Love is loud and clear in her numbers

"The Tree of Life represents that any challenge can be reborn anew to give new life--new life with hope, new life with possibility, new life on a new plane, new life at a new level of consciousness." 

Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record


I don’t plan my prayer intensives. I can’t. They emerge when they’re ready. What typically happens is that I get an impulse about something, often in deep soul writing, and all I really have to do is say yes.

You know what the Sufis say about consent: “Consent draws down grace.”

I am proof that it does, because with my one-word consent, the intensive itself comes to life. It starts to take over, and it leads me where I need to go. And lately, I have to run to keep up.

I had this experience just this week. I asked to have a consultation with the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record about the radical love prayer practice I am called to create to close the internment camps for migrants in the US and free the children.

This is a non-negotiable command.

It began as a nudge when I interviewed Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, author of Wounds into Wisdom, for my podcast, Praying at the Speed of Love.

Her book is about healing intergenerational Jewish trauma, and as we spoke, we found ourselves talking about the new generation of traumatized children being created in US internment camps as we speak.

That night I was awakened with a nudge to create a prayer practice showering the camps with love, like the one I created four years ago when my son was a political prisoner. I created it with the guidance of the Masters and Teachers and 100 women around the world joined me to shower the prison that held my son with unconditional love.

That prayer practice not only created a miracle of release, but dozens of you told me it was the most powerful prayer experience you’d ever had.

But I guess I didn’t move fast enough, because two days later, I recorded Elizabeth Cunningham, author of The Maeve Chronicles—a wild magnificent romp through the adventures of a very Celtic Magdalene—a Magdalene you’ve never met before.

Once again, the conversation landed on the camps and Maeve/Magdalene/Elizabeth Cunningham said, what would Jesus and Magdalene do?

Forgive. Love your enemies. Be good to those who persecute you.

I got teary right there on the show.

That night, my angels woke me again. But this time they weren’t whispering. They were screaming:

Prayer Artist! Prayer Artist! DO SOMETHING!

I jolted awake, whole body shaking. I shouted my consent.

The next morning, I began working full speed ahead on They Are All Our Children: a radical love prayer practice to close the camps and free the children.

They Are All Our Children will open this Thursday, August 8 on my podcast and with a detailed page on my site.

Please know that I didn't plan to do this on 8-8. But it couldn't be more perfect because 8-8 is known in astrology as “The Lion’s Gate.”

8 is the number of infinity. And The Lion's Gate is a portal into the infinity of love, courage, strength.

8 in the Tarot is either Strength or Justice depending on the deck.

Both are perfect because this prayer practice calls for the mercy and forgiveness that creates true justice, and it will take real strength to pray at this deep mystical level, taking responsibility to change the consciousness that created this vast traumatic internment system.

From the time I said yes on 7-17 to opening day of a radical global prayer practice on 8-8 is just 22 days.

22—the master number of 4, building a spiritual foundation, an architecture of peace.

When I set up the recording with Kahu Lahela, who leads us in Ho‛oponopono, and Celeste Yacoboni who sings the opening song to the children and the closing song to our Mother, I noticed that the zoom meeting ID added up to a 44.

44—the master number of 8 for healing the children of the world.

And finally, when I asked myself what the numerology for They Are All Our Children is, I burst into tears. The letters add up to 108.

108—the number of Mary Magdalene and all Divine Feminine.

All these messages from the numbers are not an accident.

They are not only confirmation of the mystical power of They Are All Our Children, they are also confirmation of the importance of the intensive that opens tomorrow, Monday August 5, The Numbers in You.

If I had not become a student of numerology through my precious friend Emma Kupu Mitchell, I would have missed all these messages of love that are right in front of me. And right in front of you.

Those vibrations are in your name.
They're in your birth date.
They're in everything around you.
Once you know how to decode their symbolic language.

Watch for a special Notes from the Field this Wednesday announcing the beginning of They Are All Our Children.

In it, I’ll share what I learned from the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record about the deep mystical teaching from the Tree of Life in this prayer practice. And teach you the prayer.

And, please, if you’d like to decode the messages in your numbers, join Emma and me in The Numbers in You. We open tomorrow.


The Numbers in You

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