A whole new world is under construction in The Mystic

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 26--in which a whole new world is under construction in The Mystic

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Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

In the last few Notes from the Fields, I’ve given you peeks into what is happening right now as a radical new mystical world is taking shape before my eyes. If I hadn’t created worlds before, I’d be totally overwhelmed by the immensity of the task. But I have created worlds. I’ve created organic learning systems in three very different arenas. teaching deaf children, corporate consulting, and now, thanks to deep soul writing, I am creating entire worlds in “The Mystic.”

Nobody taught me how to create a world. It happened out of necessity.

When I walked into my first classroom as a newly degreed teacher of the deaf in 1971, I took one look at my students’ very different sets of abilities and needs, and realized the only way to meet them where they were was to set up learning stations and give them free reign to explore.

I was no longer the teacher; they were their own teachers. My job—and it’s much harder than teaching—was to create a rich environment. I wasn’t sure it would work. But when 8-year-olds who had been with me for three years took standardized reading tests , they scored as high as the 9th grade level.

I thought I’d teach deaf children for the rest of my life, but someone somewhere had other plans.

In 1980, my boyfriend was invited to be the first director of field operations at CNN and off to Atlanta we went. Eighteen months later, I was asked to join CNN as well. My job was to hire video journalists, a fancy name for fresh broadcast journalism grads running studio cameras on all-night shifts. The job paid so poorly that a bunch of VJs would rent an old house and rotate sleeping in the beds. By the time I was hired, CNN had 100% turnover in that critical job. The president called me into his office and said, “Fix it. Fix it now. Or we won’t be on air. Oh, and you have no budget.”

I sat in my closet-sized office, closed my eyes and, once my heart stopped racing, asked myself one question: “Who wants this ______ job.” (I think you can fill in the blank.) I not only heard the answer, I also saw how I could create a national hiring system to find the right people without leaving my closet. (It actually was a closet. My “office” had been the ball closet when the Turner Broadcasting building was a Jewish social club.) I put my system into place and within a year we went from 100%+ turnover to 1.3%.

When we moved to Florida two years later, I went to see a headhunter and two weeks later I was the manager of a small division for a national recruiting firm.

Talk about being in over my head.

I took a deep breath and tried to do what I’d done at CNN. I asked questions about what kind of person would relish the job a company wanted us to fill. Not the skills, not the background, but the person’s motivations and desires and natural talents. It was a different approach to headhunting. And it worked. My little division had a higher success rate than the other divisions who were still filling jobs by the book.

Eventually I felt ready to launch myself as an independent human resource consultant. But I didn't want to fill jobs, I wanted to teach them how to build their own hiring systems based on an organic profile of the kind of person who would love that job. And it worked. It worked like magic.

Despite this success, I was surprised when a group of consultants specializing in Organizational Development invited me to join them. I didn’t have any credentials, no fancy OD degree, never worked in an OD department. I wasn’t even sure what Organizational Development meant. But they said,

“Oh, you so belong. You are a natural systems thinker.”

Well, that sounded like a compliment, so I went to their meetings. And lo and behold, I realized I am a systems thinker. And a good one. Because I didn’t have the golden credentials, I didn’t have preconceived ideas of what an OD consultant should be doing. Not knowing any better, I offered ideas, possibilities, ways to set up self-organizing systems, and different ways to even look at the problem. I asked questions no one else was asking.

Are you seeing where this is all leading?

I hope listening to my story, you begin to see a magical pattern unfolding in your own.

Looking back at my meandering path through three different careers, I see that it has been perfectly orchestrated preparation for the work I came here to do:

I create organic, self-organizing, mystical systems that meet you where you are, and guide you deeper and deeper into The Mystic, to become who you came here to be.

The first spiritual system I created was a series called Your Soul Wants Five Things, It bloomed for 7 years from 2011 until 2018 when prayer artist arrived and I shifted gears to create a whole series of prayer intensives centered around the 5 original prayers.

Two years after that, witch arrived. And Our Lady the Queen of Witches began to get me ready to create a whole new kind of mystical world.

