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2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 21--in which reckless has a few more things to say

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

Thank you for all your sweet insightful responses to last Sunday’s Notes from the Field about the relationship of reckless and holy. Reckless surprised both of us. I never planned on writing about being reckless and you seemed equally surprised to be invited to dive into a word that, on the surface, doesn’t sound very mystical.

But here we are and reckless isn’t finished. She has more she wants me (and no doubt, you) to notice. She woke me several times this week with more ideas to explore in deep soul writing.

The first thing she wanted me to do is stop saying I’m redefining prayer or witch or anointing.

Sure, I’m the one moving my hands across the keys and playing with language and coming up with definitions that make my heart sing, but what I’m writing isn’t new. These are not new definitions. What I’m doing is peeling back layer after layer of obfuscation and lies that patriarchal religion has plastered over these ancient, sacred, feminine, mystical truths.

This “peeling back” feels like rolling back the lid of a sardine can and finding a second lid, and then a third, and many more. This metaphor is helping me understand why it took six years to complete my seven-part redefinition of prayer. When I started in 2018, the dictionary said that prayer is basically supplication of an external god figure following a formula. What could be more boring.

Six years later, prayer revealed herself to be:

  1. Love Songs of a personal intimate relationship with your divine beloved
  2. Sacred Medicine that cherishes the body, caresses the heart, and enchants the soul
  3. Living Relationship with prayer and with everyone who has ever prayed
  4. Vibration of Love that goes beyond all universes
  5. Forever Ancient/Always New
  6. Theatre of the Miraculous
  7. The Great Mystery: you are not praying, you are being prayed

Much as these “definitions” make my heart sing, I realized I didn’t redefine prayer. I simply scraped off seven lies religion has papered over the original beauty and magic of prayer for several thousand years. No wonder it took me six years to write my definitions.

Do you see the seven lies about prayer?

  1. Prayer is not a love relationship. How can it be when you are a lesser being groveling for favor from an all-powerful sky god
  2. Your body is dirty. The entire point of religion is to ascend out of the body
  3. Prayer is a proscribed formula not a relationship. You have one life. You are not part of an endless lineage
  4. Prayer is directed at the one god not the whole universe
  5. Proscribed prayers have been written. Your job is to repeat them
  6. Although when you pray you can request help; which you may or may not get. Prayer is not a living place or state of miraculous and continual interconnection
  7. Prayer is something you do, when and how you are expected or required to do it

So I’m not writing new definitions or redefining prayer. I am remembering what prayer was before patriarchy.

This word remember carries an important piece of information. Remember was originally a medical term. It meant to restore your members, your bones and body parts, back to their original position before an injury occurred. Remembering prayer feels like an archeological dig, a peek back in time when the Goddess was holy. The land was holy. Woman was holy. Life itself was holy. And everything—everything—was prayer.

And if that weren’t thrilling enough, there is an additional sweetness hiding in the word remember. It’s something we repeat in all the ART intensives in The Witch Sequence:

I am not remembering, I am being re-membered.

Which of course leaves one pondering just who is doing the remembering!

  • In ART 1, we remembered and learned to trust our body’s natural intuitive senses
  • In ART 2, we remembered our innate ability to crisscross the thresholds between worlds
  • In ART 3, we remembered the incredible power, beauty, and joy of original prayer

One of the most delicious things we do in the ART intensives is gather regularly for unscripted Witches Cafés.

There’s no teaching or agenda. We simply open with a prayer and then listen one another into being. These conversations are not recorded. They are a safe and very sacred container in which to talk about how The Witch Sequence experiences are changing us and bringing us alive.

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I hope you'll take this opportunity to join me and other magnificent women and men around the world in awakening our original WitchArt gifts.

to remembering who we really are!



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