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2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 22--in which witch comes calling, bearing her gifts, this time for you!

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Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

Witch comes for all who need her. When we need her. She comes when we are ready. Although we may not know we are ready. I wonder if anyone ever feels ready. I think not. I didn’t.

But now, as I embrace this ancient title, I meet woman after woman after woman who also didn’t know witch was coming. Who also didn’t feel they were ready. But who also said yes, and watched in wonder as witch carried them into a whole kind of life, a life overflowing with magic and joy.

Life before and after witch is different. Radically different. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have a feeling that’s just how witch works. She knows when we’re ready to remember who we really are and how we want to live.

You’ve heard my story. And I won’t repeat it today. Except to say that every time I tell it, I am reminded of the foundational truth of the mystical life. A truth that hides in plain sight in the passive voice. (Which I think should be renamed “mystical voice.”) The truth is witch came to me and for me; I didn’t seek her.

As far as I could tell, she just dropped out of the sky.

I was stunned. Flabbergasted. Shocked.

But not afraid.

My spontaneous reaction was to throw up my arms and shout, “She sees me, somebody sees me!”

In past lives, I’m sure I was terrified of being called a witch. But this time, after twenty years of dropping out of conscious mind in deep soul writing to cross the threshold between worlds, I had enough sense to know not to be afraid.

The same thing happened to the Irish poet Eimear Stassin. And it happened in the exact same month. August 2020.

We know 2020 was the year of global quarantine. Did so many of us have mystical awakenings because we were under quarantine? Were we in some kind of Goddess incubator? I don’t know. But I find it curious that so many women had radical awakenings that August.

Eimear Stassin’s calling came on August 8. Does that date ring any bells? August 8 is called The Lion’s Gate. On that fateful Lion’s Gate day, Eimear experienced the first part of her witch awakening while on a tour of Edinburgh Castle where witches were tried, imprisoned, and executed. She wasn’t expecting what happened. And was not in any way prepared. But as the tour ended, she felt The Witches of Edinburgh Castle Esplanade come alive. And they began to speak.

They did not mince words.

They commanded Eimear to share this mantra far and wide:

Witches rise up. Return to your power
Witches rise up. Now is the hour.
Witches rise up. Step onto your throne.
Witches Rise Up. It’s time to come home.

How would you feel if that happened to you? Would you say yes right away? Or take a moment? Eimear took a moment. Which I totally understand. Because when this happens, you know—and you know that you know—that saying yes is going to change everything.

Like deep soul writing did for me. And prayer artist. Saying yes to prayer artist changed everything. And then along came witch. Oh boy, did that ever change my life!

We’re trained under linear patriarchal thinking to fear change. To try to control it. To chase it into the corner. But sacred change can’t be cornered. It’s a calling. It’s actually a very sweet and holy calling. And the witches were not going to let Eimear miss her chance.

So their whispers increased in volume and intensity until Eimear began to take action. She realized that to ignore these cathartic calls would be perilous. And she would miss something.

Something the voices wanted desperately to give her.

One of the first things Eimear did to honor the witches was gather mystics and seekers into what turned out to be the first in a series of online events. The first was so beautiful, that she offered another and another and another. Each time introducing her community to new voices, wise women who had found their way in the world wearing the mantle of witch.

I stumbled upon Eimear over a year ago. Somebody suggested I sign up for one of her events. I’m so glad I did. I was startled and thrilled to realize I’d found a sister. A mystic sister. A mystic witch sister. I love Eimear so much I invited her to get a taste for my own witch intensives. And she loved them. You can be certain Eimear will show up as one of our mystic professors in future Mystica InnerVersity prayer intensives.

So when Eimear invited me to speak at her fifth global gathering, I said yes instantly. If you’ve been reading these Notes from the Field for a while, you know I turn down almost every online seminar invitation. I only say yes when the guide is a true mystic. And when the topic sets my heart on fire. And this one sends me singing.

This one weaves my favorite mystical topics into one golden tapestry.

The name:
The Golden Grail.

Now there’s a wild witch story. The Grail legend is packed full of sacred feminine mystery under the surface knight story. For the Grail alone, I’d say yes.

The subtitle:
The Rise of the Magdalene Witches

The Magdalen! The great myrrophore. The queen of anointing. She who gave us the Sacrament of Remembrance. I’m all in on anything about the Magdalene.

Finally, the closing phrase:
Summer Solstice Soul Gathering.

Ah, the solstice. The moment when the light reaches her apex, turns and slowly, oh so slowly, begins to recede to make way for the long dark. A sacred moment all our witch ancestors honored as they danced under the light of the sun.

When Eimear asked me what I wanted to talk about, I jumped at the chance to talk about something dear to my heart: Redefining Witch.

And oh, did we have a glorious time recording it.

After we were finished, Eimear told me she’s scheduling our conversation on June 17, the first of all the recorded conversations. Feels like quite the honor.

There are 25 other speakers. Perhaps you know Cali White and her sacred witch healing work. Or Jennifer Connolly, whose facebook posts take my breath away.

Here are some of the topics:

  • Lemurian Implants
  • The Return of the Cathars
  • Becoming the Living Magdalene
  • Goddess Trees of the Celts and the Gift of the Great Song
  • The Magdalene Mysteries and the Path of the Blue Rose: How the Celestial Grail Codes are helping us to Awaken today
  • Eden and the Quest for the Holy Grail
  • The Historic Magdalene

See what I mean! I want to hear them all.

The Golden Grail runs from June 16 when it opens with a live talk by Eimear at 6p UK time (7p Europe, 8p Eastern Europe, 1p eastern, 12 central, 11a mountain, 10a pacific) and continues for six days through June 24 with live events at Lough Gur and The Grange Stone Circle in addition to the recorded conversations which you can watch at any time.

There’s no cost to participate. Although you are welcome to purchase the entire set of recordings if you want to have them for the future.

Click here to register.

The Golden Grail: The Rise of the Magdalene Witches

to gathering up all the witch wisdom in the solstice, the Magdalene and the Grail


PS: My birthday is June 16. How's that for a fun synchronicity with Eimear's event!

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