The magic waiting at the edge

2022 the year we learn to listen to love

Week 37--in which we ponder our edges, all our edges

The magic waiting at the edge

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer and mystery,

I have been pondering this word edge ever since it arrived as the delicious—dare I say edgy—name of the intensive Marcia Wade and I are creating, Goddesses of the Edge.

We open on Tuesday, so please register on the link below.

The “edge” in Goddesses of the Edge refers to the Kuiper Belt at the outer reaches of our solar system, beyond the asteroid belt, and even beyond Uranus and all the other outer planets.

So, there is an astrological edge.

Astronomers only discovered the Kuiper Belt in the 1930s. That makes it breathtakingly new, while, of course at the same time, those dwarf planets are ancient beyond ancient. They’re only “new” because we humans are just seeing them and just beginning to experience who they are and the energy and gifts they carry.

But the word edge carries meaning beyond a location in the Universe. Actually, it has many meanings.

And the magic happens in the Venn Diagram where these meanings converge.

Consider the fertility of edges on Mother Earth.

The edges where land and sea meet, for example. Deltas and estuaries are wildly fertile. Consider the Nile or Mississippi Deltas. Whole new life forms are born in these land-sea edges.

Or consider the edges where different kinds of vegetation meet, say grasslands and forests or one field meeting another. Any fisher or farmer will tell you these are the most fertile places on earth.

Then, there’s the human edge.

This is the one we think is scary. Like the edge of a cliff or the edge of disaster.

We spend our lives trying to step away from those edges. We build fortresses of wealth and education and pretty houses and pretty spouses and pretty children and work hard to have a healthy pretty body, all in hopes that the scary edges never touch us.

But of course, they always do. David Whyte said it best: “There is no competency that can protect you from life’s losses.”

And if that is true—and it’s so obvious it is—then why are we so afraid of change and loss?

  • How different would life be if you expected that sooner or later you will lose that job, and realize you are grateful you did.
  • That that relationship you wanted so desperately will end, and you will sigh with relief when you realize you are ready for something deeper and more loving.
  • What if you were taught that money is meant to move through your hands.
  • Or that house you coveted so dearly might not be worth the price after all.
  • Or that death is inevitable. And grief is to be lived not avoided.

If all the physical edges are so fertile and creative, what are we losing by being afraid of the edges in our own lives?

What magic are we turning away from? What possibilities are we leaving behind? What would happen—what could happen—if we stepped to the edge of what’s possible, took a deep breath, and took one more step, not knowing what will happen but trusting something will emerge?

Then, there’s the mystical edge.

Thomas Merton called it “le point vierge”—the verge.

I love this word. The verge of mystery. The verge of creativity. This is the playground where we drop down out of conscious, programmed, logical, straight-thinking mind and allow ourselves to explore the endless spiral of mystery and magic. What I like to call The Mystic.

I think it’s not an accident that we visualize mystery and magic and mysticism as spiral.

Now that we can see, thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, clearer images of the vastness of the Universe, we can see it’s spiral. It’s all spiral. From the orbit of the planets and asteroid belt and Kuiper Belt around our Sun in our Solar System, to the shape of our entire galaxy, The Milky Way, and far far beyond, everything is spiral.

The Universe is spiral.

This verge, this edge, this spiral is the womb of creativity. Of prayer. Of mysticism. Of ecstasy. Of joy. Of possibility.

This is where I play and pray and write and live. This is where I invite you to join me in all my intensives, including or especially this one.

Because it’s radical.

It’s so new that not even Marcia or I know what will happen. Not really.

  • Yes, Marcia has 40 years of profound astrological wisdom and exploration.
  • Yes, she is a radical cos-mythologist inviting us to meet astrological beings through story.
  • Yes, she is a pioneer in cosmo-neurological pathways.
  • Yes, she has an intimate relationship with these four Goddesses.
  • Yes, she knows how to help you find these Goddesses, not just in your natal chart but in your body, so you can begin your own relationship with them.

As for me:

  • Yes, I have 25 years of playing in the verge of creativity, prayer, deep soul writing in The Mystic.
  • Yes, I am a mistress of the thresholds—the mystical theta brain wave state.
  • Yes, I am a prayer artist who has been given a radical and thrilling non-patriarchal experience of prayer.
  • Yes, I am a mystic witch who has received an invitation to restore witch to its sacred original meaning, a meaning our ancestors knew and loved and lived. I'm excited to experience whole new doses of witch medicine from these four Goddesses.
  • And, yes, I am a producer and director in the Theatre of the Miraculous, where the magic happens, not because of me, or even because of Marcia, magical as that woman is, but because of YOU.

You who gather in Goddesses of the Edge create the container where together we will drop into the verge, the wild radical edge, and ask these four sacred Goddesses to guide us into the possibility of who we really are and who we came here to be.

Come and play in this radical edge of astrology, mythology, cosmology, soul writing, theta, and prayer.

The magic waiting at the edge

Goddesses of the Edge Part 1

Goddesses of the Edge Part 1 opens Tuesday, September 13 at 7pm Eastern and runs for 3 consecutive Tuesdays, skips Yom Kippur, and closes on October 11.

The UK/Europe watch party is on Thursday, September 15 – October 13 at 7pm UK/8pm Europe.

All the details, schedule, registration options, and more are on the landing page.

to the ecstasy of exploring the edge!


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