Do you know how extraordinary you are? She does.

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 6--in which She reminds us just how extraordinary we are 

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

It’s been another wild week hasn’t it! If your January felt like a whole year of change and chaos squeezed into one month, know that you are not alone. No less an astrologer than Marcia Wade said exactly that when she and Emma Kupu and I recorded the third video for the 2024 forecast. (It’s the forecast that keeps on giving!)

I sure had a wild January, but I didn’t realize I was sharing a universal experience until Thursday, when I hosted a spontaneous Witch Café to introduce a very different way to pray. A way that weaves together:

  • the rhythm of the three days of the dark moon
  • a moon calendar (I love The Moon is My Calendar)
  • Chandra oracle for each new Moon (Inside Degrees)
  • prayer requests (which we are moving away from asking and into Dreaming)
  • prayer beads (which we re-christened Moon Beads)

This crazy idea came flooding through in a conversation with my sister-witch Cathy Stevens Pratt on Tuesday. We were supposed to be planning the Opening Ceremony for ART 3 on Original Prayer next Sunday, but found ourselves going back over what happened on January 29 when we were told that if we wanted to stay in a rosary community, we had to conform to their standards.

Cathy and I knew that if we conformed to those standards, we’d be agreeing to squeeze out the magic, the transcendental power, the mystical juice, the sheer joy of praying together in a witches circle. So we left. Easy decision.

And, as I said in last Sunday’s Notes from the Field, our NO got three outrageous, delicious, and delightful prayer doors to fly open.

Saying NO is integral to living a life you love.

Matthew Fox calls it the “Spiritual Warrior’s NO.”

  • NO is how you honor yourself, affirm your dignity, claim your sovereignty.
  • NO is confirmation that you are listening to your own voices, your own heart, your own purpose.
  • NO announces that you are following where your heart asks you to go.
  • NO creates space for the big “Mystic’s YES.” The YES you and I long for.

Think about all the times you knew you had to say NO:

  • No, we aren’t really friends.
  • No, I don’t believe that.
  • No, you can’t speak to me that way.
  • No, I can’t stay in this relationship.
  • No, I won’t stay in this job.

Sometimes NO is fierce, like when I had to scream that I was going to get a divorce.

But NO can also be gentle.

NO may simply be an acknowledgement that something or someone no longer feeds your soul or your heart. No is holy. No is necessary. No can change your life.

As David Whyte put it in “Sweet Darkness”:

"Anything or anyone who does not bring you alive is too small for you.” (The House of Belonging)

That makes it clear doesn’t it? The standards of that rosary community were not bringing me alive. They were too small for me. And I said NO, I can’t stay here.

On Tuesday, as Cathy and I were talking about all the magic that ensued within hours of saying NO, I found myself going back to the one word in their email that really bothered me. The one thing that was nonnegotiable for me. It was the last item, the final straw. We were told to be ordinary. Ordinary like everyone else in that community.

Ordinary? Not only am I not ordinary, and Cathy not ordinary, but no one is ordinary. You are not ordinary. And I can prove it.

I jumped up and got Rabbi Rami Shapiro’s Holy Rascals: Advice for Spiritual Revolutionaries. I interviewed Rabbi Rami several times on my original radio show. Each time a total delight. But the day he told this story of his encounter with the Divine Feminine, he changed, or I should say She changed my life. This is why I had to say NO to being told to be ordinary.

Read this slowly and aloud. And notice how it lands in your heart:

“…while chanting the Ave Maria at 2:00 a.m. before a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe at La Case de Maria in Santa Barbara, California, she spoke to me. ‘Do you know why I’m called the Perpetual Virgin? she asked.

‘No,’ I said.

‘I’m called the Perpetual Virgin because I am the mother of all living things, and I am so in love with each that it is as if there were none else. Each birth is my first and only.’”

This is why we have to say NO to anyone or anything that asks us to be small, silent, obedient…ordinary.

If you are so loved that She sees you as Her first and only, then you are beyond extraordinary. You are sacred. You are holy. Your life is sacred. Your life is holy.

I think this is what the witches before patriarchy knew. This is why patriarchy had to silence them.

Witches knew that everyone and everything is sacred. Everything and everyone is extraordinary.

This is the ultimate purpose of the Witch Sequence. The reason we gather in community to remember, awaken, and learn to trust our seven original WitchArt gifts. To hear once again Her call to create a world of reverence for all. To see everyone and everything as She sees: as if there were no other.

Our third WitchArt intensive on Original Prayer opens next Sunday, Feb 18. Prayer is our power source. Our solar plexus. Our core.

Would you like a wee taste of the magic that awaits in ART 3 on Original Prayer?

I set up a free one hour chat about the intensive for this Tuesday, February 13 at 2pm Eastern.

You’ll hear:

  • The wild backstory to prayer and prayer artist
  • Why I had to redefine prayer
  • What patriarchy doesn't want you to know about prayer
  • Four things that have to be transmuted back to their original meaning to heal the wasteland
  • Why Origina is different from all other oracles
  • What your body already knows about prayer
  • Five wild, new, totally delightful prayer practices (gifts of saying NO!)
  • How to infuse everything with prayer
  • The big finish: an insight on prayer from the Tarot through our oracle Cathy
  • And of course, your questions and thoughts.

Here’s a link to register for free. I have room for 44 people.

A Wee Taste of ART 3

But please don’t wait to register for the intensive.

Look through the landing page filled with information on all 7 WitchArts.

There are lots of bonus videos to help you prepare for this immersion into original prayer.

Including a WILD bonus on Pythagoras' Karmic Numbers with Cathy and Emma Kupu Mitchell. It is, we believe, the first time anyone has noticed how Pythagoras crosspollinated the four karmic numbers with Tarot and major celestial bodies.

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
The Power, Beauty, and Joy of Original Prayer

to remembering just how extraordinary you are!


PS: There are no pre-requisites. You do not have to have been in ART 1 or ART 2. Your pre-requisites are a sacred desire to remember the power, beauty and joy of original prayer.


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