Honoring the river of time on Equinox

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 38--in which we ponder the passage of time on the Libra Equinox

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

This has been, and continues to be, a powerful weekend, a sacred passage in the long story of time. Today, as I write this Notes from the Field, it is Saturday evening on the Libra Equinox.

I’ve long referred to The Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub to begin to understand the ancient meaning of the solstices and equinoxes. But it wasn’t until I sat down with Cathy Stevens Pratt, my collaborator on The Witch Sequence, to create a ceremony to honor this Equinox that I realized how little we actually know about this sacred gateway.

It turns out that whatever the ancients knew about this portal into the descent of the light has been lost over time. Our only clues are the symbols and passageways they left carved in stone in the Great Pyramid in Egypt, on the seven-feathered serpent of light on the pyramid in Chichen Itza Mexico, and in the massive statues facing the direction of the West on Easter Island.

It's all there, but Cathy and I had to drop into a deep cavern of time with our hands on the symbol of a megalithic equinox carving in Ireland to begin to feel our way into what wanted to be seen, felt, experienced, and honored in our first ever Equinox ceremony.

It was a profound ceremony and I hope we honored the ancients in a proper and holy way.

When that ended, Cathy and I then spent the rest of the day preparing the delicious content for a learning gathering on creativity that is happening today, Sunday, probably as you read this letter.

And if that weren’t quite enough, tomorrow, Monday, is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the holiest day of the year in the Jewish calendar, and a sacred day for me. It is the 20th anniversary of the day my ex-husband died.

The actual date was Oct 6, but the day that year was also Yom Kippur and I realized instantly that he was sending me a profound apology and a promise. And so I have honored Yom Kippur every year since and without fail he arrives with a message of love.

With all that happening, it’s time for dinner and I have not written you a Notes from the Field.

But I think I actually received the perfect note, the perfect love song about time, five years ago when this unusual prayer came through.

Perhaps this is the ancients of the Equinox speaking. Perhaps it is my ex-husband. Perhaps it is a love note from someone you loved. Someone waiting for you in the river of time.

The River of Time

©Janet Conner May 22, 2018

This moment. And this moment.
And that one. And that one.
That one tomorrow.
And that one last year.

All our moments
are melting into one moment.
This moment.
Right here. Right now.

If I could swim the River of Time
I would swim back to you.
Back to a you I loved.
Back to a moment I loved.

And I would still be right here.

If I could swim the River of Time
into tomorrow and next year and next life,
I would still be right here.
I would open my eyes and be surprised
that I am still…

Right here. Right now. With you. In you.

What does this mean?
That forward is no different than backward?
That then, and now, and was, and is, and will be
are all happening right here, right now?

Whoever wrote Genesis knew this.
They described the River thousands of years ago.
Their verb for was—or what we hear as was
is the verb for will be—or what we hear as will be.

Was, is, will be. All the same. Same—same.
Was is isIs is wasWas is will be.
Future and now, together.
Past and now, together.

You are now.
I am now.
We are now.
Just as we were then.

I am in that moment over there.
And we shall be in that moment over there, too.

Is time a wave or a particle?
Am I a wave or a particle?
Are you a wave or a particle?

Am I now or was I then?
Are you here or are you there?

Is this a wonder?
I wonder.
Don’t you?

Until next Sunday, may the river of time bring you love, joy, and perhaps even some gifts of atonement


PS: coming soon:

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