A Lotus and Lily like no other

The emails have begun.

I get a flurry of them this time of year from people anxious to register for The Lotus and The Lily prayer intensive that opens in mid-November and always sells out.

But this year your emails have a more frantic tone.

For 10 years, mystic souls around the world have gathered for 5 weeks starting in mid-November to complete and integrate all that has happened in the year coming to a close. Having completed the year, we honor the New Year by creating a mandala infused with our soul’s unique commitments to service, love, and joy in the year to come.

Then we live those commitments for the next twelve months, watching in amazement as miracles unfold.

But 2020 has been, and continues to be, a year unlike any other.

So, this year’s Lotus and Lily intensive will be unlike any other, too, with new content, practices, and prayers.

When we met last November, we thought we understood what 2020 would be about:

  • 2020 Vision—seeing what we have been unwilling to see
  • 2020 Numerology—creating a new structure not just for a year but for a new decade
  • 2020 Astrology—apex of a decade-long call to create a truly vibrant mystical life to sustain us through the chaos ahead

Well, all that has come to pass, but in ways we could never have predicted:

2020 Vision

We have been forced to see the long hidden but now painfully visible underpinnings of injustice and inequity in our world: over 1 million people dead from Covid and no clear path to health, Black people murdered by the police with impunity, white supremacists parading in the streets, healthcare systems collapsing under pressure, horrific environmental abuse, and clear fault lines in governments designed to amass wealth and power for just a few.

In short, 2020 has made all the “sins of our fathers” (i.e., patriarchy) visible and we can no longer pretend that we don’t see what we see.

It’s clear to anyone with eyes to see that the world we have created doesn’t work for our human families and is a disaster for Mother Earth and all her creations.

2020 Numerology

Before a new structure can be built, the old one must be dismantled. We get that. But it’s one thing to understand this intellectually; it’s a whole other thing to see it happening in real time.

It’s scary because we don’t know—can’t know—what we are to build to replace it. We can only see the next small step in front of us, and it takes strength and courage just to take that step.

2020 Astrology

Astrologers have long talked about the implosion of human structures as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto collide. To move through this with grace, it is essential to have a deeply grounded daily mystical prayer practice.

The chaos and deconstruction of top-down power will continue until 2024 when Pluto leaves Capricorn.

There is, however, some good news. Jupiter will meet Neptune in Pisces in the summer of 2021—a beautiful opportunity for expansion of the higher octaves of prayer, and love, and oneness.

We can—and we must—fortify ourselves with these higher octaves so we can take our place as guides and comforters during this transition of human systems.

Does all this sound like it’s too much, too hard, too big to take on?

This whole year has been a string of unending struggles, each one feeling like it’s too much to handle, too hard to do, too big for one person….

Like you, I have felt overwhelmed by the “too much, too hard, too big” all year.

I find myself in the strange paradox of feeling I can’t possibly do what I’m being asked to do, while at the same time, thrilled to be asked to do it.

And somehow, taking the next step and doing it anyway.

And each time, I’m astonished at what happens when I say yes.

  • Yes to creating intensives to share the 5 Original Prayers
  • Yes to redefining prayer altogether
  • Yes to creating my own prayer practices. (9 Mothers is coming next week)
  • Yes to taking on the overwhelming task of re-sacralizing the word “witch”
  • Yes to writing a fairytale about witches
  • Yes to staying in Florida to do the work I’m being asked to do
  • And—big one—yes to claiming the title of witch.

I didn’t set out to call myself a witch.

The title was given to me by Rabbi Tirzah Firestone in an endorsement for the relaunch of Writing Down Your Soul. But when it came, my heart fluttered in recognition. My agent’s heart, however, did not. So, I realized she can no longer represent me.

The moment I made that decision, the witch fairytale began to write itself.

I thought that was quite enough for one year!

But no, this past Friday, I was awakened with how I am to take on that title. This had been a bit of a conundrum. Tirzah called me a “21st century witch.” And that felt true but something was missing.

Since Tirzah sent that endorsement, I have tried several variations on for size:

Wise witch
Wonder-filled witch
Wonder witch

All of those are true, but no one title seemed to carry the whole story or the holiness I feel when I claim witch for myself.

So, my Feminine Divine Voice took command and woke me several times in the wee hours of Friday, October 23 with:

  1. details on a Novena for Witches I am to create
  2. words for the most profound prayer I’ve ever received, “You have a Body"
  3. my witch title. I smiled in the dark. Yes, at last, I have my beautiful witch title--Sacred Witch

Oh that feels so good, so true, so holy. I am a Prayer Artist and Sacred Witch.

You know I had to check the numerology. Sacred Witch is a 50. The perfect vibration for our coming 5 year.

You thought 2020 was wild. 2021 is a five! Five is the number of change, divine change, change that leads to freedom.

But to walk that freedom path requires that we take the next step even though we can’t see the big picture.

We’re going to need a lot of insight and support. And in The Lotus and The Lily, we're going to get it:

  • Our depth numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell, is going to help us prepare for this 5 year of change.
  • Emma's also going to take us on a deep dive into the astrology to help us navigate another year of change.
  • And, after completing Veriditas training, Emma is going to share a brand new way to look back at 2020 by walking a paper labyrinth so we can explore what really happened.
  • Plus she's going to teach us how to find and work with our personal Progressed Moon--a mystical practice that has transformed my life.And my contributions:
  • I'm going to take a new and deeper dive into the Mandala to help us open to its full mystical and magical capacity.
  • And take you deep into the power of pre-patriarchal power of anointing to create The Garden of Reverence
  • Share "You Have a Body" and other new prayers
  • Share all my Sacred Witch talents and joysJoin us! We open November 16 for 5 Mondays, plus a special Ho'oponopono healing session with Kahu Lahela and a Mandala Blessing in January.Details, schedule, and registration are on this landing page:

The Lotus and The Lily: Complete 2020 and Enter 2021

The words complete 2020, enter 2021 in a blue circle around a butterfly. Image for the Litus and the Lily.

to holding hands and taking the next steps to create a sacred 2021...together,


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