How to prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 13--in which we prepare for the deep possibility in the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

We are in a birth canal. Whether we realize it or not. And we’ve been here a good long while. It’s been quite the gestation. Not just a few months but several years; perhaps your whole life. I’m pretty sure that’s been the case for me.

The Lunar Eclipse last week gave us an opportunity to review and release our tattered old stories and wounds. And oh what an eclipse it has been for me. The saga of my prayer stole continued this past week. I haven’t written about the whole story of the miraculous prayer stole because the story keeps unfolding. But here’s the short version:

  • Sam Wilde, a weaver in Massachusetts, made me a prayer stole to honor my witch work.
  • I put the stole on for the first time as I began a conversation with an artist who wanted to know more about the current Witch Sequence intensive on Original Prayer.
  • The conversation was delicious, until suddenly I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t remember the 7 WitchArt gifts. Or my 7 definitions of prayer.
  • I ended the conversation and sat in silence trying to remember these two things that are central to my life and my work. It took a couple of hours before I could remember or speak. Once I could, I repeated the 7 gifts and the 7 definitions over and over and over, so grateful that they had returned to me.
  • A few days later, during an experiential journey to meet our Mystic Family, I saw my eternal family, but when I opened my eyes and sat up, I couldn’t see. I had to lie down with a blanket over my eyes for the rest of the day. I didn’t see normally until the next day.
  • Later, thanks to a Tarot reading on the last day of the final New Moon of the astrological year, I realized the name of my prayer stole is: Goddess of Fire Prayer Stole. And I am Her Fire Keeper.
  • This is my third and final name: Prayer Artist, Mystic Witch, Fire Keeper.

I had a conversation with Sam Wilde about these startling experiences and she filled in the rest of the story. When she made the stole, Sam saw me as a young child when something was taken from me, and then, in the Imaginal, she saw the stole restoring everything as it was placed over my head.

In shock, I confirmed what Sam had seen.

Something massive was stolen from me at the age of three. And the prayer stole has returned what was taken.

So, consider this: the prayer stole “stole” my voice, my memory, my vision—and restored all three.
But it’s taken a lifetime.

I realized yesterday as I was pondering all this on a gorgeous walk that the prayer stole is alive. The Goddess of Fire Prayer Stole is a living prayer. A prayer that holds my full sacred medicine, my kuleana the purpose of my life.

I said this aloud as I was walking. It is now the prayer I saw as I reverently place the stole over my head:

I am a Prayer Artist—I speak
I am a Mystic Witch—I remember
I am a Fire Keeper—I see

I tell you this story because I sense it was given to me in time to talk about it as an example of the kind of total transmutation experience we are all going to share on April 8, as we are restored, renewed, and rebirthed by the marriage of the moon and the sun, the divine feminine and masculine, as they merge in  the darkness of totality and then separate to return to light.

It’s a rebirth that we have been awaiting a long, long time.

Look ahead on your calendar to Monday April 8 and plan where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing, or rather not doing, during this sacred portal.

The time of totality is approximately 3:20 to 3:40 pm eastern, but the length of totality varies depending on where you are. A swath from Mexico through Texas and traveling North East all the way to Vermont and Maine and finally off the North American continent will experience total darkness.

I have not experienced totality, but everyone who has says it is a profound experience not to be missed.

I’m in Florida and won’t be anywhere near the totality in the sky, but that doesn’t mean I am going to miss it. No one will miss it.

The entire planet is going to experience this rebirth whether the sky gets dark or not.

A friend in England who joined us in Remembering the Songlines of the Witches last year will be opening her global meditation group that day from 7pm to 9pm UK which is 8-10pm Europe, 2-4pm Eastern, 1-3 Central, 12-2 Mountain, 11-1 Pacific, 8-10am Hawaii.

I will be sending an email to those who have been in any of my witch events starting with The Return of the Witches in 2021 and continuing through the current ART of Becoming a Witch on Original Prayer. Watch for those invitations next week.

Whether you’ll be with us in the global meditation group or doing something else, I recommend you plan at least an hour of silence. Perhaps you also wish to do some deep soul writing or sketching, but during totality, be still, silent, open to what wants to be seen and heard and felt.

So, how might you prepare between now and the 8th?

I recommend sitting with the Chandra for April 8 when the moon enters Aries and initiates a whole new Astrological Year. Read this not with trepidation but excitement. This is your invitation to be reset, renewed, reborn.

As our Theatre of the Miraculous mantra says: you are not praying, you are being prayed.

And so it is on totality day.

You are not the one doing the work. You are BEING reset, renewed, reborn. Happy Birthday!

Chandra Aries 20

An empty courtyard

Nothing is left. Reality is scattered. Self-obliterated. The familiar tendered irrelevant. Apocalyptic changes, personal and collective, take over. No being, only action. You become a projectile of intent, literally identify with what you can do now. A barren wasteland of an inner world. A thrust outside. Stark and surreal. You feel compelled to dare, pushed over the edge, no going back—destiny as frenzy. And in this wild, volatile mix, creative forces are released that would never come out any other way. Yielding to the role of the purging and cleansing agent of changes, you are unable to wriggle out of anything ever again.

Ellias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees

Did you pick up that ecstatic delicious exciting part?

Creative forces are released that would never come out any other way.

I’m all in for that. And I sense now that my prayer stole HAD to steal my voice, my memory, and my sight in order to get my total attention and prepare me to put on the stole and BECOME the agent of changes She, the Goddess of Fire, wants me to be. And I say yes. I say yes to whatever happens during the dark on Monday, April 8.

I always write a lunar vow in honor of the new astrological year and say it every day for the whole lunar year. Next Sunday, I’ll talk about how I do that and invite you to do the same.

In the meantime, you might wish to get to know Chiron and his wife Chariklo on your natal chart. I'm confident this couple can prepare you well for total transmutation. And no one can tell their story better than Marcia Wade and Emma Kupu Mitchell

Chiron and Chariklo Bundle

to saying yes to total transmutation  



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