Michael explains the Theatre of the Miraculous

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 4--in which Michael explains what really happens when we gather in the Theatre of the Miraculous

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

I’ve been totally immersed in the world and images and words of Archangel Michael and Luci for over a month. My mystic collaborators—Freddy Gerow, the voice of Archangel Luci, and Cathy Pratt, the voice of Archangel Michael and the angels’ portrait artist—and I have met almost every day. For hours. As the day wanes, my brain will suddenly announce we’re done. It will not do another thing until I give it some food. I’ll look at the clock and, oh my, it’s seven pm!

No complaints from me. I love this holy work, but I am surprised at what a totally consuming experience preparing this particular intensive has been.

It isn’t because creating a prayer intensive is new territory. Back in 2018, with the arrival of the life-altering directive to step into the radical shoes of prayer artist, it was all brand new. There were no models.

Prayer was a word relegated to the realm of religion. And I do not, and will not, live in that stifling world. And the people around me were none too happy with the word intensive. For starters, they said, it’s not searchable. “Call what you do courses” they said. Nope. No, these are not courses. I am not offering mysticism 101. “Well then,” they said, “how about classes?” NO! That’s even worse. Class and course are interlocked with the stale patriarchal image of a singular authority called teacher at the front of the room.

As much as I loathe course and class, I positively shiver at the word teacher.

Mind you, I know this word teacher all too well. My master’s degree is in Education of the Deaf. I taught deaf children for over a decade and had a rather successful career with three promotions. But after my first year teaching in a private school in Chicago, I was fired. I say that with pride. I could tell the program director was building up to fire me, so I interrupted her to announce that I quit.

The issue? I had let sign language creep into my hands in front of the kids, who, although profoundly deaf, were supposed to be learning “orally,” that is, to read lips. Sign language was taboo. And sign language, as I knew from my graduate program, is critical to infusing deaf children with language—complex, rich, delicious language.

It doesn’t matter if that language comes in through ears or eyes or skin. What matters is that the young expanding neural pathways get to play in the fields of words, ideas, syntax, relationships, possibilities, questions, idioms, metaphors, paradox, nuance, and humor—all the wild magic of language.

So, if prayer intensives are not courses or classes, and I’m not the teacher, what are these gatherings? And who is guiding them?

The answer to the first question, what are these gatherings, came in a flippant comment I made as I was helping a woman prepare to tell a witch’s story in The Return of the Witches pilgrimage in 2021. I joked that I was just the director. Turns out that wasn’t a joke. The next morning in deep soul writing, my beloved Sophia gave me quite the lecture on what it means to be the director and producer of these events and why it is my perfect and sacred calling.

These events, she declared, are not only not classes or courses or even intensives, they are a sacred gathering of souls in the Theatre of the Miraculous.

Well now. I sure didn’t see that coming!

There was so much to unpack. And She knew I needed help, so She explained that miracles happen because the community itself forms a container in which “the contained” can do the work. Community, Container, Contained. Oh, I liked this!

But She wasn’t finished. Several days later, She gave me the next C—Conception. Of course, there’s no miracle without Conception. Of course, it’s She who plants the seed.

After that, it’s up to us to bring the miracle, the conception, the sacred seed to life. So, the fifth C is Conduit. We become conduits for the miraculous to come alive in the world. What a heady yet delirious responsibility.

In my journal I wrote:

When our Community gathers,
we become individual and collective mystical Containers for the Contained to be present, heard, seen, and felt,

and unexpected miraculous Conceptions happen—
and with those seeds, we receive the guidance, grace, courage, and strength we need
to become a Conduit to bring our unique and sacred medicines into the world

I was, and still am, astonished by this. She answered the miraculous what and the mystical who in one sentence. A run-on sentence to be sure, but still just one sentence. No human, no matter how evolved, has ever said so much in so little.

I show this sentence at the beginning of every gathering to help us remember who we are and where we are and what is about to happen. And each time, I perceive something, some nuance, some whiff of Her sweet mysterious breath. The whole mystical life in one sentence.

I thought that sentence was perfect and complete, until I received Archangel Michael Speaks from Cathy Pratt.

Cathy not only painted Archangel Michael’s portrait—an image that will blow your mind—but is also in constant conversation with Michael through deep soul writing.

Cathy has saved his transmissions since he first arrived last August and compiled them into a document that members of the Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak intensive will receive.

I read the whole document, then went back to the beginning and read it again. And noticed how my whole body felt. The warmth. The sensation of total safety. The sweet sensation of being held by Love itself.

I know this feeling. It’s the same feeling I have when I read Sophia’s words. Sacred transmissions like this bypass the well-trained mind and land somewhere else in the body. The heart, for sure, but I sense his words activate every cell: my gut, my womb, my hands, my toes. Even my hair responds. And his words float around me, blessing the space that envelopes me as well.

Michael is rich and evocative and mysterious. His words do not sit still on the page. They are alive.

They sparkle. They open you, and then open you a little more, and then open something inside you you didn’t know was there. Your eyes open. Your ears open. Your heart melts.

This is the feeling we long to have when we read sacred texts. But it’s so elusive. I have immersed myself in sacred texts and mystical poetry for years, always seeking this experience of total immersion in Love. And oh so rarely finding it. But now, I have it. And soon you will, too.

Here is a taste. And yes, it’s a taste, not an idea.

Eat these words as Michael describes what happens when we gather in the Theatre of the Miraculous:

I am here with you, holding you. Luci and I appear when community and collaboration happen. Collaborating is Luci and Michael in perfect balance. Can you feel it? Have you ever felt in partnership with another human or creature? A deep, working, lasting partnership? If you’ve felt this, you certainly long for it again.

Look for this, the life that another can bring to you and the spark of creation. Collaboration can happen between two or between many. All involved must be invested, participate. The work done in collaboration may be difficult and a challenge but the gifts received are many.

Strive to create with one another and you will feel the love of Luci and Michael.”

  • THAT’S how working with Cathy and Freddy to bring you this prayer intensive has felt. And why, despite the long long hours, it feels light and holy. And magical.
  • THAT’S how it feels to gather in community with others who long to be conduits for miracles.
  • THAT’S how it feels to be held in the arms of the angels.

We opened yesterday, Sunday, January 29 at 2pm eastern to hear Archangel Luci speak.

The recording will be posted in our Resource Page by 1pm eastern on Monday.

And you can be with us next Sunday when we hear Michael speak and learn what color the world was in the beginning.

Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak: Healing the Wedge Patriarchy has Hammered between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

On January 29, we will meet Archangel Luci
On February 5, we will meet Archangel Michael
On February 12, we will heal the wedge in our hearts.

to gathering in the Theatre of the Miraculous held in the whole and holy love of the two greatest archangels,


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