The perfect prayer for the 1st Prayer Vigil to “make love visible”

"We are all awakening to a new dawn, a sacred time to break the spell of slumber that has separated us from the Divine Goddess who breathes life into us, who nurtures and loves us unconditionally. We are urged to reclaim our sovereignty and authenticity, cut the cords of constraint and control, and take back our power, our rightful Kuleana (role, responsibility)."

Kahu Lāhela Johnson

Friends, soul writers, and lovers of prayer,

There are so many questions stirring in our hearts right now as we look suffering in the face.

And my response to everything happening is prayer.

But not prayer as we have known it.

Not patriarchal prayer. No one wants to pray the words from religions that created the hierarchical power structures that silenced and abused women, children, and indigenous peoples on all continents. Those “prayers of our fathers” feel pretty lifeless right now.

Our hearts are hungry for real prayer.

  • Real prayer that acknowledges suffering.
  • Real prayer that awakens courage.
  • Real prayer that offers tangible hope.
  • Real prayer that takes us by the hand and walks us—everyone—home.

I was awakened on Tuesday with instructions to create a weekly Prayer Vigil to “make love visible.”

I was awakened on Wednesday with a new prayer. As I wrote it in the dark, I didn’t know what it was or what it meant or what it was called.

But as I read it to Emma Kupu Mitchell the next day, I realized I’d been given the opening prayer for the Prayer Vigil and the name of the prayer is "Breathe."

Now, all I needed was the perfect prayer and prayer guide for the first vigil.

I knew instantly that this summer-long prayer vigil to acknowledge and heal suffering had to begin with the ancient Hawaiian prayer that releases deep ancestral suffering and pain: Ho‛oponopono.

And the perfect guide would be the incomparable Kahu Lāhela Johnson on Oahu who received a beautiful form of this prayer from the lineage of Mornnah Simeona.

On Friday, June 5, the day of the radical lunar eclipse during a full moon, Lāhela and I offered the first Prayer Vigil.

In these Prayer Vigils, we simply create a field of prayer. There is no teaching. You just let the prayer wash over you. And in this one, it is a joy to let the sounds of Lāhela chanting Oli wash over you.

It came out on my professional page on Facebook where I will post a new one each Friday at 2pm throughout June and July.

You can watch it on YouTube as well:

Prayer Vigil #1 to Make Love Visible with Lahela.

Lāhela and I invite you to join us for a world-healing Ho’oponopono intensive to lead us into wholeness.

We begin this Tuesday, June 9.

I love this woman and this prayer so very very much.

  • Lāhela is going to take us into meditation to discover our kuleana—our responsibility—at this sacred time.
  • She will lead us in three layers of healing: first ourselves, then our ancestors, then the whole world.
  • We will complete our intensive on Sunday June 28 when, for the first time, Lāhela is going to invite us to fulfill our kuleana by “Stepping Over the Paddle.”

Ho'oponopono: The Radical Path to Wholeness through Radical Forgiveness
to acknowledging and healing the suffering of the world,


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