5 big Lies and 5 Beautiful Memories About Prayer

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 8--in which a Full Moon illuminates all the lies we've been told about prayer 

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

As you read this, we are immersed in the third and final day of a powerful Virgo Full Moon. Full Moons illuminate. They ask us to see what wants to be seen. So it’s a perfect day to open our eyes and recognize all the lies we’ve been fed in this life and back, back, back, all the way to the arrival of the first violent tribes worshipping sky gods.

And Virgo Full Moons specifically ask us to tune into our guts, see all the lies told about our bodies, and decide to remember just how beautiful we really are.

Those sky gods and their obsessions with anger and rules and punishment completely changed our relationship of love and devotion with our Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Moon—the Goddess in all her forms and names.

To ensure that that denigration stuck, they altered how we prayed, transforming prayer from celebration, joy, and reverence for the sacred alive in everyone and everything—especially women and our miraculous bodies—into begging for protection from a very wrathful god.

The price we paid was high.

  • It changed our relationship with life, death, and rebirth from reverence to fear.
  • It altered our feminine role in society from leadership to subjugation.
  • It squelched our natural connection with divinity from presence to absence.
  • It changed the way we lived from relishing life to fearing death.
  • It changed prayer from imbuing everyone and everything with sacred medicine to conforming to written rules and formulas.
  • And worst of all, it changed our relationship with ourselves, our beloveds, our children, and our beautiful sacred bodies.

All our current patriarchal religions were born from, and still conform to, these strictures.

If you doubt that, consider what just happened in Alabama. On February 16, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that cells awaiting implantation for in vitro fertilization are children and destroying them, even accidentally, falls under the state’s Wrongful Death of a Minor act.

To make it crystal clear what that means to women, the chief justice, Tom Parker, declared that the people of Alabama have adopted the “theologically based view of the sanctity of life.” He said, “human life cannot be wrongfully destroyed without incurring the wrath of a holy God.”

Got that? “Wrath of a holy god.” Not much has changed in five thousand years, has it?

Which of course sets my blood to boiling. Patriarchal religion was, and is, and always has been about controlling women by controlling our reproduction and our bodies. This is what happens when government embraces the dogma of wrathful gods and stops being a governmental body and dissolves into theocracy.

Witches know a thing or two about what happens to women under theocracy.

But what we may be surprised to realize is that it’s still happening right now, in a country that purports to be “of the people.”

What does this have to do with prayer? Everything.

Prayer, real prayer, original prayer, has a major role to play in restoring our world from wrath to reverence.

I’ve been immersed in prayer for six years now. Making new discoveries it seems every day. I have researched prayer, played with prayer, experimented with prayer—feeling my way into prayers that work and prayers that don’t. All of that is now coming to fullness in my heart’s legacy project: The Witch Sequence. And, in particular, in the current intensive on remembering the sacrament gift of the WitchArt of Original Prayer.

It's a massive topic. And one we witches approach very differently from the rules and regulations of patriarchal religion. But before we can talk about what prayer is and was and could be once again, I realized we had to begin by recognizing that everything we’ve been told about prayer is a lie.

To help create a structure for such a big subject, my collaborator Cathy Stevens Pratt and I thought it would be helpful to approach prayer like good investigative journalists by asking 5 questions:

  1. WHO is the source of our prayers?
  2. WHERE do we pray?
  3. WHAT is the purpose and content of prayer?
  4. WHY do we pray?
  5. HOW do we pray?

From there, the lies became impossible to ignore.

So next we asked ourselves, then what’s the truth, how can we remember how we prayed so very long ago.

In other words, what’s the oppositive of lies? Ah, it’s memories. Beautiful memories.

Ancient memories we’ve been carrying for thousands of years deep in our bodies, our bones, our blood. Prayer will teach us everything we need to know about prayer, if we will allow all the sweet beautiful memories about prayer, the Mother, and our sacramental powers to gently wake us from our long nightmare.

Here are the 5 big lies and the 5 beautiful memories.

As you read these if your gut starts stirring and your eyes start seeing something they haven’t seen before, consider joining us. We’ve only just begun. Today is our first Learning Gathering on WHO. And you are welcome to join us.

If you register before 1pm eastern, I'll send you the zoom and agenda. If it's after 1pm, open the active link on your paypal receipt to get the zoom.    

WHO is the source of our prayers?

  • Big Lie: Be afraid, be very afraid, god is an external white male spewing laws and punishments
  • Beautiful Memory: Be not afraid, the Mother is here, She who is alive in all

WHERE do we pray?

  • Big Lie: You can only find god in a building—a sanctified building constructed to worship the one god
  • Beautiful Memory: Prayer is alive in everything, everyone, and everywhere—and in you

WHAT is the purpose and content of prayer?

  • Big Lie: Religion took the magic out of prayer to block women from experiencing the transcendental power of prayer
  • Beautiful Memory: All prayers are spells. And you know how to pray them. You have always known how to pray, in this lifetime and in all lifetimes. You are prayer!

WHY do we pray?

  • Big Lie: god holds grudges, seeks revenge, and doles out punishments
  • Beautiful Memory: The sweetness of freedom comes through the surprising power of forgiveness

HOW do we pray?

  • Big Lie: Prayer asks god to fix people and situations. It’s selfish to prayer for what you want
  • Beautiful Memory: Praying for one is praying for all.

This intensive is my beating heart. In order to create space for all 7 intensives in The Witch Sequence, ART 3 on Original Prayer will not be repeated live.

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The Power, Beauty, and Joy of Original Prayer

to opening our eyes, shedding the lies, and awakening beautiful memories


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