What miracle will you find at the end of the pilgrim road?

The Year of the Body: 21st week in the 21st year of the 21st century

in which #21 shows us the integration and unification waiting for us at the end of the pilgrim road

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

Today is the day.
The hour has come.
The invitation is yours.

For the last three years, you have come to my prayer intensives on the ancient rosary, shamanic Ho‘oponopono, mystical labyrinth, Tree of Life, and more.

You have stepped with me into the mysteries of Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc, the magic of working with the dead, and the dramatic healing of Somatic Writing.

Magic always happens in these intensives.

We look at one another in awe, wondering how healing that happens in one, happens in all. I cannot give you a logical explanation—that’s what patriarchy demands. And we are so tired of trying to find tight, logical explanations for mystical experiences.

Linear logic and sacred mysticism do not compute.

So I will give you a far more beautiful, powerful, and thrilling explanation: Miracles happen when we gather in sacred community.

As we pray and listen and share together, She weaves us into Her body, the Mystical Body of the Sacred Feminine, the Womb of the Divine Mother, the Goddess by any and all her names.

Today, I invite you to join me and a global community gathering for the most mystical and transformational event I have ever created, or ever dreamt I could create:

The Return of the Witches
Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage

a radical and sacred 13-week story, prayer,
and listening walk

to name, remember, listen to, and pray with 13 women condemned by patriarchy

and gather the courage to heal our personal and collective wounds  

so we can, at long last, create a culture of reverence


On this pilgrimage, we follow Joan of Arc along a trail spanning 3,00o years and half the globe, pausing in 7 countries to listen to each woman tell her story through her champion.

The champions are exciting mystics themselves.

They include:

  • two descendants of women hung in Salem
  • a carrier of ancient Cathar wisdom in Provence
  • a woman living in a castle where sisters were murdered as witches in the 1600s
  • a descendant of a family in Germany where two generations of mothers and daughters were murdered by the mayor
  • a woman dedicated to honoring witches murdered in Scotland--whose names were so often Janet!
  • and our beloved Rabbi Tirzah who will  champion a young Dutch woman murdered in Auschwitz
  • and more

As we invite each of the 13 condemned women to speak, we unmute their long-silenced voices and tell their story as it has never been heard before.

As we listen to them, we find the courage to unmute ourselves. And the healing can begin.

Because this pilgrimage is so rich, I’ve created a very rich page on my site:

  • Begin by taking in the incredible painting Lori Sweet created for the pilgrimage. Notice how Joan’s hands welcome the 13 into the Divine Womb—the Garden of Her Return.
  • In my video listen to the story behind this pilgrimage and what it’s really all about. There’s a big clue in the number 13.
  • Don’t miss the map video that Apollo Moonfire made for us. It so clearly shows how patriarchal abuse swept across the world. I’ve shown it to the champions and to a one they’ve been stunned into silence
  • Scroll down to see the incredible needle felt witch doll Polly Paton-Brown created.
  • And the one-of-a-kind bone bead chaplets, Geralyn Camarillo is making in Hawaii.

Our opening ceremony is Friday, June 4, led by mystic and ceremonialist, Sabin Bailey.

In a Tarot reading, Sabin told me what this pilgrimage is really all about and gave me an assignment from Joan of Arc to come up with the female trinity. (And with Joan’s help, I did. It’s now a part of the full body anointing.)

Then, on Saturday, June 5, we take our first step on the pilgrimage meeting Jezebel, the last polytheist queen of Israel. You may be surprised to hear that the story we’ve been told about her is not true. With Jezebel, the healing begins.

The ceremonies to meet the 13 are all at 2pm eastern so people from Hawaii to Eastern Europe can be with us live.

There will also be 3 gatherings to talk about what we are discovering about our individual and collective healing on this radical pilgrimage.

Everything is recorded so don’t be concerned if you can’t be with us live for some or all of the ceremonies.

In addition, there are bonus videos with our prayer guides Perdita Finn, Kahu Lahela, Tanya Taylor Rubenstein, and Kimberly Saward.

There are also videos with each of the 13 women’s champions to give us more history and background.

And videos with all the artists and musicians creating this event.

As you can see I did not—could not—create such a mystical, magical pilgrimage of love on my own. It took a village!

But the village is not complete without you. The magic happens when we gather in community.

The Return of the Witches
Jeanne d'Arc Listening Pilgrimage

The Garden of Reverence can only return in you. Through you. As you.

And these 13 women who suffered at the hands of patriarchy, are waiting to enter our circle and tell their stories and help us find the courage to do what must be done to create a world of reverence where all witches are safe, all women are safe, all indigenous peoples are safe, where the land is safe and loved. In short, a world in which SHE has returned.

What will the Garden of Reverence look like or feel like?

I think the 21 in Tarot can show us. It can't be an accident that we are in the 21st week of the 21st year of the 21st century. Right?

21 is the World or the Universe. It is the last of the major Arcana, the culmination of the story.

So where will we be at the end of the pilgrimage? What possibility will we have discovered in ourselves?

In The Tarot Handbook, Angeles Arrien writes:

The Universe represents the completion and integration of great inner work which has involved unifying polarities, oppositions, and paradoxes within oneself.

The Universe represents our capacity to be at home in the external world but also it represents our ability to be at home within ourselves. 

I do hope you join me, Joan of Arc, and the 13 unmuted women, so that together we find a way to be at home in the world within and the world without.

to finding ourselves in the shelter of one another, on the pilgrim path to The Garden of Her Return


PS: We open on Friday, June 4, in 13 days. 13?

Don't you find that almost comical. They're making it quite clear that they, the 13, are inviting you. I guess I'm just their messenger!

The Return of the Witches

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