Episode 34: Queen Jezebel with Allison Charron

What if Queen Jezebel wasn’t a jezebel after all

Real Conversation

Thanks to the bible story, Jezebel’s name became a slur that strikes terror in a woman’s body. Being called a “Jezebel” smears a woman as slut, harlot, whore. But how did that happen? Because there’s not one word in the bible about Jezebel being unfaithful. She and her husband Ahab, the king of Israel, were married for 30 years and had 1 daughter and 2 sons.  So how did her name become the worst thing a woman can be called? Like women executed as “witches” or “savages” or “heretics” in the last three thousand years, Jezebel was murdered because she didn’t conform to the ultra-strict mandates of a patriarchal religion.

There are a lot of surprises in this conversation with Allison Charron including:

  • the false patriarchal dichotomy of virgin/whore
  • the surprising relationship of the Virgin Mary and Jezebel
  • the word joke that turned Jezebel’s name Ithobaal from sacred woman of the lord to dung
  • how what happened in 843 BCE is happening today
  • what Jezebel and the Black Madonna have in common

Real Person

Allison Charron is the 9th great-granddaughter of Susannah Martin North, who was hung as a witch in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Who better to bring the first witch in The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Pilgrimage to life?

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