What’s coming in 2022? Ask October

The year of the body—Week 40

in which we open the door a crack and see what 2022 has in store for us  

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

Welcome to October. October may well be the most important month of the year. We just don’t realize it. We think October is simply 10th in a 12-month year. But it’s not.

October is actually the beginning of the next year.

For most of us in the Northern hemisphere, October is fun. The air gets crisper, Autumn is at hand, leaves begin to fall, the garden gives up her last gifts, and, of course, there is Halloween. Samhain more accurately, but as an American child, it was just Halloween.

Halloween is supposed to be fun. And it is for many. But as an incredibly shy child (who discovered in her forties that she’s not shy, she’s 100% introvert on the MBTI!), I was never a big fan of the dressing up part. But trick or treating was kind of fun. That is if my big sister would let me tag along.

Every house in our neighborhood in Chicago in the 1950s gave out candy, but there were a few moms who didn’t just hand out Mars bars and M&Ms, they handed out real candy—hand-made candy. One woman gave each trick or treater a hand-dipped candy apple, complete with nuts. We saved her house for last and carried our treasures carefully home.

But no one in my house or in the whole neighborhood talked about the real meaning of Halloween—Samhain—when the veil between worlds becomes thin and we are called to remember and honor our dead.

No one I knew got out photos of their dead and honored them like they do in Mexico on the Day of the Dead. In theory, there was All Saints Day followed by All Souls Day, but they weren’t really honored. Halloween was just an excuse to eat candy much like Valentine’s Day or Easter.

But Halloween-Samhain is actually a big deal—THE big deal of the year.

It is about honoring the endless cycles of life-death-rebirth—in the seasons, in the garden, in the trees, in the ancestors. Everywhere and always, life dissolves into death and death is the womb of rebirth.

As “The Queen’s Love” prayer says: “Turning and returning, we are born and reborn into Love.” This is the heart and soul of all mystical truth, despite what any of our patriarchal religions may say.

In addition to the mystical celebration of life and death, the number of the month—10—holds a clue to how to step into harmony with the rhythm of the coming year so we are ready to drink of its bounty to the full come January.

It's right there in the numerology: 10 is a 1 (1 + 0 = 1)

1 is a new beginning. The repeating cycle of 1-9 actually completed on the last day of September. October carries a seed, a hint, a secret about the BIG 1 coming in January.

October, if we know how to partner with her, gives us the opportunity to prepare, to be aware, to sense the winds of change and work with them.

And 2022 has a lot of change in store. Some of it might seem, from the outside, to be pretty scary. Every astrologer on the planet has been talking about how things are building to massive change.

In the United States, astrologers have been talking about the chaos to come when Pluto returns to its original position in the US natal chart. (Pluto is the god of death and rebirth.)

We’ve never experienced this before, so no one knows exactly what’s going to happen. But I dare say we can look at the chaos of Covid which is still with us, the dramatic changes that quarantine wrought for individuals and for society as a whole, the shock of watching a riot unfold in the Capitol in an attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power, the public murder of George Floyd by a cop who never dreamed he wouldn’t get away with it, and the vitriol that has overtaken public discourse.

And those are just the highlights.

Everyone I know has experienced massive change in their life. Some of those changes have been devastating. Some changes started out looking scary but ended up being blessings in disguise. (A real Halloween trick if ever there was one.)

I don’t think we need an astrologer to tell us that change is afoot.

I asked Emma Kupu Mitchell, my beloved friend and depth numerologist, to give us a few hints about what’s coming in 2022 and what we can do in October to learn how to dance with 2022.

This is what Emma sent.

How does October reveal insights about the energy of 2022?

Numerology is a symbolic language or cosmic code that uses numbers as symbols. It can be used for insights into both who you are and the world in which we live. 

We have our own personal numbers based on the date of birth and names at birth and then there is also what we call the universal numbers at play.

The universal year we are all currently in is 2021 a 5 vibration of energy. (2 +0 + 2 + 1 = 5)

Each month also has its own energy and that is why I always pay close attention to October because it holds insights into what the energy of the year ahead will hold.

October, the 10th month = 1 (1 + 0 = 1)
The year is 5 (2021)
1 + 5 = 6

The entire year to come is a 6
2022 = 6 (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6)

In brief, some of the qualities of the 6 and areas of focus for us all next year are love, service, beauty, and relationship, all under the umbrella of the Sacred Feminine because 2 is Her number.

If we look at the energy behind the 6 it’s a TRIPLE 2

2 is of relationships, friendship, collaborations
2 is the sacred feminine

Double 2 is a master vibration of 4 (2 + 2 = 4)
4 is structure. Our entire decade is a 4 and we are being called to create a whole new kind of structure as the old one disintegrates.

Triple 2 holds an even higher, more amplified consciousness and energy of the 2
222 is the sacred feminine in threes, Her trinity
222 is the triple master number of 6

It’s going to be an eventful year ahead in 2022. The invitation is to allow October to show you insights for how and where the 6 is showing up in your life. And how and where you are out of balance or blocked and unable to let the sacred 6 into your being.

There are higher and lower energies to every number so it’s essential—essential—to clear out old lower energies within yourself to have the space and capacity to hold the higher energy of what's to come in 2022.

October also has so much duality in the celestial skies.

The beginning of the month is full of retrogrades and difficult aspects with Mars (anger, disagreements) and Chiron (previous lifetime wounds, the wounds you came here to heal). In the second half of the month we have two large Guru planets (Saturn and Jupiter) moving direct. Put it all together and we have frazzled chaotic energy, to say the least!

This is why the timing of Kahu Lahela and Janet's Hana I Ka Pono in October is perfect. With this new practice from the ancient Hawaiian Shamanic tradition, we will all have a prayer in our personal medicine bag that we can adjust to our own lives, our own relationships, our own situations, no matter what is happening.

Janet and I will soon be announcing several radical healing intensives, including one I am creating on how to find and work with the single most important aspect of your chart.

Until then, I hope to see you at Hana I Ka Pono.



Hana I Ka Pono meets on 3 Saturdays in October (Oct 9, 16, 23) for 90 minutes from 2-3:30 pm Eastern.

Lāhela and I had a delightful time recording a special video and writing a detailed description of what you will experience in Hana I Ka Pono.

We also decided to reduce the registration so everyone can join us.

Enjoy this landing page, then please register. After last Sunday's message from Lahela's elders, we are almost full.

Hana I Ka Pono prayer intensive 

to clearing the way for 2022 with a new prayer of healing and forgiveness 


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