What I learned from Mary Magdalene

Praying with and as Mary Magdalene--The Magdalen

The prayer intensive Praying with and as Mary Magdalene ended last Monday. I’m still recovering. I’ve been sitting in my soul writing/soul reading chair for hours on end, slowly digesting Her transformative wisdom.

I had other plans for today’s post, but The Magdalen wants me to share what I learned. And make no mistake, when The Magdalen speaks, you obey!

This isn’t just my experience.

  • Emma Kupu Mitchell, who creates our sacred anointing oils, was awakened in the night with strict orders on what to put in the oil. And just in case she missed it, she was told twice. Twice.
  • Sue Kosharek, who paints portraits of the goddess, received strict orders to repaint one face with the eyes open. Sue was reticent to do it, so the voice returned a second time. The moment Sue opened her eyes, a miracle ensued.

My name and Meghan Don’s may be listed as teachers of this intensive, but, make no mistake, The Magdalen herself designed and taught it.

Meghan and I wrote outlines and descriptions. I spent days creating handbooks. But right before each gathering, Meghan would be awakened with new instructions. And right up to the moment I rang the Tibetan bowl, I’d be updating the agenda and handbook and making new slides.

That bit about making new slides is important. It turned out to be the key to the intensive.

I was thrilled when Rev Meghan Don, who is nothing less than the voice of the Divine Feminine, agreed to lead this intensive with me despite being on a writing sabbatical in Arizona. The retreat center said video reception would be fine, but when we did a test run, Meghan's image kept freezing or cutting out altogether.

We had to go to Plan B.

At the time it felt like a band-aid, not a blessing, and I was nervous about it, but The Magdalen was in charge and She knew what She was doing.

Plan B required that Meghan be heard but not seen.

That meant I needed to come up with evocative visuals for the members to watch while Meghan spoke at length about her experiences with The Magdalen in Southern France, or led us in long, deep meditations—the deepest we’ve experienced in these intensives, or voiced The Magdalen herself as She anointed our “interior stars”—Magdalen’s preferred name for the chakras.

This turned out to be a great blessing. Because we had to listen, really listen, to what was coming through Meghan’s voice. And what was coming through Meghan’s voice was nothing less than Mary Magdalene herself.

Here are just a few of the things that resonated in my heart.

On opening night, The Magdalen gave us three life-altering teachings. Read them slowly and aloud and feel the vibration in your heart.

  1. It’s time to trust in Love again.
  2. It’s time to surrender to Love again.
  3. It’s time to offer yourself to Love again.

Then, Meghan led us in a Magdalen bathing and anointing meditation that opened every Interior Star of our bodies so we can trust and surrender and offer ourselves to Love. It takes massive grace to do that.

On the second night, Meghan taught us the Gnostic Cross blessing that seals each Interior Star portal as you anoint it.

As I made the movements, my body had an “aha” muscle memory and I realized I’ve been using this sacred symbol ever since my son became a political prisoner in 2013. I had received "The Perfect Prayer" for him at St Michael’s Shrine. And from the moment I began to say it, the words called forth the movements. I did them every time I said the prayer without realizing it was an ancient Gnostic seal.

It’s so comforting to know that the body knows. It remembers. It remembers prayers and dances and symbols that the mind does not. It was a reminder to trust my body.

When I reread my journal from that night, I found these treasures to ponder:

  • We are all the daughter of The Mother. (female and male)
  • We are here to be reborn into our feminine soul rhythm and embody the fullness of what it means to be a fully realized human being.
  • This is the most important work we can do.

Then, Meghan led us into a meditation with Magdalen as the Mother. After the meditation, the group did some silent soul writing. I had just finished writing:

This is who I am. Who I came here to be. It all led to this place. This very sacred place of standing tall, regal, royal—your prayer artist. I am signed sealed and delivered to you!

As I paused for a moment, I clearly heard the word “unafraid” in my left ear.

I recognized this word. I heard it 22 years ago, when I screamed “Who Am I?” at the top of my lungs and an angel whispered in my right ear “unafraid.”

On closing night, Meghan mentioned that the Aramaic root for the word Beloved is the same for the words hand and power.

Good thing I was muted because I burst out laughing. The very first tagline for my work was:The connection is in your hand.

How perfect that the Magdalen, the unshakeable tower of Love herself, brought everything together for me in one sacred prayer intensive:

  • my relationship with my Beloved, the Divine Feminine
  • the call to trust in Love again and the mystical prayer practices to do it
  • the reminder that I am to walk unafraid
  • the precious confirmation that the connection to love and trust and the fearless strength of grace is in the mystical practice of deep soul writing--it's in your hand!

Everyone in the soul community is still talking about all that happened and all that continues to happen. The Magdalen continues to bless and expand each and every one of us.

And she is returning.

Meghan Don and I will offer a prayer intensive in October: Mary Magdalen as the Black Madonna.

If you heart thumps upon hearing that, you will want to experience Praying with and as Mary Magdalene first.

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