We are beginning to see “the path to the path”

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 24--in which we begin to see the mysterious "path to the path"

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Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

We use the term “path” so often that I sense we no longer understand it or see it. But the path to the path is real.

Note, I did not say “the path,” I said, the path to the path. These are two very different ways of walking. One is ordinary and straight. It knows where it’s going. It has a clear destination. The other is wild, radical, mystical. That’s the path we want to be on. But it’s hard to find. It’s obscured by overgrowth, hidden in history by a long-standing fog.

The deep meaning of the path to the path didn’t register for me until the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record used the term the path to the path in a strange way.

It happened after my son, Jerry, was released from prison in January 2014. Watching him go to prison was a life-altering, soul-squashing experience. I know this sounds impossible, but he had been accused of nothing, yet a furious elderly judge ordered Jerry to a high security federal prison in an attempt to force him to name other activists in Occupy.

I ran to the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record for help. And help they gave.

They told me to gather a critical mass of people to shower the prison with unconditional love for five minutes every day. We were to use no words or even hold intentions. Nor were we to focus on Jerry. We were to shower the entire prison complex and everyone in it with love—radical, intense, unconditional love. A hundred people around the world joined me in what turned out to be an initiation rite into the true power of prayer.

It worked.

Jerry’s brilliant attorney submitted a deeply researched, unusual motion showing the judge he didn’t have the right to keep Jerry in prison. In the thick document, she detailed dozens of men and women who had been sent to prison to coerce them to speak but who never said a word. Each one was released. (That motion, by the way, changed case law.)

The combination of brilliant lawyering and radical prayer was, and is, potent medicine. The judge responded by releasing Jerry. Once my heart settled back to earth, I turned to the Masters and Teachers to thank them.

Then, in 2019, I told the Masters and Teachers that Jerry was in law school so he could keep others out of prison. They said:

"There were many futures for Jerry, there were many roads he could have taken. Your love, your prayer, your faith and trust helped lay the foundation and hold the space for the choices he made. Yes he has chosen a path that was not easy for him to find, therefore your love and assistance helped clear the path to the path that he is now on. It was there, but it was not visible to him. He could not find his way to the path. Your love for him helped clear the path to the path. You held and held and held to a knowing and a truth that allowed him to walk the path to the path."

I woke last night with the words “the path to the path” demanding to be heard. I went back to my file of Masters and Teachers teachings and reread what they said. This time, I heard their teaching not about my son, or about any individual finding their way in life, but in a whole new way. A more global way. A way that holds the potential to free every one of us.

As I slowly read their words, I realized the path to the path is a perfect description of the place where I am right now as I step into creating the most massive and radical program I’ve ever considered.

If you’ve been following my mystic witch adventures, you have watched as witch has led the way on an intense healing path.

  • It began with The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage in which we realized this word has been thrown at all kinds of people, not just women accused of witchcraft during the Burning Times. It has been used to demonize countless millions to justify abuse, colonialization, enslavement, femicide, and theft.
  • Next, witch led me to create Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches, a year-long mystery school in which 11 witches from diverse professions and eras to bring us 11 medicines to give us the fortitude we need for the massive transition out of patriarchy that is at our doorstep. Songlines ends this Wednesday on Solstice with a celebration on sacred witch land in England.
  • Early this year, witch pushed me to create The A.R.T of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses. That intensive was so much fun! We learned to see what our eyes cannot, hear what our ears cannot, know what our minds do not, and more. Oh, how we hated to see A.R.T. end, but it came to a lovely completion last weekend.

But before we said goodbye, something wild happened. On April 23—which just so happened to be the twenty-sixth anniversary of discovering deep soul writing—I began to realize that A.R.T. wasn’t ending at all. It was simply the first of a series of 7 intensives awakening the 7 original spiritual gifts of witches.

Witch, you see, was once the holiest title you could give a woman. Witch was a woman exhibiting 7 life-enhancing sacramental gifts.

I asked to see the 7 spiritual gifts of the sacred witch and things began to move at the speed of love. Each day, something new revealed itself. In astrology. Astronomy. Numerology. Sacred Myth. Dragon lore.

Until I began to see a pattern. A path. The only path really that can hold the massive transformation of witch from the worst thing you can call a woman to the highest and holiest title you can give a woman.

That path? The first labyrinth. The ancient seven-circuit labyrinth. (this photo of a 7-circiut was taken by Catherine Anderson)

The labyrinth is a mystery.

It is our first art, the first images scratched in stone. It may be tens of thousands of years old. Long before any patriarchal gods with their law-encrusted religions, there was the labyrinth. The twisting turning spiral path of the Goddess, of the Womb, of the Woman.

My dear friend and Sacred Image Artist, Cathy Pratt, and I are both tuning into the labyrinth and what it really represents. Talk about a path to the path!

The first thing to know about the labyrinth is that it drops you out of conscious mind. You turn one way, and then another, and soon you feel lost. This is a good thing. A very good thing. Because your linear-thinking brain finally has to give up. It cannot figure out how to get to the center.

That’s when the magic happens. That’s when you drop into the mystical theta brain wave state—the threshold between worlds. You know this place. Oh yes, you do.

Rumi described it perfectly:

People are going back and forth across the threshold where the two worlds meet.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

We’ve been asleep for way too long.

We were lulled to sleep by all the lies religion has told us about who we are. Who the witches are. Who women are. Who men are.

And now we feel an urge to find the path home. The path to the path. Re-read what the Masters and Teachers said through the light of a collective call to heal the wasteland:

“There were many futures for humanity, there were many roads you all could have taken. Your love, your prayer, your faith and trust helped lay the foundation and hold the space for the choices now to be made. Yes, humanity has chosen a path that was not easy to find, but your love and assistance is helping clear the path to the path. It was there, but it was not visible. Your love is now helping clear the path to the path. You hold and hold and hold to a knowing and a truth that now allows everyone to walk the path to the path.”

In a couple weeks, I’ll invite you to begin to walk the sacred seven-circuit organic labyrinth path. Together, we will awaken, remember, and trust our whole, intuitive, threshold-crossing, creative, holy selves.

For now, I have a big new birthday gift for you.

I asked my web designer to please convert the first A.R.T. intensive on awakening your intuitive senses to on demand status and include it in the 22% birthday sale.

The second leg of the labyrinth will be on awakening and remembering your innate ability to drop into theta and cross the threshold between worlds. An essential witch gift. That intensive will open in August.

Until then:

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  • You might also be interested in Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak. They are our angelic guides on the labyrinth.

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