On February 24, five years to the day after She whispered prayer artist in my ear, the Queen of Witches returned to whisper something even more startling.

I had been working since December with psychic mediums Suzi von Mensenkampff and Ramzi Cheety, shamanic astrologer Emma Kupu Mitchell, and Her Sacred Image artist Cathy Pratt, to create a new kind of intensive that we called The A.R.T. of Becoming a WitchHow to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses. It was dramatically different from anything I’d created before and I was feeling my way in the dark. We all were.

Our Lady Queen of Magicians woke me at 4 am—the magic hour when Schumann waves are closest to the surface, the time many call the Hour of God. I felt Her arriving and reached for the yellow pad of paper that is near me all night. Eyes closed, pad on my stomach, pen poised, I waited. I love this time of night. I have received entire prayers, book titles, things to write about in these newsletters, instructions for intensives, and so much more. 3-4:00 am is truly a threshold between worlds.

I trust what I hear in the night. But I was not prepared for what She said.

“Look at Hogwarts,” She commanded, “Hogwarts was a complete world.” Before I could take that in, She continued, “___________ is a complete mystical world within the world.” But she didn’t give me a name. Instead, She rapidly dictated two pages of components, everything the mystical world needed to come alive. I had to write fast. Finally, at the bottom of the second page, there was a moment of silence. I waited. Ready. And She whispered the name of this world: Mystica. And said no more.

The moment I woke, I called everyone working with me on The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch and we gave everything we had to create Mystica Inner-Versity.

Mystos the Raven arrived to help.

He woke me to announce his name. He did not whisper. He was loud, adamant, repetitive. Kind of like his physical twin. I think it was Mystos who led us to our mysterious Latin motto: canticum somnium draconis, song of the sleeping dragon.

This was our school shield Cathy Pratt and I created for Mystica.

When we were halfway through that intensive on activating our intuitive senses, I began to realize that activating our intuition was a critical witch skill, but it was just the first of many.

Following my freshly intensified intuition, I found myself staring at 7-circuit labyrinths, especially raw ones made of stone in prehistory.

Why this particular labyrinth?

I felt led to reread Max Dashu’s research into the etymology of the word witch in Witches and Pagans. It means a woman expressing her sacramental gifts. Max talks about many original spiritual gifts, but 7 surfaced as the core of the whole and holy witch. The first is intuition, crossing the threshold between worlds is the second. And there are five more.

Once I said yes to creating whatever wanted to be created in whatever form it wanted to be created, the floodgates opened.

  • There are 7 original spiritual witch gifts.
  • Therefore, there are 7 intensives.
  • Each one is called The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch…followed by the name of the gift.
  • We receive each gift as we walk one of the 7 paths of the ancient labyrinth.
  • The seven gifts mirror the chakras, which came as a total surprise!
  • We walk each path for 77 days
  • We meet around the Equinoxes. The dragon has everything to do with that timing.
  • The complete labyrinth walk is The Witch Sequence, which vibrates at the number 77.

Our Lady Queen of Magicians wanted a mystical world.

We are giving Her The Witch Sequence, complete mystical world.

My precious partners and I have been working on The Witch Sequence for several weeks. We are getting close to opening the doors to the 2nd A.R.T. intensive to walk the 2nd circuit on the ancient labyrinth path to learn how to awaken, remember, and trust our innate ability to cross the threshold between worlds.

In next Sunday's Notes from the Field, I hope to show you the labyrinth map for this mystical world and invite you to take your first look around. 

Here's the shield for the 2nd intensive. The center is orange for the 2nd chakra and carries the ancient seed pattern for the 7-circuit labyrinth. All to be explained. 

I just realized when I did the math, that I created my first learning system in 1971. That means I've been creating worlds for 52 years. Is that why She trusts me with such a massive assignment? All I can say is I am humbled by the assignment and giving it everything I have. 

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The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses.

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Until next Sunday, may we all take one more step into the mystical world that waits just across the threshold between worlds,  


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