Deep soul writing just got more miraculous

The year of the body--Week 33

in which our creative capacity grows and grows some more--and something surprising emerges

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

Since we spoke last Sunday, I’ve had a glorious week of deep soul writing discovering new events for 2022 in the Theatre of the Miraculous.

Creating events that help people drop into the Mystic makes me insanely happy. I’m walking around with a permanent grin on my face as I say yes over and over again to creating experiences unlike anything I’ve ever offered—or anyone has ever offered.

The Theatre of the Miraculous is a whole new way we can explore the Mystic together.

It was such a creative week that I wasn't surprised when I sat down to write this Notes from the Field and saw that it's the 33rd week of the year.

33 is a master number. A double 3, double creativity. 3 is the divine child in the trinity: the magnificent creation of the Father and Mother. This double 3 results in a 6.

When Emma Kupu Mitchell taught an introduction to numerology with me several years ago, she encouraged us to intuit the meaning of each number by asking us to see it as shapes.

When Emma got to the 6, she told us to look at it and tell her what we see. I saw a pregnant belly but thought, oh that can’t be right. It was! That image has stayed with me ever since, and now whenever I see a 6, my first thought is: something is coming, something is being formed, created, prepared for birth.

So when I saw that this is a 33/6 week, well, I just laughed. Yup. I’m so pregnant! I have half a dozen (that six again) events in the Theatre of the Miraculous to create for you.

But the first one is a brand new and quite different exploration of Writing Down Your Soul.

Which leads to the main question people asked me when the book came out 12 years ago: What is writing down your soul?

Here I am 12 years later, and I still struggle to answer that question.


Because deep soul writing is a mystery.

It has to be. It’s a mystical practice. It’s a threshold practice in the liminal space between worlds.

Soul writing isn’t journaling. Or self-help. It isn’t your ticket to getting what you want. You cannot control or manipulate soul writing. You can only show up. Your Sacred Voice will take it from there.

And I assure you, She will take you places you never imagined. She will answer questions you never even thought to ask. And you will discover that you never ever want the conversation to end.

Despite the impossibility of answering this question, I turned to Beloved Sophia on the page and asked for a definition. Here's what I got. I rather like it:

Writing Down Your Soul is a mystical practice that drops you into theta—the threshold between worlds—where you begin to hear Who wants to be heard and find yourself falling in love with this magical Voice. As you move through life holding hands with your Sacred Voice, you begin to see who you really are and the life you really want to live—and you find the courage and grace to create that life.

Soul writing was and is part of everything I offer, but I had no plans to teach it as a course this year.

That is until my publisher relaunched Writing Down Your Soul this summer and my sweet Voice nudged me to teach soul writing again—but in a whole new way. A way called “The Theatre of the Miraculous.”

To celebrate the relaunch, my publisher asked for new endorsements. Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, who led my prayer intensive on the Tree of Life last year, honored me with a thrilling endorsement in which she called me a “21st-century witch.”

Although I had never called myself a witch, Tirzah’s label landed in my body as truth—big non-negotiable truth.

As I embraced my calling as a Mystic Witch, my intensives dropped into an even deeper place in The Mystic, culminating in The Return of the Witches, a 13-week pilgrimage under the banner of the greatest mystic witch of all time, Joan of Arc.

The members of the pilgrimage keep talking about the intense transformations we are experiencing.

I sensed all this radical expansion wasn’t the result of anything I said or did. Something else is happening in our gatherings. But I didn’t know what it was or how to replicate it, so I took my queries to the page.

Sophia showed me that the kind of intense mystical transformations we are experiencing in the pilgrimage happen because the community itself forms a container in which “the contained” can do the work.

Community, Container, Contained—these are the elements in which the miraculous happens.

Religions have indoctrinated us that miracles are outside the norm, rare, and given only to holy individuals who deserve them. None of this is true.

Miracles are natural and innate. They happen all the time. And they happen in communities. When we gather with the sacred desire to BE a container for the contained, miracles happen.

So my newest job is to be a producer and director in the Theatre of the Miraculous. I must say it’s a thrilling job. And how perfect that my first offering in this theatre is the threshold practice that brought me here—Writing Down Your Soul.

You are the Community. Your journal is the Container. The Voice is the Contained. But you may be surprised to discover that there isn’t one Voice, the whole world is filled with Sacred Voices. And they’re all waiting to take you by the hand.

Whether you’re new to soul writing or have been writing for years, come and play in this inaugural Theatre of the Miraculous event.

Magic and miracles await everyone.

We'll gather for 4 Tuesdays in September: 7, 14, 21, 28 from 7-9 PM Eastern with a UK Watch Party for our friends in Europe on Thursdays at 7p UK.

Don't worry if you can't be with us live, all gatherings are recorded and available within 24 hours on a password-protected resource page that will also have a whole host of new bonus videos.

Deep soul writing just got more miraculous. Cover of Janet Conner's book Deep Soul Writing, how to activate and listen to the extraordinary voice within. Blue cover with light blue and white writing.

Writing Down Your Soul 2021 

All New Theatre of the Miraculous Event

Click on the link to watch the video I made for you about the event and read how we'll explore the Container, the Contained, the Continuum, and our Community.

Then register at whatever fee is right for you. I have room for 100 members of the community and this one is going to fill quickly because people love to explore deep soul writing.

I do hope you'll join me and my soul friends in the theatre where miraculous things happen!

Who knows what creative expressions will ask to be brought into the world through you!

to playing in the threshold between worlds,


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