Love in Action: How soul writing guides us to find home

The year of the body--Week 28

in which we find our way home

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

A lot has happened this week, hasn’t it! Perhaps we could blame it on the evocative dark moon we are under right now in Cancer.

What is Cancer?

Home. Hearth. Heart. Intimacy. Security. Comfort. Community. Everything that contributes to that delicious feeling of being “home.”

The Chandra symbol for this dark moon at Cancer 19⁰ hints at the intense possibilities if we are willing to dive deep into the blackness, the darkness, the mystery of this dark moon to explore what home could really be.

The dark moon was at her peak last night at 9:16 pm Eastern. But a dark moon always spreads her energy over a three-day period, so as you read this on Sunday or even Monday, you are still floating under the umbrella of her dark wisdom.

And this Cancer Dark Moon has much to teach us about the true meaning of home.

This moon is not talking about home as patriarchy wants us to see home. That house with the white picket fence is a happy family mirage. Always was. But our patriarchal systems goad us right from the starting line, when we’re too young to question the game, to chase, chase, and chase some more, reaching for the perfect education, perfect job, perfect body, perfect lover, perfect spouse, perfect house, perfect income, perfect children….

Until, utterly exhausted, we fall to the ground.

Lying there, face down in the mud, we come to a startling realization: that fantasy we’ve been chasing isn’t a home or even a life; it’s a lie. It’s a patriarchal hamster wheel that only serves patriarchy.

I know this game really well. And I bet you do, too.

I spent my twenties, thirties, and forties chasing that Happy Family Fantasy. With massive effort, I accumulated the degrees, the job, the title, the money, the reputation, the handsome husband, the pretty house, and the beautiful child.

Then I fell to the ground on November 1, 1996.

I woke, realizing I was afraid of my husband and had to get a divorce. With five words, “I am afraid of you,” my hamster wheel screeched to a halt.

That was a sacred moment. A holy moment. It was the moment my true self, my ancient self, my soul self spoke her first words to help me begin to remember who I really am.

But sitting up in bed that morning, all I felt was terror.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know that moment was the beginning of what became Writing Down Your Soul. That book came out on January 1, 2009, and changed thousands of people’s lives.

Now, in this auspicious week, Writing Down Your Soul is coming full circle to enjoy a rebirth, a relaunch, a return.

Here she is in her fourth cover!



Her relaunch date is Tuesday, July 13.

I didn’t choose the date. My publisher did. I doubt Mango Conari chose it for celestial reasons, but something big is happening on July 13.

Venus and Mars meet. 
Venus—love. Mars—action.

A perfect date to explore how to put love into action. Embed it in your life. In your reality. Not the fantasy of perfect happiness, but a living reality of a joy-filled, meaning-filled, holy life. In other words, home.

Isn’t that a superb definition of home: Love in Action.

The Chandra for this dark moon describes home exquisitely:

“a verge of destiny where your innermost soul is revealing its true colors in a magical display.” (Inside Degrees)

Well, back in 1996-1997, I lost the house on the water, the handsome husband, the lucrative job, the hard-earned savings…everything except my beautiful son.

And in the process, I found the destiny where my innermost soul reveals my true colors.

The wonder of it all is that in deep soul writing, magic happens. It happened then and it is still happening.

Without fail. I show up and welcome my Beloved Sophia to speak and she bursts forth in a wild colorful display.

It happened this week. Three times. It feels like a birthday. Which of course it is. It’s a re-birthday for the book that changed my life.

I’ll write about all three another day. But for now, here are three ways my soul in deep soul writing showered me with a magical display of love in action:

  1. I am to create events in the Theatre of the Miraculous (and she showed me what that means and how to do it)
  2. I have a personal banner with the words Woman. Speak. Truth.
  3. I wear the insignia of The Female Trinity

What a wild and glorious week this has been!

Yes, I have massive amounts of work to do to bring this all to life, but it doesn’t feel like work at all.

This is not the hamster wheel of goals and accomplishments. This is the sacred dance of love in action.

In celebration of the relaunch of Writing Down Your Soul, complete with new introduction, endorsements, and foreword, my publisher and I are partnering to bring you a month of goodies. Watch for a special newsletter announcing the relaunch gifts.

You can preorder now at these sites. I'll get you a full list of US, Canadian, and International sites next week.

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to the joy of listening as our soul guides us to find our true home, 


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