A message from Kahu Lāhela and her Nā Kupuna

The year of the body--Week 39

in which the ancestors speak. And Kahu Lahela listens.  

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

When I invite a mystic to lead a prayer intensive with me, I always ask her to write a personal message to you, the subscribers of these Notes from the Field.

Typically, I write about an intensive for three Sundays in a row, giving you three perspectives to ponder. On the first Sunday, I introduce the intensive and talk about why I love this prayer and why I feel it’s important—even necessary—at this moment in time.

On the second Sunday, I invite our mystic guide to speak in her own voice about the experiences she is creating for us. I want you to hear her invite you to gather in sacred community to experience the joy and wonder of a prayer practice she loves.

Today, we are blessed to hear Kahu Lāhela speak.

If you’ve been receiving these letters for a few years, you’ve heard Lāhela before. I have hosted more prayer intensives with Kahu Lāhela than anyone else—a total of six on Ho‘oponopono: 3 in 2018, 2 in 2019, and 1 in 2020.

Why Ho‘oponopono?

I fell in love with Ho‘oponopono in 2013 when my beloved friend and depth numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell, requested permission from her Kahu (teacher) to give me the ancient words of Ho‘oponopono from the oral Hawaiian tradition.

The prayer I received was way more powerful than the 4-sentence version non-Hawaiian authors have made so popular.

Emma knew I needed Ho'oponopono because my 24-year-old son had been sent to prison by a livid federal judge when my son refused to name other political activists in front of a secret federal grand jury. My son maintained his silence but began to fall apart in prison.

From the moment those ancient words landed in my hands, I began to pray. I prayed for my son, of course, but I also realized I needed to pray for the judge. That was about the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Four months before the federal grand jury was unseated, the judge suddenly released my son. Those four months may well have saved my son’s life.

I have loved every Ho‘oponopono intensive. And so have you. Over 500 of you have joined Lahela and me.

This summer, I invited Lāhela to bring this sacred prayer of forgiveness to the radical and deeply healing The Return of the Witches pilgrimage. And everyone in the pilgrimage talked about the power of this prayer.

I assumed when the pilgrimage ended that Lāhela and I would plan an intensive for 2022. But that’s not what happened. Because that’s not what Lāhela’s guides and Nā Kupuna (elders) want.

I’ll let Kahu Lāhela tell you what happened.

A message from Kahu Lāhela and her Nā Kupuna

A message from Kahu Lāhela or more accurately, from her Nā Kupuna, explaining why they have asked her to birth a new prayer.

Precious friends,

It’s been such a blessing, thanks to my kahu sister, Emma Kupu Mitchell, and to my kumu (teacher) Karen Leialoha Carroll, that I have had the honor to work with Janet Conner within six Hoʻoponopono prayer intensives since 2018.

There have been many amazing healings through forgiveness that have released multi-generational trauma, and released so much pain and suffering, most of which we unknowingly have held onto. The beauty of it all is in the testimonials, the witnessing of personal transformations, the healings that have occurred, the relationships that have been restored.

As we witness life as it is occurring out there, there’s an important question we can ask ourselves: Am I the musician playing the instrument, or am I the instrument being played?

I used to see myself as a teacher, but I was quickly reminded and humbled that I was just as much the student as I was the teacher, that I was the receiver as well as the giver, that I was the emptiness as much as the fullness, that the teachings were for me.

Humility is the grace that flows through us that allows us to experience the rawness (the truth) of the moment rather than separate ourselves from (put ourselves above or outside of) the experience.

I just completed the 13-week The Return of the Witches Pilgrimage with Janet in August. Little did I know, when I first agreed to be a part of it, that I was going to go through a renewal and rebirth.

THEY stripped away the layers, like a snake shedding its skin. THEY instructed me to show people how to renew themselves, to combine the healing work with prayer for their renewal.

And thus, Hana I Ka Pono was born!

My guides and Nā Kupuna (the elders) have been asking that we take ownership of our healing, our family’s healing, and the healing of situations and events taking place everywhere.

Too often, THEY see us waiting for someone else to take responsibility. THEY see us giving our power away. THEY see us operating out of fear. THEY see us accepting things the way they are, not wanting to rock the boat, being good obedient spectators.

Many of us don’t remember, but we chose to be here at this time for this very moment while the World is going through so much chaos.

THEY insist we get up off the bleachers and prepare ourselves for massive change ahead, but first, we have to clean house, clean our vessels, remove blockages from our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and make room to embody HER.

Hana I Ka Pono is a prayer practice of taking 100% responsibility of our thoughts, words, and actions to affect positive change for ones self, loved ones, and situations past, present, and future.

I am extremely humbled and honored to present this to all of you for the very first time. It is our wish (mine and THEIRS), that we effect positive change for all sentient beings and for Mother Earth by lightening up our bodies so we can offer ourselves as clean vessels for the Goddess to come through us and as us. May we remember what we came here to do.

In Gratitude & Humility,



Lāhela and I, following the guidance of her elders and guides, invite you to join us in this short 3-session prayer intensive on 3 Saturdays in October (Oct 9, 16, 23) for just 90 minutes from 2-3:30 pm Eastern.

Lāhela and I had a delightful time recording a special video and writing a detailed description of what you will experience in Hana I Ka Pono.

We also decided to reduce the registration so everyone can join us.

Enjoy this landing page, then please register. After last Sunday's newsletter, we are half full.

Hana I Ka Pono prayer intensive 

A message from Kahu Lāhela and her Nā Kupuna

to getting off the bleachers and learning to pray! 


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