Meet the woman who will awaken your goddess power

"The deepest most ancient secrets of life lie within the womb of every woman. The womb is the holiest temple in your body, the most-energy-filled, the place from where your inner voice, deepest guidance, and clarity, stillness, creative expression and power arise."

Anaiya Aon Prakasha, Womb Wisdom

The reason my prayer intensives are so powerful is that I co-create them with mystics who are deep experts in the field of the intensive. 

When I got the guidance to create Healing Your 3 Wombs, I knew Emma Kupu Mitchell would bring us moon wisdom, sound baths, breath, and sacred oils. But who was a mystical expert on the healing power of the womb? Dr Christine Page wrote THE book, The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, but I didn't know her. 

Turns out the perfect co-teacher was right under my nose, the brilliant Mystery Initiation Artist, Keren Brown, in Toronto. Keren is a certified teacher of Dr Christine Page's womb healing. In addition, as a dancer, she creates unique gentle healing movements.

Together, the 3 of us are bringing you a trinity of mystical skills to this very important intensive.

This is the first time I've taught with Keren, so I asked her to introduce herself. 

I whooped with joy when I read this, so I know you'll love it too.


Image of Keren Brown, Mystery Initiation Artist


Hello, readers!

Janet has a beautiful story you’ve probably heard, about her 40-day initiation to Sophia. I experienced something like this 10 years ago.

I had signed up for one day of the Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto. Really though, my only purpose for going was to take a 2-hour workshop with Dr Christine Page.

I’d first found out about Dr Page two years beforehand when I happened to pick up a flyer about another event she was speaking at. From the moment I saw that piece of paper, I knew I had to work with this woman.

I never went to that particular event – I wasn’t ready – but I did show up that September morning in 2009.  About an hour in, listening to Christine talk about the divine feminine, the Goddess, the womb, the lunar cycle, and the true power of a woman – ideas I’d heard about but never truly GOT -- I started to get quite the headache.

I rarely get headaches.

At the end of the day, feeling overwhelmed and more than a little afraid, knowing that EVERYTHING was about to change, I bought a copy of the book Christine had just released, 2012 and the Galactic Center, and went home to crawl into bed.

For the next week, unable to do much else, I slowly read that book from cover to cover.

I began to understand. For the very first time.

And yes, everything has changed.

I know now that this was my first initiation into the Divine Feminine, and the foundation for my work as it wants to be expressed today as a Mystery Initiation Artist. After 10 years of studying with Dr Page, this includes my work as a certified facilitator through her program, Women’s Mysteries for the Modern Woman.

Please join us for Healing Your 3 Wombs

I am over the moon (pun intended!) to be collaborating with Janet and Emma to co-facilitate Healing Your 3 Wombs and give you an experience of Dr Page’s work.

Given that you have already been introduced to, and perhaps attended intensives with, these two goddesses, I’m fairly sure you have already experienced some form of initiation into the divine feminine!

But I don’t think you will have ever heard or experienced your true power – through your womb – in quite this way before!

And I feel so deeply that the time has come for all women of all ages to learn how to release, empty, nurture and receive through our wombs.

This is an essential feminine practice FOR LIFE. For truly healing (making whole), reclaiming and celebrating each stage in the Triple Goddess journey of your life – maiden, mother and myrrhophore.

Together, using simple movement, breath, music, anointing, guided visualizations, and other mystical practices based on Dr Page’s work, we are going to move old stories, experiences, beliefs and identities through the womb, release them into the earth for transmuting, and bring the wisdom and gifts of those experiences into our hearts.

With our wombs empty, we will then learn how to bring in powerful creative energies from mother earth – our full creative potential.

You will be gently but powerfully held in the support of the womb of mother earth as you do this work. Yes, you may uncover some challenging wounds. But there is nothing She will not take for you. That’s what we will ask Her to do.

You’ll come away with simple but profoundly powerful practices you will want to use daily and monthly, in alignment with the lunar cycle (or your menstrual cycle) as a part of your ongoing mystical practice.

I believe healing your three wombs may be the most powerful, important and foundational work you will ever do as a woman and a mystic.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say you cannot truly live deep in the Mystic if your womb is carrying what it cannot bear.

As women, we menstruate (or cycle with the moon after menopause) in order to embody the cycles of life – creation, nurturing, release and decay, death and rebirth. Our bodies, through our wombs, know the Mysteries. We ARE the mysteries.

We have forgotten how to do this but in Healing Your 3 Wombs we will re-member it.

As you do this healing work on behalf of your Self, you also do it for and with your ancestors, the generations of women (and men) yet to come, ALL women.

For and with planet earth, our Great Mother.

There has never been a more important time to come into our full power as women, to help usher in the RISE of the divine feminine. Our planet is burning and WE have the power to transmute the fire so that it burns away everything that is not in harmony with our souls’ evolution.

Once we learn to work with the power of our wombs, we understand that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Keren Brown
Mystery Initiation Artist

DATES: We open Monday September 9 at 7 pm eastern and meet for 3 consecutive Mondays. Our closing celebration is on Sunday Sept 29 at 2pm eastern so we can complete our healing experiences with Dr Page's powerful dark moon ritual.

GIFTS: Emma recorded two bonus videos for our opening New Moon which is happening right now. When you register, you'll receive the password for the resource page and you can watch those videos and download the Moon Chart we'll be following.

COME: Activate your full creative divine feminine power with Emma, Keren, and me!

Healing Your 3 Wombs
Healing Your Three Wombs

to stepping into our divine feminine power,  


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