I have a couple birthday gifts for you

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 21--in which a bit of birthday review reveals a door to morphic resonance

AND--the first birthday sale in 3 years!

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

When I started having depth numerology consultations for my birthday with Emma Kupu Mitchell, she taught me something I'd never heard before. Maybe you haven’t heard it either.

She said the thirty days prior to your birthday are the ideal time to pause, reflect, and look back at the story of the last year of your life.

This isn’t just good advice. As Emma explained, it’s the natural rhythm of your natal chart. We call a birthday your solar return, the day the sun returns to the same spot it held on the zodiac wheel when you took your first breath. For me, that’s June 16. So I’m smack in the middle of my ideal reflection period.

But we don’t do this, do we. At least I didn’t. Growing up, no one told me to take time between mid-May and mid-June to look back over everything that happened, everything I did, learned, created, experienced, felt, realized…until I see patterns, surprises, meaning, possibilities.

Instead, what we typically do is look forward to celebrating the upcoming birthday. Celebrating is lovely. And important. And fun. But it’s way more meaningful and magical when you know what you’re actually celebrating.

Thanks to Emma, I now pause in the last days of May and go back over the last year to see what I can see. Without fail, I end up noticing something that I completely missed while I was busy living.

I find the easiest and richest way to do my pre-birthday review is in deep soul writing. I come to my review with lots of blank pages. I bring no plan, no set questions, no particular process. It’s just me and the page. And the desire to see what wants to be seen.

Every May I see something. But this week, as I sat outside in the shade of the palm trees looking back at my 74th year, I saw something new. Something bigger than I ever saw before. Something bigger than I could ever have imagined.

That something is called Morphic Resonance.

Morphic resonance explains so much. Not just about my year and my life, but about all our years and all our lives, lifetime after lifetime.

Here’s how it happened. On Tuesday, I had to get up early for the tile guy who likes to start work at 8am.  (I’m redoing my bathroom.) At that hour it was still cool enough to sit outside, so I settled on my chaise lounge with coffee and my journal and began to review the last 12 months. The big event for me since June 2022 has been Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches, the longest, largest, wildest event I’d ever created.

But Songlines didn’t come out of nowhere, so after looking at the magic that ensued in my 74th year, I looked back at the year before, and the year before that. Until I arrived at the moment in 2020 when witch arrived and upended everything.

That word—witch—has taken me on quite the journey. As 2020 was ending, I realized what kind of witch I am—mystic witch. I heard “the return of the witches” at the center of a labyrinth walk during The Lotus and the Lily and it felt important, so I put those words on my 2021 mandala.

If you’ve been in The Lotus and the Lily intensives with me, you know that the mandala holds the wisdom of the life that wants to be lived long before you do.

So it came as no surprise to me that in 2021 I had to create The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage. It was raw and intense. And when it ended, I thought I was finished with witch. I didn’t realize the witches had just begun to work with me.

It turned out Jeanne had a lot more to say, and listening to her, Emma, and Suzi von Mensenkampff, and I created Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches—the yearlong mystery school that opened June 2022 and is ending in a few weeks under the Solstice Sun.

I thought surely witch was finished with me. What could possibly be bigger than a yearlong mystery school? Turns out a lot.

In January of this year, I felt a nonnegotiable push to create something called The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: how to awaken, remember, and trust your body’s natural intuitive senses. This intensive was completely different from the others. It is teaching us HOW to be a witch. And it was clear that it had to be 77 days long during the exact window of an intense Aquarian opening.

Now, I’m used to listening to my voices, and following where I’m led, and creating what wants to be created, but even I thought it was nuts to open such an intense and long event at the same time that Songlines was coming to completion. But the guidance was unmistakable, so I did it, once again in partnership with Emma and Suzi, joined by medium Ramzi Cheety and sacred artist Cathy Pratt. And my Goddess, we’ve been having a grand time awakening five of our native intuitive abilities.

With ART ending in a few weeks, I thought OK, now surely I’m finished. I’ve done all I can for the witches.

Ha! The witches were just warming up. And when I explain what morphic resonance has to do with it, you’ll see why.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been glued to my soul writing chair, receiving not one, not two, but a total of seven intensives of 77 days each in what wants to be called The Witch Sequence. Thanks to hanging out with Emma, I had to do the numerology.

The Witch Sequence is 77. And the subtitle, Awaken the Witch Within is 99. Two massive master numbers. I could not improve upon the name. It’s perfect.

The Witch Sequence has taken over. And I’m thrilled she has.

I’m having the time of my life working on the content, the order, the names and purpose of each of the intensives. The symbols. And the big image. The sequence unfolds in us as we walk an ancient seven-circuit labyrinth that looks like it might have been carved on stone in the neolithic. A time before patriarchy. A time when women, the earth, and the Goddess were revered.

So in my pre-birthday review, I followed quite the trail from one word—witch—through layers of richer and richer intensives, all the way to what feels like my legacy. A legacy I’ll be proud to hand over to the next generation of witches.

And if I stopped there, it would still have been a lovely review of the richest years of my life. But the icing on the cake, so to speak, was the final flourish. And what a flourish.

Last night after dinner, I listened to a talk Rupert Sheldrake gave a few months ago at Hollyhock.

You probably know of him. He’s the creator of the term Morphic Resonance.

A term that has been controversial in science. But a term we mystics love and understand.

I took five pages of notes, but here are the highlights:

  • every species in nature has collective memory
  • behavior is influenced not by genetics but by habitual behaviors of family, ancestors, culture
  • memory is not in the brain; it’s in the field of morphic resonance
  • all social groups have morphic resonance: flocks of birds, schools of fish, termite colonies
  • when a few members of a species learn something new, others begin to exhibit the new learning even if they’re thousands of miles away
  • resonance works from past to present; it’s easier to learn what others have learned
  • the ancestral morphic field influences us directly even if we never knew the ancestors
  • memories are not destroyed at death; they enter the field
  • what we heal in this life heals the field and influences those to come
  • when you enter a space where others have prayed, gathered, celebrated, or suffered, you enter a morphic field (that’s why we visit sacred sites and go on pilgrimage)

Listening to Rupert Sheldrake, suddenly my multi-year look back felt downright holy.

  • The witches of the past are alive.
  • They are communicating, guiding, and influencing me and every one of us who wish to heal the wasteland patriarchy has created.
  • And the biggest and most beautiful message of morphic resonance: As more of us learn the truth about witches. As more of us remember what a sacred and holy title witch once was. As more of us awaken our natural sacramental witch gifts.
  • Then the field itself begins to heal.
  • And the future begins to change. Right here. Right now. With me.

Funny enough, that’s the resounding conclusion of my lunar prayer I wrote in March: And so it begins. With me.

Learning about morphic resonance has reinvigorated my commitment to do the holy work the witches want done. Because it makes a difference. Now. And in the Future.

That’s some icing on my birthday cake, don’t you think!

There will be much to come about The Witch Sequence as it evolves. Or perhaps I should say, "as the witches in the morphic field guide me to create it."

But for today, let me give you a birthday gift.

I used to do this every June, but the witches have kept me rather busy and it’s been three years since I offered a June sale. It’s time.

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Why 22? Because my birthday June 16 adds up to 22. (6 + 16) Plus it’s the master number of structure, a whole new way to build a life. And I’d say learning in the morphic field of the ancestors is the perfect way to build a life.

to birthdays, birthday reviews, and the wonders of the morphic field. Oh, and BIRTHDAY GIFTS! 


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