A personal message from Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna

Meghan Don and I met yesterday to plan everything for our opening session on Monday. I asked her if Mary Magdalene had a message for us and Meghan sent this.

If you were in the first intensive, you know what it feels like to receive a direct divine message. The words are so much more than words. They are a direct open flow of love from her sacred heart to your heart—and you feel it. You feel it in your whole body. And as her words enter your cells, you are changed. Changed at a level and in a way that you cannot predict or control. It is done unto you.

Read this sacred message slowly. Hear Her voice in your left ear. Feel her love enter your entire being.

Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna speaks:

Come into true Guardianship
No longer guarding your fears or sorrowful hearts
Come into true Protection of your inner treasure—your true nature
Preserve the Earth in her time of need
Watch over your sisters and brothers
Do not distinguish between them
All are my children
I am your Mother, let me heal you

Meghan also sent her own message to readers of these Notes from the Field:


It is an honor to work with the mysteries of the Black Madonna, she who is most needed in our world at this time.

Her river of strength, healing, and compassion run deep, and she invites us to become these very energies in the form of Guardianship, and to become a people of Justice crying out from the street corners of our hearts to help our Earth and all people at this time.

She heals, she loves, she alchemically transforms us into who we are born to be.

Now add Mary Magdalene into the mix and we have a whole new mystery open up!

In Southern France the Black Madonna is known to be Mary Magdalene.

I will reveal my own personal experience and revelation around this.

We will be writing throughout this intensive so make sure you have your journal near at hand.

I look forward to meeting you in the dark mystery of this sacred, loving, and healing presence, ever available to us all.

Meghan Don


We open tomorrow, Monday October 7. I do hope you will take this sacred walk with Meghan and me.

Your names may be on the landing page for this intensive. Our faces may be on the video. But the real teacher, the only teacher, is the Mother. The Black Mother. The Magdalene.

The one who loves us unconditionally and wants nothing more than to guide us home.

Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna

Watch the video Meghan and I made to get a taste for the deep communion we will all experience with Mary Magdalene in her 3 black mother faces of guardian, justice, and healing--everything we need to create the new structure of reverence and love.

We open Monday, October 7 at 7pm eastern, and meet for 3 Mondays. Everything is recorded so don't be concerned if you can't be with us live.

Details, schedule, and registration are all on the intensive page.

Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna

to allowing our Mother to heal us, 


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