devotional yoga practice that activates the divine feminine. Even I think it’s a crazy commitment, but Kali Natha Yoga is an essential element in my mystical life.

Last Thursday, the beauty and wonder of this yoga opened me to a cosmic experience. I’d like to share this story with you in the hope that it opens something in you, too.

Yoga, like all mystical practices, crosses the threshold Rumi describes so eloquently:

“People are going back and forth
across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.”

There are many ways to cross that threshold: deep soul writing first and foremost, but also praying, meditating, deep-soul reading, waking in the morning, taking a shower, driving….

Anytime we slip into the theta brain wave state, we access the invisible realms—The Fields of the Soul. The fields of wonder. Of creativity. Of astonishment. Of peace. Of knowing. Of love.

Theta is the door. And training yourself to slip into theta is the core practice in all my books and courses.

Savasana is the final pose in yoga. You rest face up on the floor, legs and arms splayed out, not thinking, not exactly meditating, not doing anything really.

From day one in yoga, I was told that savasana is the most important pose, because as you lie still everything that happened in the active movements gets integrated into your being.

Savasana is the whole point of yoga.

Now, I confess, I don’t know what gets integrated or how it gets integrated, but I always look forward to crashing on the floor. And often, big ideas arrive unbidden and I jot them on a yellow pad when savasana ends. Yes, I take a yellow pad to yoga.

Because once you have trained yourself to slip into theta in deep soul writing, that round door stays wide open.

Let me set the stage for what happened. Looking back I see that it was the fruit of four big seeds.

I’ve been reading Michael Lennox’s daily Astro Alerts for a year and opening to an awareness that the stars and planets and moon are alive and in conversation with one another and with us.

Last November, Michael wrote about Jupiter entering Scorpio and staying there throughout 2018, calling us to expand into our spiritual fullness. The last time Jupiter entered Scorpio was 2005-2006. Michael said that what happened that year is now expanding.

Well, I became a writer in 2006 and this year I’m writing the biggest book of my life, The Unified Field of Prayer, so I pasted a picture of Jupiter on an image of the new book on my wall.

Seed 1: Jupiter

The next seeds were planted in an angel guidance conversation on December 31 with Margo Mastromarchi.

I woke the night before Solstice clearly hearing “Sophia’s Voice,” and knew I was being given the name of my Mandala for 2018. The call to be Sophia’s Voice is bigger than any call I’ve ever received. So I turned to the angels for divine guidance.

I began by asking them why I was so quiet and still in December. They said it was “preparation for change, the preparation of the energy that needs to come through you.”

Seed 2: Preparation

I asked if there was anything I should be doing to enhance my preparation. They said. “It’s is not for you to do. It is only to allow.”

Seed 3: Allow

I told them I saw a gold mobius strip floating in the middle of my mandala with the words: Sophia sings and I becomeI sing and Sophia becomes. The words flowing back and forth across the gold ribbon felt very holy, but I needed to know if this was really true. I asked, “Is the Divine singing us into existence? Is this how creation happens?”

Their answer may burst a few theological bubbles: “It’s all of the heavens, that’s encompassing, it’s all. It’s all singing everything into existence. Everything is God. Don’t separate it. All that is, together, is bringing everything into existence. And it’s a beautiful Voice.”

Seed 4: No Separation

Are you as astonished by this as I am? All of creation creates! I am a part of all of creation so that means I’m not a passive recipient of creation—created by a Creator (as most spiritual traditions teach)—I actively participate. I create and am created by all that is.

Do you see where this is going under the loving hands of Jupiter, Preparation, Allowing, and the cosmic reality of No Separation?

Here’s what happened.

We had a vigorous asana embodying Durga (the goddess with eight arms holding eight impressive weapons). We held our arms and hands rigid, like swords, and sliced through obstacles between us and the life we’re here to live. I got into it and sliced through the bugaboos between me and The Unified Field of Prayer: doubt, fear, worry, and lack.

I cut them to smithereens!

Then, it was time for savasana.

I laid down. Notepad beside me. Closed my eyes. Nothing happened. It was a savasana like any other. I wasn’t thinking anything. I just was.

Until I noticed something above me and to the left. Oh! It was Jupiter. Large, striped, orangy-tan in color. Tiny specs of starlight sparkled all around him. I looked at him. And then I realized he was looking at me.

And in a cosmic flash, less than a milli-second, I knew what “no separation” means.

This is impossible to put into words. This is the best I can do:

I realized I am Jupiter and Jupiter is me. Jupiter is not a planet floating in space. Jupiter is alive. And talking to me, loving me, teaching me, creating me. And I am talking to him, loving him, teaching him, creating him. I am Sophia and Sophia is me. Sophia is not a separate Goddess. She is all life moving in and through and as me. I am Mother Earth and Mother Earth is me. I am you and you are me. We are all connected and all creating one another in every moment.

I did not want savasana to end. I wanted to lie on my mat forever in love with Jupiter.

When Ramani, our instructor, called us back to reality, I wrote a few words on my notepad and drove home in wonder. I ate something to get back into my body and went to bed.

That night was unlike any I’ve ever had.

I smiled all night. I know because I semi-woke several times and realized I was smiling, even grinning. On top of that, all night long I sang love songs to myself, to Jupiter, to Sophia, to you, to all of us. I was so happy, but it was a happiness that transcends anything the word “happiness” conveys.

When I tried to tell Michael Lennox what happened I couldn’t find the words. Michael just laughed. “Bliss!” he said. “You fell through words into bliss!”

On Friday morning, I asked Sophia in deep soul writing to help me understand what happened. She nudged me to pick up Thomas Merton: A Book of Hours.

I opened to a passage I’ve read many times, but never quite understood:

“There is in our hearts and in the very ground of our being a natural certainty which is co-extensive with our very existence: a certainty that says insofar as we exist, we are penetrated through and through with the sense and reality of God even though we may be utterly unable to believe or experience this in philosophic or even religious terms.”

And then,

“If you dare to penetrate your own silence and risk the sharing of that solitude with the lonely other who seeks God through you, then you will truly recover the light and the capacity to understand what is beyond words and beyond explanation because it is too close to be explained: it is the intimate union in the depths of your own heart, of God’s spirit and your own secret inmost self, so that you and He are in all truth One Spirit.”

I wish I could bring you all with me into savasana and experience a cosmic breakthrough. And I can. Or rather, deep soul writing can.

Because soul writing is the foundational practice that trains you to find that round open door and experience the theta brain wave state.

All mystical experiences happen in theta. All creativity happens in theta. All cosmic breakthroughs happen in mystical theta.

Thanks to Sophia’s Voice, the wisdom of the angels, and my cosmic encounter with Jupiter, I am called to dramatically improve the Writing Down Your Soul course.

  • I’m adding a Saturday afternoon gathering to talk about an array of ways to access theta. 
  • I’m recording 4 new videos on creating sacred space, weaving deep soul reading into your deep soul writing, learning to enter theta without writing at all, and a video about how soul writing alters your relationship with time. 
  • I’ll also explain the natural process of change and how soul writing leads you to recognize and release your constrictions so you can expand and embody more light.
  • I’m also going to send the full transcript of my private conversation with the angels to members of the course because it’s the richest single mystical document I know. 
  • And despite all the additions, the tuition is not going up.

I hope you realize by now that deep soul writing is not, in the end, actually about writing at all!

Deep soul writing is an invitation.

An invitation to find the round open door in your heart, cross that threshold, and explore the fields of soul to find and fall in love with the mystic who is you.

Writing Down Your Soul LIVE course.

to exploring the fields of the soul…together,


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