Eros: it’s not what you think

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 5--in which our heads spin as we realize we have always misunderstood Eros

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

I’ve spent all this past week immersed in Archangel Michael’s radical teachings, his false and true images, his rather shocking essence, and his mind-boggling color.

I anticipated that his words would rearrange my mind. Oh boy, did that ever turn out to be true.

I sensed the images I grew up with showing him stabbing “the devil” with a sword or spear were a lie. My heart always knew there was something wrong here. But, oh my Goddess, his actual image not only turns that violent portrayal on its head but upends all our concepts of angels.

I thought I understood the essence of angels from years of reading books like The Physics of Angels by Michael Fox and Rupert Sheldrake, plus interviewing authors who contact angels on my previous radio show. But the truth is far wilder than I ever imagined.

And as for his color? Until Cathy Pratt came along to paint his portrait and take us into a deep deep dive into the color Michael insisted upon, I had not even considered if Michael had a color. Have you ever asked yourself what color he is? The various statues and paintings portray him looking a bit like a Roman soldier in brownish garb, so I never even wondered if he had a color. But he does. And his color is not only his, but it's also the original color of creation.

So these weeks spent with Michael have been surprising, shocking, ecstatic.

Time with Michael leaves me thrilled but also exhausted. I need a full 12 hours of sleep each night to even attempt to integrate the sacred reality and presence of this magnificent being.

But the funny part is I actually have a 15-year history with him. He has shown up with a radical message for me 6 times starting in 2008. So you’d think I’d be ready to meet him, see him, and hear him in this life-altering intensive: Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak. I thought I was. I was oh so very wrong.

Yesterday, Sunday, February 5 we gathered in the Theatre of the Miraculous to meet Archangel Michael.

Note: You can still join us, everything is recorded and available for viewing.

One of the many radical truths Michael has asked Cathy to bring us is the truth about Eros.


Does that word land in your body as somehow related to intimacy? It does in mine. I have read countless articles about the diverse meanings of the word love that covers a range from friendship to agape to parental and so on, always arriving in the coupling of lovers with the meaning of eros.

So when Michael used the word eros, my ears pricked up. It’s so important that he gave this quote to Cathy as his final message, his big finale. Read this slowly:

“My main message is to put down your anger and all your ideas of time, all judgement and dualities. We all are only energy and these divisions you create have altered the world. Accept the past for what it was. Step into a new era. Literally see yourself stepping over a threshold into a new world.

Look around. What do you love?
Follow your eros, your creativity.
Carefully choose where your attention goes.
With love, create the world you want to live in.”

And there it is—eros. But wait, that doesn’t sound like intimate coupling. That doesn’t sound like finding your lover. That doesn’t sound like a human relationship at all.

This quote is on the last slide Cathy and I made when we finished working late Friday night. It must have entered my body and nestled there, waiting to tell me more.

The more came in the bathtub.

Don’t knock it, a long hot salt bath is a mystical container if ever there was one. Invariably just the right phrase pops off the page of whatever book I’m reading and carries me deeper into The Mystery.

In perfect synchronicity, last night I was reading the closing chapter of Becoming Animal by David Abram, a book that will be a foundational text for the big Spring intensive The A.R.T of Becoming a Witch: How to Activate, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses.

I’ve been reading Becoming Animal slowly and on practically every page finding treasure troves of wisdom on how to ask permission to enter a plant or animal or stone’s sphere and begin to hear their language and song.

I didn’t want the book to end. So I was reading slowly last night, savoring each sentence.

In his closing chapter titled “In the heart of the heart of the world,” Abram talks at length about humanity slowly awakening to an understanding of the relationship of the sun and the earth. He writes:

“…while the sun’s extravagant radiance reaches us daily from above, filtering down through earth’s atmosphere, the sun’s most incessant influence upon our world and upon our lives reaches us from below. It is an influence so visceral and direct that we can hardly bring it into our awareness. It is a connection as constant by day as it is by night, a relationship that does not vary as the cool of morning gives way to the warmth of noontime, or as the glare of midday is muted by the lengthening shadows of dusk. After Newton’s discoveries regarding the universal mutual attraction (or eros) we now call gravity, we know that our most direct material engagement with the sun is through the gravitational center of our planet. For our muscled animal bodies, that blazing star makes itself felt not only as it moves across the daytime sky, but more deeply and constantly through the very heart of the earth.”

I stopped reading. I read this paragraph aloud. I reread the sentence about eros. I stared at the periwinkle blue wall. I kept hearing Michael dancing around my head.

Eros is gravity. Gravity is eros.

I dried off quickly, grabbed a yellow pad, and sat up in bed to explore Michael’s question: What do you love? Follow your eros, your creativity.

I wrote his question, “what do I love,” and added the reciprocal, “what loves me” and arrived quickly at my four great loves:

  • The Sacred Feminine
  • Deep Soul Writing in mystical theta
  • Prayer
  • Witch

But then something happened. I asked a question I’ve never asked before. A question I don’t think I would ever have considered but for Michael’s final message on Eros and David Abram’s closing words on Eros-Gravity.

I wrote: Who asked first?

And realized immediately that I never went seeking any of these great loves. They came for me. They rose out of the core of my heart, surfaced from the center of my world. They are the gravity of my life. And they came seeking me.

It’s been a long delicious relationship:

  • Deep soul writing and theta came for me in 1997, transforming me from an HR consultant to a spiritual writer and teacher.
  • The Sacred Feminine landed in my body and completely inverted my world in 2014.
  • Prayer Artist whispered, just like a lover’s kiss, in my left ear in 2018 and changed everything I am and do.
  • Mystic Witch arrived completely out of the blue in 2020 and erased lifetimes of fear and silence awakening a long buried call to speak the truth of the witches.

It's been a beautiful, love-filled life.

But here’s what I realized: all four loved me first.

They called me. I had to notice. I had to feel their gravitational pull and respond. I had to turn my face and realize this was love calling. And I had to whisper yes. Yes, I love you, too.

Michael is utterly and completely correct. Eros is the gravitational pull of what you love and what loves you. It is your wildest and holiest creativity. It's why you came. 

Join us today to meet Archangel Michael. He will help you find your own eros, your own gravitation pull.

We will complete our gathering with these holy words. Words I have said so often, but am only now beginning to understand:

Go in Love for Love is what you are.

Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak: Healing the Wedge Patriarchy has Hammered between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

On January 29, we meet Archangel Luci
On February 5, we meet Archangel Michael
On February 12, we will heal the wedge in our hearts.

to falling in love with our eros, our gravity, the heart of the heart of our lives,



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