What the 11/8 lunar eclipse portends

2022 the year we learn to listen to love

Week 45--in which we answer the call to become drips of hope 

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

Today, Sunday November 6, is an auspicious day. Or perhaps a word that better describes how you might be feeling is ominous or intense.

You are not alone.

That feeling that a wave is coming—a wave you can’t quite see or predict or prepare for—is real. Everyone is feeling the weight of this shadow, whether we understand what we’re feeling or not.

The clues are obvious. We are tired. We are numb. We hold our breath.

We are all tensing for… what?

In the United States, we are bracing for an election on Tuesday that feels more like a battle cry than an election. We braced watching power upheavals in England and Brazil. We brace watching fascism and antisemitism rear their ugly heads. We brace every time we open the paper or turn on the news. We brace watching food and fuel go up while profits soar and no one points a finger at greedy corporations.

It’s all already too much, and then, the unthinkable happened. A guy who fell into the maws of conspiracy programming cracked the skull of the 82-year-old husband of the Speaker of the House with a hammer. His wife is third in line to the presidency, and a woman the neo-fascist right has been frothing at the mouth to destroy for years.

It seems we have entered a political nightmare twilight zone. But my intention here is not to add to your tension.

I want to put what you are experiencing in the context of a long and sacred story and offer drops of hope.

But to begin, we must do what our wise ancestors did. We must look up at the heavens.

You don’t have to know anything about astrology to sense a wave of transformation on the horizon.

If you do follow astrology, you have a name for this wave: Total Lunar Eclipse. Furthermore: total lunar eclipse in Taurus. Furthermore: total lunar eclipse on the North Node, the head of the dragon of destiny.


I am not an astrologer, but I love their curiosity and knowledge. And turn to them for insight and guidance—and hope.

On Friday, I was blessed to record a rich conversation with two astrologers dear to my heart: elemental astrologer and depth numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell in Oahu, and cos-mythologist and Star Sister, Marcia Wade in Atlanta.

I asked them to talk about the momentous dance of the stars, planets, and moon ushering in this wave. And it’s happening at the exact time we begin the transformational experience of The Lotus and the Lily.

I couldn’t have planned this if I wanted to.

The Lotus and the Lily intensive has had the same schedule for 13 years. We meet for five Mondays from mid-November to mid-December. Everyone loves this schedule. Mondays are a respite from the holiday busy-ness the rest of the week. And starting in mid-November gives us plenty of time to complete the 5 mystical explorations by mid-December, so we can enjoy a luscious three-week window to bask in the mysteries of the Solstice and other winter holidays. Plus time to create our Mystic Mandalas for the new year.

It’s a lovely schedule in perfect rhythm with the silence and mystery of the natural season.

But this year, we open on November 14, six days after the Total Lunar Eclipse.

In our bonus video conversation (which will be available for members of The Lotus and the Lily starting Monday) I took copious notes as Emma and Marcia sang the song of this Lunar Eclipse.

As I listened to them, I could feel my muscles softening, my breath deepening, my back relaxing, as I slipped once more under the spell of wonder and awe for the astonishing universe we live in.

This is what our ancestors knew. And what they want us to remember.

Eclipses are very complex recurring phenomena.

They are:

  • love songs of the cosmic relationship of the Sun and the Moon
  • agents of destiny bringing endings to what is time to end and beginnings to what is time to begin
  • the head and tail of the cosmic dragon, reminding us endings and beginnings are inseparable

That last item is a particularly valuable teaching as we complete one year and step into the next, seeing this transition under the dark light of the eclipse as one fluid movement.

This movement mirrors the great teaching of the Buddha on inter-being that we explore in this intensive. (I wonder what he understood about the cosmos…)

For this particular Total Lunar Eclipse, Emma and Marcia remind us:

  • we will be decoding and integrating this eclipse for the next six months
  • we cannot know the impact while it’s happening, but we can sure feel it!
  • under the guidance of Venus, this eclipse speaks to us of our love, values, and creativity
  • under the direction of Mars, this eclipse teaches us how to move toward what we want by shedding all that is blocking the full expression of the life that wants to be lived

Eclipses are not only a cosmic pulse in the sky, they are embodied reminders of the pulse of our own lives, which we could track if we knew how.

In order to help us not only integrate this current lunar eclipse, but trace the impacts of previous eclipse cycles throughout our entire lives, Emma and Marcia are going to give us time periods for the Saros Eclipse cycles over the last 70 plus years and help us find eclipse patterns in our own lives.

It’s a way to look back that is richer and deeper than anything we’ve done before.

I am grateful to be sharing all this with you in this 45th edition of Notes from the Field. And I can’t miss the perfection of the numerology. 45 is a 9. Nine is the completion, the fullness, the end of the sacred story of the feminine and masculine energies that begin their dance with the sacred zero, the mystery, the unknown, and travel from the 1 to the 9, ending like the Ouroboros snake-dragon eating its own tail.

Turning and returning. We are born and reborn. Into Love.

I want to remember this on Tuesday when we turn once more under the dark light of an intense Lunar Eclipse. An eclipse that holds so many portents for radical change. Change we know is coming. Change we even want. And yet change we are leery of.

My voices knew I was getting agitated about the election falling on such an ominous date. And they knew I wasn’t finding my own way out of it.

So they woke me at 4am on Thursday whispering DRIPS.

I didn’t understand until I saw/heard the acronym. This made me so happy! I know that this sweet simple word holds the resilience I need to move through, not just this eclipse, but the entire unfolding demise of patriarchal systems of domination and abuse. This is how I want to live.

If DRIPS speaks to you, take it. It’s yours. Live it. Become it. Become another drip, drip, drip on the scorched earth patriarchy has left us.


to remember and be remembered by She who is alive in all


to cherish and be cherished as a sacred treasure of life


to explore and trust the mysteries of life


to step into the eternal river of love, feeling the presence of everyone and everything who has ever prayed


to listen to the vast choir of voices singing the song of the morning of the world and inviting me to hear it too

I need this water. This holy water. Our world needs this water.

I do hope you’ll join me in nourishing the world that wants to come to life in and through and as us.

On Tuesday, I will be sitting in the silence, walking my prayers, paying attention to my dreams, and gathering it all in deep soul writing.

Plus I think it would be a perfect day to listen once more to Marcia and Emma’s video on this magnificent Lunar Eclipse.

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