The Speed of Love

Things are moving so very quickly aren’t they?

Everyone is talking about how things are changing in their lives and changing at a speed they’ve never encountered before.

It does seem that the time of
considering change,
contemplating change,
incrementally moving in a new direction–
that time has ended.

Although no one knows exactly why or when.

It just seems to have happened and we are all–ready or not–living at the speed of love.

This is not a bad thing.
Or a scary thing.
This is life.
Real life.
Divine life.
Moving in and through and as us.

I’m experiencing this speed every day, but often not knowing it.

It happened today. I wondered what I could share with you in today’s Notes from the Field.

I waited until the last minute because I’m immersed in writing the copy for my new website, recording new videos, and developing new Prayer Intensives for 2019.

And I thought I can’t write a newsletter on top of everything else I’m doing.

And I almost didn’t.

But then, at the very last minute, Saturday night at 10 pm, I opened my prayer file and stumbled upon a prayer I have no memory of writing.

This, is my gift to you today. I hope it resonates with a truth you carry. A truth about the speed of sacred life.

The Speed of Love
©Janet Conner March 26, 2018

Are my prayers light?
They are infused with light
written in Light
by the Hand of Light

When you read them
read them out loud,
slowly and see
if you can feel the Light

The Voice of Light
vibrates in your heart
it opens your pores, expands your cells
so you can hold more Light

That Light is alive

It clears the eyes of your soul and you see
what wants to be seen
It awakens the ears of your heart and you hear what wants to be heard

The Light of Love is somewhere in these letters
but I didn’t put it there
It moved in on its own
at the Speed of Love

Light travels very fast
186,000 miles a second they say
Love travels even faster
because it doesn’t travel at all

I love and you are loved
in the same moment

I move and you are moved
I can’t tell who moved first

I forgive and you are forgiven
before either of us can take a new breath

I change and you are transformed
you change and I am transformed

I pray and you are prayed
We are prayed
We are prayed together
at the Speed of Love

to living and loving and praying at the speed of love,


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