Are you ready to hear the Love Song of your life?

This year is turning out to be full of mystical surprises, isn’t it. And with each surprise we find ourselves travelling roads in The Mystic we have not walked before. Roads most of us didn’t even know were there.

That is certainly happening for me. And I love it, even though I don’t often understand what is happening.

I shouldn’t be surprised though.

For eighteen years I have chanted this soul vow: “I surrender, there is no path but God’s.” I didn’t understand it when I first wrote it. And I still don’t comprehend its beauty and depth. But I know that vow is leading the way.

I am certain it led me to the soul condition I chant with my mandala every day: “I am conscious surrender.”

And I know it led me to my Song of Increase. I’ve sung this at full throat every morning since it arrived on New Year’s Day last year: “I surrenderso completely to Sophia’s love that when I begin to speak, my voice and Sophia’s Voice merge in a harmony of grace, beauty, and love…”  

If you’ve been listening to The Soul-Directed Life or reading my books you know I love surrender.

For me, surrender is a prime virtue. A prime virtue flowing straight out of the heart of the Divine Feminine.

But still.

I am floored by all that is happening. And the speed with which is happening. And the depth to which it is taking me.

And it’s not just me.

I saw this happening to the members of the first live course of the year, Writing Down Your Soul. Teaching soul writing is always a joy, but this year it felt like the whole community dropped into mystical depths right from opening night.

I’ve taught thousands of people to write at the soul level, but that soul community experienced more transformation in a shorter period of time than any group I’ve seen.

It felt like the Divine Feminine opened some kind of secret door in The Mystic and ushered us all into her Mystical Party, complete with music, dancing, and love songs. (Oh, those love songs!)

Even though what’s happening is amazing, we shouldn’t be all that surprised. We were given clues this was coming.

First, Jupiter—expansion—entered Scorpio—yourmystical life—last November, and he’s going to stay there expanding our mystical experiences for 8 more months.

You might want to pause here for a moment and ask yourself what you’re doing to support your mystical expansion for the rest of the year.

In addition, the numeric vibration of our year is a giant clue. 2018 = 11/2. 

The 11 is the perfect picture of the Divine Feminine on the left walking side-by-side with the Sacred Masculine to seed our world with peace, harmony, and love.

Patriarchy is coming to an end. Or rather, it will come to an end when each of us embraces the call to live in harmony.

The master number 11 shows us that how we choose to live as individuals in 2018 impacts not just our personal lives, but all lives.

And where does the 11 take us? Into the 2, the vibration of union, communion, relationship—the Sacred Marriage.

The 11/2 is calling us to finally stop talking aboutthe concept “we are all one,” and start experiencing it, feeling it in our cells, our hearts, our bones.

The truth is we are not only connected, we are connected in one body, the Mystical Body of the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Marriage of Love.

This can sound too big to absorb.

But it isn’t. Or rather it isn’t if we stop posing the question of life along the lines of: “How can we possibly live in our modern wired, distracted, crazy busy world, while simultaneously exploring the depths of the soul?”

This is the wrong question because it starts with the premise that there are two conflicting worlds. This world and the mystical world.

But the more we explore the fields of the soul, the more we realize the two worlds are one. They are interwoven.

The mystical world is always present. Right smack in front of us. If we only, as Jesus said over and over again, “have eyes to see” and “ears to hear.”

That never made sense to me until I stumbled into the Mystic through deep soul writing.

Now, 21 years later, I am beginning to understand. Those “eyes to see” are your invisible eyes. The eyes of your soul. And when your invisible clairvoyant eyes are open, the world looks different. You still see the house to clean, the job to do, and the bills to pay. But in the very same moment you see a living divine Presence in it all. A Presence that imbues everything with meaning and love. A Presence that is somehow communicating with you in and through and as your very life.

Those “ears to hear” are your invisible ears. The ears of your heart. And when your invisible clairaudient ears are open, the world soundsdifferent. Through the most ordinary of things, the chirp of a cardinal, the hush of the wind, the tick of the clock, you hear a living loving divine Presence singing love songs to you.

I’ve been hearing those love songs since last December. And with each passing day they carry me into a deeper and deeper experience of what it means to be loved.

On the show last Thursday, I told Rabbi Rami Shapiro about my experience hearing the Goddess sing “I’m in love with your body. I’m in love with the shape of you.”

I was a tad embarrassed to tell him, but in Holy Rascals, he tells the story of hearing the Divine Feminine say: “I am the mother of all living things, and I am so in love with each that it is as if there were none else.”

Rabbi Rami not only affirmed the reality of my experience but explained the meaning of “I’m in love with the shape of you.”

He said a deep mystical teaching in the Kabbalah is that the unsayable name of God, YHVH, when written vertically is the shape of a human!


Do you see?

Y is your head and neck.
H is your chest and arms.
V is your hip bones.
Bottom H is your legs.

God is in love with the shape of you because God is the shape of you!

What a confirmation of our divine love songs. And I do mean OUR. This is not an experience happening to Janet for Janet. Everything that unfolds in my life is unfolding in yours. I just write books and newsletters and radio shows about what I’m discovering.

And then, I invite you to explore the fields of the soul together with me and the soul community gathering in each of my courses.

.Of course, you are welcome to read my books on your own, but there is nothing quite like walking the fields of the soul with soul friends.

And it is true that all my books are prayers. And it’s true that all my courses are love songs.

But if there’s one prayer, one love song, that has shaped me most fully and sweetly into the image of the Divine more than any other, it’s my soul vows.

I’ve chanted and lived them for 18 years. And they are as fresh and new and amazing as the day they arrived.

But my understanding of what they are, and what they do, and how they arrive has changed dramatically.

Thanks to “Play This Every Day,” I am reminded that we do not write our soul vows. We are the instrument on which the Divine plays this love song—the love song of your personal sacred marriage. The Love Song of your Soul Vows.

The Love Song of your life.

to hearing the mystical love songs of our lives with the ears of our hearts,


PS: Rabbi Rami on The Soul-Directed Life


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