Theta, soul writing, neural pathways, and you!

2022 the year we learn to listen to love

Week 35--in which we listen to the voices of animals, trees, rocks, and--why not--planets

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

It doesn’t seem possible, but as of this April, I’ve been listening to the voice of the Sacred Feminine on the pages of my soul writing journal for 25 years. Twenty-five years. Takes my breath away to type that number.

Although I’ve been showing up every day with a journal on my lap and asking for and following the guidance I receive, it took me several years to realize what a treasure I had uncovered. Then, a few more years to gather the courage to submit a proposal for Writing Down Your Soul. But submit it I did, and tens of thousands of you have read it and picked up a pen and discovered for yourself how simple and effective this mystical practice is.

For the manuscript, I knew how to convey how simple soul writing is in four steps: show up, open up, listen up, follow up.

But I had to quite a bit of research to try to find out WHY soul writing is so wildly effective. I dropped into psychology and neurobiology, which led me to the big magic: brainwaves.

My first stop was psychology with Dr James Pennebaker, who has been verifying the efficacy of writing for over 35 years. And Candace Pert, who discovered that your emotions are not in your brain or your heart, they’re in every cell of your body as neuropeptides. In other words, your entire body is a vibrant “brain”—a wildly flexible information network.

As I poured into their books, it became clearer and clearer that writing changes your life because it changes your ideas, your thinking, your body-brain.

The key words are “neural pathways” and “neural plasticity.” There’s a massive amount of science demonstrating that your brain is not a static organ; it’s wildly dynamic, and it responds to new ideas, especially new ideas in writing.

This research was all thrilling, but it wasn’t until I got into my 3rd scientific exploration into brainwaves, that I discovered why and how and when soul writing changes your life, your thinking, and your whole body-brain.

Brainwaves are magic. Or more specifically, the theta brainwave state is magic.

Theta is the doorway to break-through thinking, radical creativity, and real mystical experience.

I say real because we have been conditioned to link the word mysticism to religious faith. Some people have found faith-based practices that help them drop into The Mystic, but most find the regimental thinking of religion actually blocks the way.

When I say mystic, or The Mystic, or mysticism, I am miles away from anything dogma-driven.

When I say mystic, I am talking about the way humans—and all beings—are wired. The natural ability we all have to see and be seen, to hear and be heard. To connect and be connected.

Sometimes that’s with our eyes and ears, but eyes and ears perceive a miniscule fraction of the information flowing around us.

  • We know the human eye sees a tiny portion of the color spectrum. We don’t see what the bees see. Or owls. What else don’t we see?
  • We know our ears hear a tee-tiny range of available sound. We cannot hear what whales hear, or bats, or dogs. Did you know that elephants hear through their feet? They can hear what’s happening miles away.
  • And smell? They say our sense of smell can distinguish thousands of scents, especially smells linked to memories, but even so, our noses miss most of what’s happening in the world. Just ask a bear or a shark or your dog.
  • How about feel? Can you feel the leylines of the earth transmitting energy below your feet? Most of us wish we could but don’t know how. Can you feel the movement of a dousing stick indicating the presence of water? Very few can.

When I pause to consider all this…

  • When I visualize whales singing songs that whales 10,000 miles away can hear…
  • Or bees mysteriously perceiving the exact moment a flower is ready…
  • When I remember that indigenous peoples have always felt and followed the leylines of the earth…

I begin to see Mother Earth as a giant neural network, connecting all Her creatures, all her children—plant, animal, rock, insect, and human.

And I feel compelled to activate my theta-dropping mystical practice of soul writing and soul-listening and soul-seeing to discover if these connections work. And they do!

This is one of the great surprises of soul writing. Once you know how to activate a divine voice on the page, you can activate it anywhere. You can watch a grasshopper couple mating (as I did this week) and listen in for their wisdom. You can thank a snake sneaking into the grass for blessing you with her presence (as I did today.) You can ask an animal the all-important question “Tell me why you’re here?” (as I have countless times) and in the silence hear or soul write their response.

