the radical power of 16 leads the way on our pilgrimage

Note: (From Notes in the Field, published 4/12/2020) I think it’s not an accident that today is Easter, commemorating a sacred transformation of love from death to life.

At the same time Passover is ending, honoring an incredibly difficult pilgrimage of an enslaved people walking in faith and trust toward freedom.

And Ramadan is coming, an intense month of fasting, spiritual reflection, and prayer.

It’s rare that all three sacred celebrations converge. But then, it’s even rarer to have a world sequestered in a pandemic. 


Ready or not, we are all in pilgrimage now.

I am listening deeply to the how and the why of this sacred time.

The pilgrimage gave me its name: Radical Pilgrimage of Transformation.

And how to move through it. And even its special anointing prayer. All of which I am capturing in daily deep soul writing to share with you in these Notes from the Field and in upcoming special events and the next live prayer intensives.

My awareness of this quarantine time as a sacred pilgrimage began when I heard several epidemiologists say it will take 16 weeks for the virus to peak and decline.

No one knows if that number is correct, or exactly when the 16 weeks started, or when it will end.

But the number 16 bears great significance.

Look at it. 16 reduces to 7. So the wisdom of 16 points the way to reach the vibration of divinity.

Sixteen is one of 4 numbers that Pythagoras identified as karmic.

In The Secret Science of Numerology, a book dear to all depth numerologists' hearts, Shirley Blackwell Lawrence writes:

“There is a need for all karmic numbers (13,14,16, 19) to develop spiritual side of the nature. That is a strong loving force that balances out all negative conditions.” 

Specifically, about 16 she writes,

“It corresponds with the 16th Tarot: the Lightning Struck Tower, equating with sudden experiences, losses, and accidents.”

Well now. Isn’t that a perfect description of where we are right now!

She goes on to provide the antidote to the initial gasp of fear we feel upon seeing the 16 tower burst into flames and crumble to the ground:

“The bearer of this number can overcome anything through silence and meditation, qualities of the 7. This number shows a talent for speaking, singing, writing, performing. The 7 is the professional, a number of ideals and values. Words that vibrate to 16/7 are altar, book, plan, solo, value, you.”

That last sentence sounds like a list of things to carry on our pilgrimage, don’t you think?

  • make a home altar
  • soul write in what will turn out to be the most important journal of your life
  • slowly allow a plan for a new way of living to emerge
  • name and embody the values you are here to express
  • and you. You. No one but you can do this. No one can walk your pilgrimage but you.

I perceive this 16-week pilgrimage as a precious opportunity:

  • to enter deeper and longer silence than our busy outside work lives allowed
  • speak with love—there isn’t room for meaningless chit chat, communication really matters now
  • sing chants and songs—singing is great for lifting the spirit and expanding the lungs
  • deep soul write every day—this is so important that I am recording the book in video segments, details to come
  • perform acts of kindness and love that express your highest ideals and values.

What are your highest ideals and values?

Can you name them? Quickly and confidently? If not, this is the time to ask life-affirming and life-altering questions in deep soul writing:

  • What do I love?
  • What are my highest values?
  • Am I living in alignment with my values?
  • Knowing and claiming my values, how do I want to live from now on?
  • What is my role in creating a world that makes love visible for all?

I received the name, Radical Pilgrimage of Transformation, this week while doing my daily anointing.

I started my morning anointing using the prayer I received for the rosary intensive that just ended. But instead of saying, “I call upon the powers and spirits of myrrh to walk the radical path of the rosary with me…” I heard myself say, “I call upon the powers and spirits of myrrh to walk the Radical Pilgrimage of Transformation with me…”

And I knew YES, this is what it wants to be called.

So I finished anointing and headed outside for a morning of deep soul writing and reading. I wrote the name of the pilgrimage at the top of a page. Stared at it. And wondered, what’s the numerology?

Radical Pilgrimage of Transformation
30         61        12        66

Lots to take in here. And it seems to be telling one cohesive story.

30 = artistic self-expression—3 amplified by the divine presence and power of the 0

61 = well for starters, it’s the mirror of 16(!) and it stands for accomplishing a project (I find this comforting, we will walk through this pilgrimage) and it is a number overflowing with creativity guided by and infused with divine presence

12 = 3 the number of the divine child, the creation, the completion of the trinity—father, mother, child

66 = a new master number of “creative power”

This last one is particularly striking.

On the closing session of the special event on the virus with Dr Christine Page, depth numerologist Emma Kupu Mitchell talked about the new master numbers that are just now emerging on earth.

Unlike the previous master numbers (11,22,33, 44) that all reduce to a masculine even number, these new master numbers reduce to an odd number carrying feminine energy.

Emma specifically mentioned 66 (reduces to a 12/3) as a new vibration on the planet heralding the return of the divine feminine.

So when I saw the 66 as the numeric vibration of the key word transformation, I felt it was pointing toward what this entire quarantine-pilgrimage is really all about.

  • The tower of crusty old patriarchal systems that value winning and judgment and power, and makes suffering visible throughout the land, is crashing to the ground.
  • Yes, that’s frightening, but as the tower explodes, we have a most sacred opportunity to create a world that makes the values of truth and beauty and love and justice visible not for the few, but for all.

And then, to wrap it all up in Her unmistakable loving embrace, the numeric vibration of all 4 words adds up to—can this really be possible—a 16!

Whether you laugh or cry at that, it is an ancient vibratory confirmation of the sacred possibilities inherent in this pilgrimage.

The next major section in this pilgrimage is around the corner on May 5, when we are blessed to take a very deep dive into the divine feminine presence in the ancient mystical symbology of the Tree of Life.

Now there’s a tower that has crumbled to the ground.

After thousands of years of forbidding women to study this mystical teaching, women are now being ordained Rabbis, including the magnificent Tirzah Firestone.

I first met Tirzah when I fell in love with her new book, Wounds into Wisdom and invited her to be on Praying at the Speed of Love last year.

On that episode, Tirzah spoke with such beauty and devotion about the living presence of Shechinah, the name of the Divine Feminine in the Jewish tradition, that I asked her to please consider leading us in a prayer intensive on the Tree of Life.

We chose dates in May in part because she would be available in the midst of a national book tour AND because she really wanted to honor the divine feminine in HER month, the month of May.

We completed all our planning in early February before there was even a hint of a pandemic.

Yet here we are in utterly perfect timing.

The Tree of Life is a perfect mystical prayer practice for a pilgrimage of TRANSFORMATION.

We won’t be talking about the concepts of Kabbalah—that would leave us drifting in our well-trained thinking minds.

No, Rabbi Tirzah is going to take us deep into the mystical teachings so that we embody them.

Tirzah will help us open our middle channel—also known as the Sushumna or Chakras—and experience the living presence of the divine moving into our bodies so that creativity, expression, and even prophecy can move through us.

This just may be the deepest prayer intensive yet! And the perfect food for our pilgrimage walk.

Please watch the video Tirzah and I made just two days ago. We didn’t plan the content. She just said a prayer and I hit record. And one amazing thing after another came through us.

You can see and hear for yourself what a divine channel Tirzah is for the Voice of Shechinah, the Voice of radical Divine Feminine love, the love that will transform us.

As the famous movie quote said, "I want what she's having!"

We open on May 5. Got that! 5-5, another of the new feminine master numbers.

The Radical Path of Shechinah Revealed in the Tree of Life 

to walking this sacred pilgrimage led by a sacred woman who embodies the Divine Feminine and in the company of sacred companions 


PS: I can host 100 people and we've been that full in the last few events and intensives, so do please register as soon as you can.

The Radical Path of Shechinah 

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