The miracle of Ho’oponopono returns in our time of pandemic

"Ho'oponopono is a spiritual-soul method of purification that cleanses us from fears and worries, destructive relationship patterns, and any religious dogmas and paradigms that oppose our personal and spiritual development."

Ho'oponopono, Ulrich E. Dupree

Friends, soul writers, and lovers of prayer,

Ho‛oponopono is a miracle prayer. My son—and I—are living proof.

In last Sunday’s Notes from the Field, I shared the strange mix of feelings coursing through me right now: Sorrow dancing with Elation. Sorrow, because I couldn’t fly to New York and watch my son graduate from law school.

And yet, in the same moment, Elation. I feel her wrap her joyous wings around me as I sit so quiet and still in this sacred time of quarantine.

I watched Jerry’s graduation on youtube. The Dean was the first to speak. She looked into the camera, right into the eyes of every graduate and said, “You have become what you set out to become.”

I burst into tears. Maybe it was a good thing I wasn’t in a crowd, after all.

In that one sentence I saw once more the long horrible road Jerry walked to reach that graduation. And how Ho‛oponopono carried him through.

He took his first steps on that road when he became active in anti-war protests in college. As someone who protested the Vietnam War, I was proud of him.

But the road got scary when he was subpoenaed to appear in front of a secret federal grand jury.

Then, it took a terrifying twist on May 21, 2013, when a livid federal judge ordered Jerry to a high-security federal prison in an effort to coerce him to name fellow activists. I wrote Jerry a letter every day he was in prison and under my name on the envelope always printed “Proud Mother of_______ “ (his prison identification number.)

At first, it looked like he would weather this storm. But prison wears you down. And fast. Especially solitary. When friends rallied around the prison shouting his name, he was put in solitary. You do not want to know about solitary.

By October, Jerry stopped eating and crawled into the fetal position on his bunk. And cried. Here in Florida, I was crying too.

At that point, Emma Kupu Mitchell took things in hand. She contacted her Kumu (teacher), Kumu Karen Leialoha Carroll, and unbeknownst to me, received permission to give me an ancient form of Ho‛oponopono. Not the 4 sentences that you probably know, but a version that was given to Kumu Karen from the lineage of Mornnah Simeona, a Kahuna Lapaʻau (healer) and National Treasure of Hawaii.

I didn’t know what I had or what the prayer could do, but I began to pray it every day.

A week later, when even the judge became concerned and ordered a psychiatric evaluation (but still wouldn’t release Jerry), I turned to the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record.

They gave me instructions to gather a critical mass of people to shower the prison with unconditional divine light every day at 11am for five minutes.

When I asked them about Ho‛oponopono, they said I was to say it after the five minutes of light.

And so I did. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

It was easy to say the prayer for Jerry. But I knew at a deep gut level that I had to say it for the judge too. And the prosecutor. And the guards….

Ho'oponopono took me into a relationship with forgiveness that I didn’t know was possible.

On January 28, 2014, after 253 days, Jerry was suddenly and unexpectedly released. The guards led him to the lobby, uncuffed him, said “You’re free,” and walked away!

When I asked the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record if prayer—Ho’oponopono and the light to the prison—had helped, they said those prayers awakened the “voice of the king” in the judge, and it was that voice that wrote the order to release.

After getting out of prison, Jerry suffered from horrific PTSD. After trying to fight it on his own for a year and a half, he checked into a psychiatric hospital. He came out sober, but it was a long road to finding the confidence and stability to apply to law school.

In January 2018, as he began exams for his first semester of law school, Jerry told me he wasn’t sure he could make it.

I turned to the miracle prayer. I gathered my angels around me and demanded that two men on the other side join us to pray: Jerry’s father and my father.

I somehow knew Jerry was unconsciously carrying their stories, their fears, their repeated pattern of setting themselves up for failure. And I wasn’t going to allow that to repeat for another generation.

It was an extraordinary experience. Every day I called them to pray Ho‛oponopono with me. And every day I’d dissolve in tears. Ten days after we started, Jerry called me one night. I could hear a radical difference in his voice.

He said, “Mom, I can do this.” And he did. He passed his first semester.

I still didn’t really know what Ho’oponopono was or what it could do, but I knew I needed to say it every day.

In early February in 2018, I was praying Ho‛oponopono when the veil of time split and I found myself forgiving the first man who silenced me—my husband five thousand years ago.

I was so shocked that I contacted Emma's friend, Kahu Lahela to ask if this is normal. Lahela just laughed.

And as I looked into Lahela's gentle wise eyes, I knew I needed to give this prayer to everyone.

By April 2018, Lahela and I offered my first ever prayer intensive—The Goddess Forgives.

When it ended, everyone wanted more. So we offered The Goddess Forgives Me in July and The Goddess Forgives Us All in October. Over 225 people joined us for those first intensives.

It was Ho’oponopono that set me on the path to creating Prayer Intensives.

Now, in this strange time of pandemic, I know that Ho'oponopono is what we need.

The ultimate prayer of forgiveness.

And it’s going to heal us on three levels: ourselves, our ancestors, and finally, all of us. All of us, because everyone everywhere in the world is in this situation.

When Lahela and I got together to plan Ho’oponopono: The Radical Path to Wholeness through Radical Forgiveness, something strange happened.

Her spirit guides, who always guide her on what to teach or say or sing, took over completely and speaking through her, left us all with a clear directive.

  • When they finished speaking, Lahela and I looked at what they said and decided not to edit a single word.
  • Watch the special video we made. You'll get a lovely taste of Hawaiian prayer.
  • Read the description of what you'll experience and receive.
  • And don't miss her guides outrageous answer to the question, "What is this intensive so important and necessary right now?"

Then, please take responsibility for healing yourself, your ancestors, and everyone. Together, let's create a miracle of wholeness.

The time, as Lahela's guides make so clear, is now.


to the miracle of taking responsibility for one another



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