I had my first animal communication experience about a year after I stumbled upon soul writing. But I didn’t really understand what was happening. Since I realized that when I slip into theta the threshold between worlds opens wide, I’ve experimented with talking with animals, trees, rocks, and caves.

I’ve also developed a talking practice I call deep soul talking. That simply means I talk out loud, carrying both sides of the conversation, and I’m always startled at what happens.

So one day I wondered: if Mother Earth and all Her creatures are alive and in communion, then, wouldn’t it naturally follow, that the Universe is alive and in communion?

Why would our planet be the only one that is a living neural network?

About the time I was holding this question, the James Webb Space Telescope began to send photos of the Cosmos. When you look at those images, all the tiny thoughts you might have had about who you are, or who the Earth is, or how vast and magnificent this Universe is, will shatter into shards like a light bulb exploding in your hand.

And, at the same perfectly synchronized time, I began a deep friendship with Star Sister and cos-mythologist Marcia Wade.

I began to read her newsletters. She is unlike any other astrologer. And the more I read, the more I sensed that Marcia is holding a key. A key that opens the door to the threshold between worlds, not just here on Earth, but here in the Cosmos.

And that key is—surprise—neural pathways!

Not just human or even Earth-sized neural pathways, but Cosmic-sized neural pathways!

Marcia is the only person I know who can help us listen so deeply into the stories and songs and wisdom of the beings in the Cosmos that we hear them. See them. And they hear us. And they see us.

And together, we build whole new cosmo-neurological pathways.

I invited Marcia to lead us in a radical new prayer intensive, The Goddess of the Edge, to help us tune into some of the dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt at the edge of our solar system. As our ideas began to gel around four Goddesses, I was shocked to realize I had already received prayers from these four Goddesses. And I received them four years ago!

How is this possible? I have no explanation, but that the neurological pathways between these cosmic beings and us are open; they have always been open.

And now, how delicious will it be to learn to really tune in. To learn how to see. To hear them tell us their ancient stories. And to ask them to speak to us in deep soul writing.

Truly magic is afoot.

But it’s hard to describe this. So I asked Marcia to explain it to you herself. Take a breath and maybe a sip or two of water as you read this. Don’t be surprised if you feel yourself falling into a bit of a trance. It’s just the tiniest taste of what it’s like to sit in community with this great Cosmic teacher!

A Message from Marcia Wade

Because we're not separate from the Universe, but are woven into its very fabric, astronomical discoveries aren't only discoveries about what's "out there." They're also revelations about what's "in here"—and their stories and their cycles are the keys that unlock their mysteries within us.

Rather than simply being more linear information to track and remember, the Goddesses of the Edge are new cosmo-neurological pathways into the Great Mystery of your own being and into new patterns and forms of consciousness.

These new neural pathways are shortcuts to the process of unfolding new possibilities and coming into deeper and more magical flow with the creative mystery of your life.

What all the edge-dwellers share is an expression of multidimensional cosmic creation processes that are seeded in a diverse array of cultures that have flourished across the Earth at different points in her history. Each is a source node of creatrix energy now coming into the human consciousness field as we move deeper into the creation fields of a new era.

When we hold space for them to reveal themselves to us, we begin to access and embody their long-dormant transformative potency.

Janet and I and four Goddess of the Edge invite you to embody this transformative energy. As Janet says, "magic--cosmic magic--is afoot!

Marcia Wade

PS Please watch the video Janet and I made about this prayer intensive. It will give you a sense of me and of the magic we are about to share in the Theatre of the Miraculous

Goddesses of the Edge Part 1

Goddesses of the Edge Part 1 opens Tuesday, September at 7pm Eastern and runs for 3 consecutive Tuesdays, skips Yom Kippur, and closes on October 11.

The UK/Europe watch party is on Thursday, September 15 – October 13 at 7pm UK/8pm Europe.

All the details, schedule, registration options, and more are on the landing page.

to listening to the voice of the Goddesses of the Edge!



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