Sending you a birthday gift from deep in The Field

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 19--in which I send my annual birthday gift from somewhere deep in The Field

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

If you’ve been reading these Notes from the Field for a while, you know that I offer a significant discount on my on-demand intensives in honor of my birthday every year.

This year is no different. Or rather, it’s very different.

I’ve just completed the third prayer intensive in The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch and this one was all about the original WitchArt of prayer. Not prayer as you think you know it. Not pray as you were taught growing up. Not prayer as all our religions dictate. No, this was ORIGINAL prayer, prayer before religion. Every day, for 77 days, we played in the fields of original prayer.

This word field is so rich.

I began calling this newsletter “Notes from the Field” several years before prayer artist arrived. The idea of “a unified field of prayer” began to spring up as I was interviewing authors of spiritual books for The Soul-Directed Life radio show. (Don’t bother trying to find that show. Unity closed their radio network three years ago.)

I wondered how other authors viewed prayer. I asked them what prayer meant for them. And how their prayers morphed over time. I went so far as to ask if they had a formula for prayer. Everyone was surprised by that question. But they would pause, think for a moment, and answer! Everyone offered a formula for prayer. And each formula was surprising, thought-provoking, and unique. I ended up with more than fifty formulas for prayer. And one of those had to be my own.

My formula was p = vL².
Prayer equals the vibration of Love squared.

I liked that formula so much, I asked a graphic artist to make it in blue.

After living with the call to be a prayer artist for six years, and last Sunday completing a deep mystical dive into original prayer in ART 3, I still see core truth in my little formula.

The clue is in the capital L. Divine Love, cosmic Love, sacred Love, Goddess Love, original Love, unconditional Love…. Call that capitalized Love whatever you want. The point is that our human love flowing in and through our prayers is united with, and multiplied by, Divine Love, and together that Love generates a vibration that expands and expands beyond our ability to even imagine.

When I was struggling to understand what it means to be a prayer artist, I had an angel consultation. I asked the angels for help understanding what prayer is. They said:

Prayer is a vibration of love that goes beyond all universes

I’ve never understood or even tried to understand this definition. I just take it on faith. The members of ART 3 had a wild confirmation of this definition of prayer on Tuesday when we met for our final Witches Café. Witches Cafés are perhaps the best part of these intensives. A Witches Café is an open-ended, no agenda gathering to share our experiences, our surprises, our questions, our breakthroughs. We just listen to one another. With love. Capital L love.

Someone was talking about an ancient prayer practice of humming the Sun at sunrise. That led someone to wonder if there was a twin practice of humming the Moon. Then someone said the Moon is solid metal, so when a meteorite strikes the Moon, it creates a sound. A low sound that humans can’t perceive, but a sound nonetheless. We all stared at one another in awe of this image.

Suddenly I saw our beloved witch sister, Freddy Gerow, who is the advocate and voice of Archangel Luci, turn to her right. And I knew Luci was saying something to her. So I asked Freddy if we could know what Luci said. Luci said:

“Your prayers land on the Moon and make a sound like a vibration, a crystal bowl singing, a gong. Send greetings to the Moon. Say, ‘I love you, Moon.’”

Tuesday night, I looked up at the Moon—dark and invisible—and whispered, “I love you, Moon.” And broke out in a silly grin. Did the Moon “feel” my words on her cheek. I think so! And it felt like a little experience of my Love ² formula. Plus, it felt like a personal experience of the angels’ definition of prayer as “a vibration of love that goes beyond all universes.”

Which certainly expands the concept of the “unified field of prayer,” doesn’t it!

From now on, when I say that I am writing notes from somewhere in “The Field,” I’ll ponder just where my words might be rising from. And where they’re going. And whom they might be landing on. Right now, I hope they’re landing on you with little kisses of love.

Because I have a sweet gift for you. Long term readers know that I love to offer a big discount on my On-Demand intensives in honor of my birthday. In June I will turn 76. It’s a big birthday. I’m excited about turning seventy-six because it reduces to thirteen—the number of the Goddess so terrifying to patriarchy that there are no 13th floors in American buildings. Plus this year is a particularly auspicious time because I’m standing at the midpoint in the most important project of my life: The Witch Sequence.

Here's a quick overview of ART 1-2-3.

We began last spring with ART 1 on awakening Full Body Intuition.

  • We learned to see what our eyes do not see
  • hear what our ears do not hear
  • know what our conscious minds do not know.

Last fall, we stepped into ART 2 to awaken our innate ability to crisscross the thresholds between worlds

  • We experimented with dropping into mystical theta around the clock
  • We explored the Imaginal Realms 

This week, we completed ART 3 on Original Prayer

  • We met our personal mystic family,
  • consecrated sacred prayer objects,
  • experienced the holy state of emptiness as we forgave in this lifetime and in the past

Come August, we will enter ART 4 on Myrrhophore Anointing

  • We will meet the three Magdalens-personal, archetypal and cosmic
  • explore long forgotten ancestral mysteries of Myrrhophore anointing
  • develop a 360° heart capable of healing

In our café on Tuesday, everyone talked about how ART 1, 2, and 3 are preparing us for the transformation that awaits as we awaken our Myrrhophore memories.

So in this birthday sale, you have the opportunity to take ART 1, 2, and 3. Plus learn the truth about Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael in Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak.

LIVE Witches Cafes

Because the Witches Cafes are such a rich part of the ART intensives, I’ve created five special live gatherings every other Sunday starting May 26. When you register for any of the ART intensives, you will receive the dates and Zoom link in the Thank You for Registering page that comes on your receipt.

Birthday Coupon Code

  • I invite you to peruse all the On-Demand intensives. Click on the All Intensives link below. On Demand intensives are in a special column
  • Choose the ones you want and enter the coupon code birthday for 22% off the already dramatically reduced registration fees.
  • The resulting fees are crazy small. I will not repeat this kind of discount again. I'm doing it because we all deserve to awaken our original WitchArt gifts.
  • The birthday sale continues up to my birthday on June 16.
  • But please don’t wait. You want to give yourself plenty of time to digest and integrate the ART intensives which have 5 learning gatherings and 5 experiential journeys as well as a rich opening and closing ceremony.
  • And, don’t forget the LIVE Witches Cafes starting 3 Sundays from now.

All Intensives

Open my gift and have a party! In the field of Love. The Unified Field of Love.

That's where I live and pray. That's where I teach. That's where I create. And there's where I invite you to join me and other magnificent women and men around the world awakening our original WitchArt gifts.

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