Episode 33: Cali White

The Burning Times ended; the wounds did not

Real Conversation

As I researched the 13 witches for The Return of the Witches pilgrimage, I started learning about the witches in Scotland and sensed deep in my body that Scotland had an essential place in the pilgrimage. I began to read about the Burning Times in Scotland and stumbled upon an organization called Witches of Scotland which is seeking an apology, pardon, and memorial for everyone persecuted as a witch. One of the founders introduced me to Sheila Gaul of RAWS, Remembering Accused Witches of Scotland. When I told Sheila about the pilgrimage, she told me to stop what I was doing and contact Cali White in England immediately.

And OH was she right! Cali has done the work: explored the history, found the wounds, led women’s healing circles across the UK and Ireland, and created the Silver Spoons Collective to honor women murdered as witches. In this powerful healing conversation, Cali shares:

  • how the collective unconscious from the Burning Times emerged in her body
  • why she was obsessed with the Standing Rock community in South Dakota
  • what happened at Stonehenge when a voice said, “You have your own ancestors.”
  • what she discovered in her 13 cycle Full Moon ceremony pilgrimage
  • how the vestiges of fear, grief, sadness, rage, and terror still show up hundreds of years later
  • the interconnection between colonialization, Burning Times, and the Land
  • how the Burning Times shattered our natural feminine sisterhood
  • how to find and heal the witch wounds in your body

Real Person

Since 2017, Cali White has been diving into the realms of collective and ancestral trauma following a calling to explore her indigenous roots and spirituality. This work has been the missing piece of the picture in understanding that our personal healing work is incomplete without the inclusion of our ancestors and in particular those who lived during the European Witch Hunts of 1450-1750. During 2019 she undertook a 13 Moon Pilgrimage around the Celtic Heartlands of the UK and Ireland to explore indigenous ancestry and gathered women every Full Moon to honour our "Witch" Ancestors and to help clear inherited transgenerational trauma. She is now working with a group of women to curate "I Am Witch - Tales from the Roundhouse," an educational and experiential exhibition opening at Samhain 2021 and touring the UK/Ireland in 2022.

Places to go, things to read, and events to join:

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