Origina leads the way to 3 radical new prayer experiences

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 5--in which Origina creates 3 radical new prayer experiences

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

I’m writing this Notes from the Field late on Saturday after introducing the first ever death ceremony, “The Labyrinth Carries Us Home,” with early registrants for ART 3. It was such an intense and holy experience that I needed to rest a couple hours before I could even think about writing this letter.

I’m glad I waited, because in the last two hours, I’ve connected some rather wild dots. Or rather, I should say, Origina connected some wild dots for me.

First, I need to tell you that I cannot describe what we just experienced. Nothing like it has ever existed. Not because I created something new, but because we dropped into an ancient memory. We experienced a taste of how our ancestral witch mothers assisted the dead with prayer and chant and oil to find their way home into the womb of the Queen of the Living and the Dead on the 7-circuit labyrinth. There’s a reason that labyrinth has been found in ancient tombs.

Everyone who was there felt deep in their bones that we had done something. Something sacred and important. We witnessed five beloved dead—a mother, mother-in-law, father, grandmother, and cat—release the life they just left and, carrying one treasure, fall joyfully into the arms of the Queen of the Living and the Dead.

And to think, ART 3 on Original Prayer hasn’t even opened! Yet, there we were sharing a profound prayer experience. We couldn’t wait. Or rather Origina: the Memory of Prayer wasn’t going to let us wait.

The amazing thing is that the ceremony for the dead was not the only new prayer practice this week. What a week this has been! And in my two-hour rest before writing this, I realized it’s been her week.

It’s been Origna’s week!

My adventures with Origina began on Monday when I opened A Witches Rosary Circle with my sister witch, Cathy Stevens Pratt, as we have every Monday for two years. But this time was different. The hosts of that Facebook group came to our rosary and sent an email afterward that I was not conforming to their rosary standards. If I wanted to continue, I had to stop teaching or leading in any way, not pray “The Queen’s Love,” not invite someone to speak the “Invocation to Joan of Arc,” not read a page from Anne Barstow’s magnificent book on Joan, not number my novena petitions (a numerology practice I love) and stop praying what they called “performative” prayer. They told me I needed to become an “ordinary rosebud” like any other.

It was quite the list. It took all of two seconds to know it was time to bow out of that rosary group. That decision was easy.

But that last bit about being “ordinary” really stuck in my craw.

Not only am I not ordinary, but no one is. No one is. Least of all when we pray.

Prayer, as I have redefined it, is not following a formula. It is a love song bubbling up from the heart that feeds our bodies and souls with the sacred medicine of love. Prayer is a living relationship with prayer itself and with everyone who has ever prayed. When we pray we step into an endless river of love, a river our ancestors prayed in for tens of thousands of years. In total, I have seven new definitions of prayer and I’ll share all seven in the upcoming intensive on prayer.

That was Monday.

On Tuesday, Cathy and I hosted the first-ever "Pop Up Prayer," an iteration of the ancient Stella Maris prayer honoring the brightest light in the sky: Polaris, the North Star, the first name given to the Goddess.

In that prayer circle, we embedded our request to Stella Maris on an imaginal prayer flag. It was fun and it was powerful. During our circle, Susan Finkleman brought her beloved cat, Leonard Cohen, who was dying of cancer. We embedded Leonard onto a flag and sang him into the arms of his namesake by singing Hallelujah. Leonard died just moments after our circle. So Cathy updated the adorable image she made for Pop Up Prayer with Leonard on a flag! He is now St. Leonard Cohen, the patron saint of pop up prayer!

That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, a small group gathered for a very radical new prayer circle, "Migdalah Speaks, We Pray" in which we take turns reading one verse from The Gospel of the Beloved Companion (Magdelene’s full gospel) and recite one decade of personal and maybe even “performative” Goddess prayers. When we finished, we stayed in circle and listened to a witch sister talk about the death of her husband. I had the opportunity to tell her about a dream I had while her husband was dying, a dream in which I became her and whispered love into her husband’s ears as he was dying. Most profound dream of my life.

That was Wednesday.

On Thursday, Cathy and I met for hours to plan “The Labyrinth Carries Us Home,” slowly listening to what wanted to be said as we prayed the dead home.

That was Thursday.

On Friday, I recorded the 3rd part of our 2024 forecast with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Marcia Wade in which Marcia walked us through the radical and rare astrology happening exactly during our 77-day intensive on Original Prayer. I was stunned. Stunned that we will be gathering at the perfect time with massive cosmic support to step into what Emma called our “extraordinariness.” I found that amusing. From being told to be ordinary on Monday to being reminded we are all called into being extraordinary on Friday. Couldn’t have made that up if I tried.

That was Friday.

On Saturday, today, I opened the first “The Labyrinth Carries Us Home.” Afterward, as I rested in a couple hours of silence, I realized that there was something missing in our list of prayer circles for ART 3. We had a prayer for petitions. We had a prayer for the dead. Now we needed a prayer for the dying. Of course! Origna, we’re on it!

And then, just as I was getting ready to write this letter, I had a massive AHA.

This has been the richest prayer week of my life. Because everything has been directed by Origina!

She is the memory of prayer. And, as we learned in last Sunday’s newsletter, she is inside our mitochondria in every cell of our bodies. Thank you to everyone who sent me more information about mitochondria. Whether you are male or female, your mitochondria comes only from your mother on the X chromosome. She carried it from her mother and your grandmother, and on and on, back into evolution.

Mitochondria is the gift of The Mother. It is an ancestral memory that we carry. So, no wonder Origina announced that she is The Memory of Prayer.

So this has been Origina’s week! She is inviting us to fall into the Memory of prayer. All three radical new prayer practices awaken an ancient, sweet, and holy memory of prayer. Thanks to Origina's instructions, in ART 3 in addition to five learning gatherings and five experiential journeys, we will experience these three prayer circles and probably more.

  1. Pop Up Prayer—any petitions
  2. A Circle of Love—for the dying
  3. The Labyrinth Carries Us Home—for the dead

I’m stunned, just stunned by the beauty and power that happened this week.

ART 3 on Original Prayer opens in two Sundays on February 18. But please don’t wait till the last minute to register. To help you prepare there’s a Welcome Handbook, Prayer Handbook, and a whole host of bonus videos including how to make a 7-circuit labyrinth.

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
The Power, Beauty, and Joy of Original Prayer

to the following where prayer leads, because Origina really does know the way


PS: There are no pre-requisites. You do not have to have been in ART 1 or ART 2. Your pre-requisites are a sacred desire to remember the power, beauty and joy of original prayer.

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