2 gifts to start the MOVEMENT of healing

"Humanity and Earth herself need you to say yes, for we are created in the image of the Great Mother, and she cannot do this without us"

Dr Christine Page,
The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman

The first thing I did after hearing prayer artist was say yes.

The second was to consult with the masters and teachers of the Akashic Record through Lauralyn Bunn.

Two things happened in that conversation that opened whole new roads into mystical transformation for me—and my sisters. (Brothers, keep reading. The world can’t heal without you.)

As the consultation opened, the masters and teachers showed me six women circling around a sacred fire, dancing in gentle rhythms, laughing as the wind caressed their dresses and tussled the flowers in their hair.

It was a moving image, evoking both aspects of move—I was moved to tears as my ancient sisters moved around the fire.

The movement continued. The circle got bigger as more women came, then more women. When the circle was quite large, a few men joined and the circle continued to grow until it was big enough to hold us all.

This image tells the story of the massive shift in consciousness happening right now. Do you see it?

We, the women, have to go first. We dance first. Pray first. Move first.

That was our sacred role for thousands of years.

And once more, we are called to create the sacred circle so that a new structure can rise through the wild creative fire of transformation.

But why us?

It’s a valid question. After all, men have had a lock grip on the role of spiritual mediator for five thousand years. Our big-name religions all elevated men to priest, rabbi, imam, reverend, etc. It’s only in the last few decades that women have been ordained, and only after a heck of a fight.

Consider for example this sickening passage from Merlin Stone’s When God Was a Woman

In a statement opposed to the ordination of women, Bishop C. L. Meyers wrote in 1971 that the Episcopalian priesthood is a “masculine conception.” “A priest is a ‘God symbol’ whether he likes it or not. In both the Old and New Testament God is presented in masculine imagery.” “The sexuality of Christ is no accident nor is his masculinity incidental. This is the divine choice.”

There you have it. “The Divine Choice.”

Only it’s wrong. Utterly wrong. And your body knows it.

Your female body knows at some deep visceral level that your body is sacred. Your body is holy. You are the embodiment of divinity.

How does your body know that? Simple. Movement.

Your female body knows effortlessly how to open to receive wisdom, nurture it to fullness, and then release and let go until you are empty. In that dark quiet emptiness, you rest for three days, and then begin the process once more. Every woman does this every month in a perfect dance with mother moon.

Or at least, that’s how we are divinely designed. But in our patriarchal world everyone, female as well as male, has to stay in top performance mode at all times. But at great cost:

“When a culture decides to disregard or disconnect from the feminine, productivity cannot be sustained, economies become depressed, fertility levels increase, and the land becomes barren and dry.” 

Dr Christine Page, The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman.

You don’t have to look far to see the price we are paying in our unhappy relationships and relentless illnesses. Even the land is parched. Who ever thought we’d see the Amazon on fire. But it is.

And as those flames rise, we cannot mistake the call—demand really—to return to a state of reverence and regard for the sacred feminine.

How do we reconnect with this sacred divine feminine presence? We move.

Movement as prayer is really starting to take center stage with me.

When I asked the masters and teachers what a prayer artist is, they said,

“A prayer artist is one who creates an energetic field of movement beyond contained thought of prayer.” 

I’m only just now realizing the sacred role of movement in the sacred reawakening of prayer.

I’m becoming more and more aware of the healing power of movement as Emma Kupu Mitchell, Keren Brown, and I create a radically different kind of prayer intensive, Healing Your 3 Wombs.

Every piece is movement. For 28 days you will:

  • tune into the rhythm of the moon moving above you and in your womb
  • turn womb-ward to honor your natural creative rhythms--you are much more aligned with creativity than you realized
  • allow the wounds of your ancestors to move through you to be healed and released--as you are healed and released
  • draw the vital energy of the Queen of Earth up and the Queen of Heaven down into your body to restore your womb to sacred wholeness
  • dance to honor your maiden, mother, and priestess goddess self--because you are always all three

In divine synchronicity, the moon and planets are moving into alignment with the sacred intention of this healing intensive.

My dear friend and co-teacher, Emma Kupu Mitchell painted this eye-popping picture of our celestial support. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Friday, August 30 is a super new moon with the moon closest to the earth all year, creating a powerful space for new beginnings
  2. The moon is stepping into Virgo, the divine feminine virgin, who brings the healing medicine we need to begin to live our own sacred medicine
  3. 8 planets are in earth signs (our bodies are earth) and 5 are in Virgo
  4. Each of our gatherings happens during an important phase of the moon

When Emma and I realized the astrological perfection of the timing of Healing Your 3 Wombs, we decided to give you 2 special bonus gifts to help you enter into the rhythm of the super new moon this Friday.

  • Emma recorded one video on the portent of all the astrological movements.
  • And, because Virgo is taking center stage throughout our intensive, she recorded a second on how to find Virgo in your natal chart.
  • Both those bonus videos will be on the intensive’s resource page by Tuesday.

It does feel as if a huge celestial chorus is moving into formation to sing love songs of beauty, of power, of grace—everything we need to open our sacred wombs to receive the healing and gifts we need to restore ourselves and our world to health.

Everything I have done and experiences as a prayer artist has led to this call to return to the sacred fire. I do hope you will join me, Emma, and Keren as we dance the divine feminine into our bodies and into the world.

As Dr Christine Page makes so clear, this is why we’re here. But it can’t happen until we say yes.

“Are you ready to claim what is rightfully yours? Are you ready to grasp your own magical wand or lightning rod, which gives you magical powers over the cycles of birth and death? At this time, humanity and Earth herself need you to say yes, for we are created in the image of the Great Mother, and she cannot do this without us.”

We open Monday, September 9 at 7 pm eastern and meet for 3 consecutive Mondays. (But register now to receive the bonus gifts well in advance of Friday's super new moon)

NOTE: Our closing celebration has been moved to Sunday, Sept 29 at 2pm eastern.

We knew we needed to complete our celebration on Sunday when we saw it was the new moon. Keren is designing a special new moon ritual based on her training with Dr Page.

Come and move with us!

Healing Your 3 Wombs

to moving in rhythm with the moon, the planets, the stars, and the Goddess herself as we dance the dance of healing, beauty, and grace. 


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