Mary Magdalene has a few things to teach us about anointing!

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 26--in which we realize that anointing--original anointing--is more ancient, miraculous, and powerful than anything we've ever been told

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

Emma Kupu Mitchell and I have a long delicious history of creating powerful anointing practices that amplify the purpose and energy of my intensives. Neither of us remembers exactly when we began. We think it might have been late 2014 or early 2015 when Emma mentioned she had twenty plus years of training in clinical aromatherapy.

Although I knew nothing about aromatherapy, never mind clinical aromatherapy, I knew I was being handed on a silver platter a profound missing piece that could really bring my intensives alive. Where they needed to come alive: in the body.

I couldn’t tell you why, but from my earliest intensives I sensed that anointing matters. And not just as a way to create sacred space. In my gut, I knew that anointing has power. Real mystical power. Something happens when you anoint yourself with truly sacred oils and speak truly sacred words.

And so our anointing partnership began.

After talking about the purpose of an upcoming intensive, Emma would go to her favorite Heiau on Oahu. (Heiau is an ancient Hawaiian temple or sacred site.) In the silence, surrounded by sacred rocks, plants, trees, and wind, Emma would receive messages from the plants that wanted to be included in the anointing oil for that intensive. She’d come home with the formula and get to work blending the oil.

Emma is a tiny figure on the right of this photo bringing her oils to the Heiau. You can't help but feel the power of that place in this photo. 

Meanwhile, I would receive words and movements. Words would usually come first. Sometimes in deep soul writing, sometimes waking in morning theta, sometimes in the middle of the night. Sometimes all at once. Sometimes in bits and pieces. And after the words, some simple movements. Basically instructions on where to dab ourselves as we spoke the words.

Slowly, anointing was teaching us how to anoint.

As there were then, and still are, no reliable books on the ancient art of anointing before the age of religion, anointing herself became our “book.” What books there might have been were destroyed in the Library at Alexandria.

So Emma and I simply followed where anointing wanted us to go and see what anointing wanted us to see. And what anointing wanted us to see was the living relationship between our bodies and the moon, our bodies and the cosmos, our bodies and the morphic field of what was once known and wants to be known once more.

Our bodies and the ancient lineage of the sacred feminine—the Myrrhophores.

Over dozens of intensives in the last nine years, that living relationship has awakened more and deeper knowing as we spoke our prayers and touched our holy bodies with Emma’s sacred oils.

Seeing how beautifully anointing supported the mystical intent of each intensive, Emma and I knew that at some point we would offer an intensive on anointing. That became even more clear in 2019 when I realized that anointing is one of the five Original Prayers—along with the mystical wisdom of the Tree of Life, the cosmic path of the Original Labyrinth, the threshold-crossing power of the Goddess Rosary, and the cleansing power of Ho‘oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian prayer of radical Forgiveness.

And yet, somehow it was never the right time. We didn’t know why, but we sensed that anointing was still teaching us, and we simply weren’t ready.

And then along came the teacher we didn't know we were waiting for—Mary Magdalene.

I’ve been a tad obsessed with the Magdalen ever since a physically brutal 40-day/40-night initiation opened my entire being—body and soul—to the sacred feminine. (I tell that story in the video on the landing page on Myrrhophore Anointing, so I won’t repeat it here.)

Obviously the Magdalen is the ideal teacher on anointing. After all, she anointed Yeshua, and when she did, something massive happened that the male gospel writers didn’t understand, so they tried to ignore her or weaken her role. Some even tried to exclude her from the story altogether.

But we still want to know:

  • What was in her oil?
  • When and how and why did she anoint her beloved?
  • Where did she learn the sacrament of anointing?
  • Had they shared anointing many times before?
  • Did she teach him anointing? Is that how he performed miracles?
  • Had she prepared him for what would happen?
  • Did he understand what she was doing? What was coming?
  • What is the relationship of anointing and resurrection?
  • What is the role of anointing in their love story?

I turned to Cynthia Bourgeault for answers to these questions. And Cynthia, who wrote, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene in which she describes Mary Magdalene as the creator of the sacrament of anointing, said that no one knows the answers to these questions. I was frustrated to hear this. And yet, it was also perfect and important. For if there is no book, no workshop, no one who could teach us the ancient art of anointing, then we were free. Free to feel our own way deep into the mystic memory of what anointing wants us to remember.

So Magdalen herself had to become our teacher.

She arrived in Emma’s left ear one night and ever since has completely taken over the role of dictating our sacred anointing oil formulae. I remember Emma describing the first time it happened. She was outside walking under a magnificent full moon in Hawaii, when a loud, authoritative, female voice announced in her left ear what Emma was to put in the oil for the upcoming intensive. Emma said Magdalen’s voice had a depth of power and knowing that made everything she said nonnegotiable.

Emma was surprised by what Mary Magdalene wanted in the oil, but obeyed. And we all felt the difference. When Magdalen dictates a formula, it is, well…it’s hard to describe. But when you touch your body with it, you feel something hidden deep rush to the surface to be caressed, comforted, kissed. And you are changed.

And now, at last, Emma and I, plus our sister-witch collaborator Cathy Stevens Pratt, are ready to offer you an intensive on anointing.

But we know we are not the teachers. Magdalen—and her beloved—are our teachers. And they are full of surprises. Here are a few that we will explore in Myrrhophore Anointing:

  • Magdalen is not one person; she is a triad of person, archetype, council—and we will work with all three
  • Anointing is a most ancient gift of the Goddess; women were anointing eons before religion
  • Anointing is an essential WitchArt gift, the gift of the heart
  • Anointing is not limited to touching with oils; you can anoint with your eyes, breath, words, thoughts
  • Anointing does not bestow anything from without; it awakens something within
  • Anointing is the sacrament of remembering; it awakens lifetimes of knowing
  • Before you can anoint you must receive a 360° heart
  • You are not the one anointing; you are being anointed

And so much more.

Under the guidance of the Magdalen Triad, you are invited to awaken your own ancestral memory of Myrrhophore Anointing.

Cathy, Emma, and I have worked for weeks on the landing page to describe this intensive, the fourth in The Witch Sequence. If this is the first time you’re visiting an A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch intensive, here’s how it’s laid out:

  1. Video at the top tells the background story
  2. First half is an introduction to The Witch Sequence, the labyrinth and more
  3. Bottom half, below the green banner, has all the details about the content and the schedule
  4. Don't miss Magdala, the Oracle of the Sacrament of Anointing. Sit with her for a few minutes. Taking her in with your eyes is like sitting in the Library of Alexandria

Take your time. But not too long! Our opening ceremony is on Sunday, August 4th. And if Sundays don’t fit your life, I’ve created a series of watch parties on Tuesdays.

All this past week, I invited members of the first three ART events as well as members of Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak and Remembering the Songlines of the Witches.

This week, Emma is going to invite her communities that gather at the dark and full moon and at the seasons of the Celtic wheel. Plus her Midlife and Beyond group and her Creative Visual Journaling community. And Cathy will invite her creative and tarot newsletter list.

So we anticipate a house full of mystic witches and wizards. We hope you will be one of them!

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
The Ancestral Mysteries of Myrrhophore Anointing

to finally remembering the sacred art of anointing--our ancestral birthright


PS: Don't worry if you have not been in the three previous intensives. Eventually you might wish to acquire all seven WitchArt gifts. But you are welcome if this is your 4th or your first.


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